Having touched on this last week in Do you sound confident I thought I’d go straight in and include some exercises to improve your speaking voice.
So if you want to improve your speaking voice, set aside time when you can read out loud without being disturbed, or when there are people around who will help and support, not make fun of you.
It is rather difficult to understand what is being communicated without a standardised and accepted use of grammar and punctuation, both of which serve to help an orator or writer communicate without ambiguity. Forgive them Dave for they do not know that it is he that lacks confidence whosoever tries to undermine the confidence of others.
And I shall consider this advice for myself as well…Judge not silly humans, and thee shall not be judged judgmental. 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking - How To Speak Professionally - Speech Speaker Tips. Iaci?u naiuo iiioey?iuo iiaaeae iiooaoeia ia aeaai.Ia ioeaenu n auai?ii naiaai yeae?iiiiai iiiiuieea! Whether at work, in the office, socially or in any walk of life, confident people are always more likely to be the most successful.
This is a programme that will change the way you think about yourself and the way you relate to the world for the better!

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your level of confidence, by taking action now you’ve already begun by taking the first step. If you’ve ever wished for more confidence, to be more assertive, to say and do the right things at the right times, these tips on improving your social skills will help.
If you want to win instant friends and be known as someone who’s intelligent and compassionate, learn to be a good listener.
If you have great pronunciation, then you can communicate successfully – even if your sentences are simple, you can be confident that the other person will always understand you. Just sign up with your e-mail and I’ll send you my top 5 tips for improving your pronunciation and talking like a native English speaker! But this is a vast subject – like any aspect of self improvement there is no quick fix. We tend to get in the habit of using our bodies in whatever ways are easiest, and by copying those around us.
Its worth remembering that before the invention of TV and radio, reading aloud was quite a common form of entertainment. Be conscious of shaping your lips and tongue, and the movement of your cheeks, as you make these odd sounds.

Observe how your muscles move, and gradually speak louder – still exaggerating the movements.
With a weak, or lazy, speaking voice its the consonants that will fade away leaving us sounding weak and indecisive. Punctuation may become more relaxed with the onset of texting, but language develops over hundreds of years.
Lax muscles of the lips, tongue and cheeks can be toned the same way as any other muscle – by exercise. When practicing the above exercises take note of how you form these consonants, and over emphasise as you practice.
Thanks to thinkers like you we have a whole generation of kids growing up without being able to write and communicate effectively.
If you are going to put yourself forward as an expert on something, take the time to make sure your message is presented well.

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