Your personal strengths reflect your core values and provide you with a sure sense of direction.
Want to know one of the top ways to put more meaning, satisfaction and joy into your life?  Identify your signature strengths and bring them into play in as many ways as you can.
But what, exactly, is a strength?  How is it different from a skill or a talent?  How can you discover your own top strengths? Next, the Seligman-Peterson team developed criteria to define what a “strength” is, and finally ended up with two dozen traits that qualified.  At last they had their “classification of sanities,” and from this base, the whole science of positive psychology has evolved. See which of your top five feel most like you and whether one or two maybe don’t resonate with you with quite as much power.  Dr.

The ones that have the most of these qualities are your “signature strengths.”  You’ll want to focus on bringing them into play in as many ways as you can because you’ll feel so good, so alive and so real when you do.
Christopher Peterson, director of the clinical psychology program at University of Michigan and a world authority on optimism and hope, to lead a study that would result in an authoritative classification and measurement system for the human strengths. Seligman calls them the routes to the virtues; by walking the paths the strengths described, you become virtuous—a good human being. It’s been some years since I last took the VIA strengths test and it will be good to remind myself of my strengths and reflect on how I am utilising them in my work.
And you know you could, if only you were more persuasive, more influential, more confident.

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Let Leslie Giblin show you how his proven techniques can help you become more comfortable with people, both in crowds and in one-on-one situations, attract and keep trustworthy friends of both sexes, change someone's stubborn ideas so they'll agree with you, turn a potentially explosive situation into a pleasant meeting of the minds, exude personal charm, and even make important people listen to you and follow your ideas.

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