The notion of being "made for one another" may seem romantic, but research says it's not a solid long-term line of thinking when it comes to actually making a relationship work. In a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers Norbert Schwarz and Spike W.S.
These outlooks were divided into two categories -- unity ("my other half") and journey ("how far we've come") -- to test couples' relationship satisfaction. On the other hand, folks who were in the journey frame of mind were just as satisfied with their relationship whether they were in conflict or not. Romantic metaphors are everywhere, from books like The Great Gatsby ("unity" if you agree that Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan were "made for each other") to movies like "The Notebook" ("journey" if you consider how much conflict Noah and Allie endured), and there doesn't seem to be a cultural tilt towards one or the other. When Schwarz did a media analysis, he found that both theories are equally as prevalent in culture. As hard as it may be, try not to let conflict-free, sappy narratives make you less satisfied with your partner, the study's conclusion suggests.
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DISCLAIMER The images, quotes, photography, posted on this website are for informational and viewing purposes only and they are the property of the copyright holders. Our copyright is attached to all illustrations, poster creations, quotes written by Lessons Learned In Life on this website. Aquarius the Water Bearer can enjoy a fabulous year, as the air is vibrant with the rhythms of life and you move to your own dynamic beat. You have no trouble making new friends and meeting influential people who can help you on your life path. Love relationships can vary from heaven on earth to quite the opposite, depending on your situation. Nasty Feng Shui Flying Star #3 is located in the center or "Heart" of your home this year, and its influence can cause bickering and arguments in all relationships, whether intimate, friendship or family. Whimsical notions abound, and you may be inclined to take a romantic vacation or otherwise cultivate the intimate connection with your partner. As an Air sign, Aquarius can be inclined to flights of fancy but when it comes to money, you know how to get serious.
Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius is no stranger to the school of hard knocks, but if you take a hit your visionary nature and intrinsic optimism help you bounce back.
If health problems appear they may coincide with Uranus retrograde in the last few months of the year. Lucky colors for Aquarius health and happiness include aquamarine, all shades of green, sapphire blue, cobalt blue, azure, light orange tones, pale yellow, sunny yellow, saffron, crimson, rose red and magenta.

While you have to deal with the occasional upset, or pause to refresh and re-organize, this is a time of positive growth for Aquarius.
After getting couples to conjure these metaphor types in three ways -- through words, through pictures and through nonverbal tasks, like puzzles -- the researchers found that participants in the "unity" frame of mind were much less able to handle relationship conflict. He also noted that internalizing these concepts as either "unity" or "journey" truly depends on the context -- many couples can vacillate between the two lines of thinking. Susan Brown, co-director of the NCFMR, explained in a press release that this increase is due in part to cultural changes. Your Air element interacts expressively with the Sheep's fixed Fire, modified by secondary Earth. Yellow is the Sun or solar power, promoting optimism and positive progress without the rampant appetite of red, which is the elemental color of Fire.
Aquarius is a sign of thinking and vision, seeking stimulation on both mental and physical levels, and there are more complex layers that first might appear. Your soulmate may appear while you're doing nothing very spectacular, involved in your daily routine. You may have a lava lamp on your desk and flowers in your hair, but your instinct for opportunity is keen and you're not afraid to go after what you want. There's a tendency to overthink, and borders between dreams and reality may be especially hazy.
Magenta is a color of self-expression, uniqueness and perfect balance, as it's made of exact same amounts of blue and red; this color can be particularly lucky to open clogged mental channels and facilitate the flow of fortunate Qi around you. You have the ability to create love and beauty, and also to accept more of these into your life. This is why it can be beneficial to understand how these metaphors can influence reasoning, especially if you value your relationship. Lessons Learned In Life strives to offer you unique illustrations, posters and quotes besides collecting the information from the internet, books , magazines and various visual media. You dance lightly on many paths this year, see many wonderful things and can make a lot of progress without even thinking about it. Water is intrinsic to Aquarius, thus all four Western elements appear in fortunate placement. Watch out for emotional issues such as self-doubt or obsessive thinking, which can clip your wings before you even get off the ground.
Single Aquarians could meet a life partner this year as the gentle energy of the Sheep favors long-term relationships; but, if you're in the mood for a frisky romp, you won't have any trouble attracting a partner or three.
If you have a partner who's insecure or prone to jealousy, you could spend a lot of time explaining yourself and feeling guilty.

You could cross paths at a grocery store, at work, visiting friends, going to the movies, stopping for gas. You're upwardly mobile in business, as Uranus is in Aries until 2018, when it enters Taurus (also good for wealth).
You can stick to a budget, even if you occasionally need to indulge your inner rebel and splurge. Your awareness expands, you learn new things and do what you couldn't have done a year ago. Lessons Learned In Life does not claim credit and own any of the matter compiled from them .
Concurrently, four of the five Eastern elements are in play - Fire, Earth and Water, as well as Wood, which rules 2015. You exude a shimmering aura this year that draws people to you, and makes them want to be around you.
It's a good time for partners to get to know each other better - take a couples' massage course, do a project together or play a few rounds of "Truth or Dare".
Anyone with Aquarius as a partner never quite knows what to expect, except that it will be amazing.
You might not even be looking your best - but to that person, you are divinity personified. You can generate money doing something you love, either as a hobby or entrepreneurial venture. Feng Shui Flying Star #6 is in a fortunate phase, and settles into the North-east of your home or workplace in 2015-16.
This doesn't mean there are no conflicts, but where true love exists, couples can overcome problems and grow stronger. You can also put glass or crystal objects in the south west of your home, which is the area of love, romance and marriage.
No major financial losses appear either, but if you're planning a large purchase be sure you don't have unresolved debt. It's an auspicious time to delve into the source of affliction and take positive steps toward healing. If you dislike being thrifty, don't worry - you can spend it all on a big wild party in the crazy Year of the Fire Monkey 2016-17.

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