I have been working on my blogs for a while and every time I tweak something, I learn something new. There are many ways to take your blog to the next level but always make sure you know what you are dealing with. So without further ado, I am listing out several killer ways you can get your blog popular in the right way.
I have posted a list of top article and blog directories so check them out and submit your blog right away. Remember: When you follow a blog that you find interesting, and you contribute something nice through commenting on it, you are basically increasing your visibility in the community. Check out my wordpress hacking prevention guide which got shared over thousand times throughout various social networks. Whatever style you adapt, make sure your content is unique because at the end of the day, that is what matters the most.
One of the best ways to get your blog noticed is to trade links with other bloggers in the same niche. I was advice by a blogger that my blog was unoriginal and that why I was rejected by Adsense. I love writing about my niche, but sometimes I feel like there’s so many things in it that topics don’t come as easy.
Also, would it be better to have a word press account; and if it is, are there classes available to learn how to use it?
I have a goal to be making money off of my website within two years, so any input that I can get would be much appreciated.
I am a recently blogger and writes about something i really love doing, talking and reading -culinary.
So, about my blog, its basicly a blog about me and my everyday life ?? im a middle school student and i started this blog in the exams. If you have something awesome to share, people would want you in regardless of your age or gender. Thank you very much for the advice, I really needed it since I just started blogging very recently, and I hope that people will like what I write about. Thanks for this post, I’ve started a blog on health, food, wellness, and basically everything that encompasses a healthy lifestyle with bits of everyday life thrown in.
I find the last point (35) very true and probably the most important tip What do you think?
These are the great point you have shared as main target for our blogging is visitors and if they are not satisfied and they don’t get what they want than our totall hard work are useless. Thus its better to understand their need first and than choose our niche in which we are experts and when it presented towards our niche audience who want it and also satisifed by it.
Blogging is getting popular nowadays as it is a famous hobby and income generating source for the people. Building a blog for business needs thousands of daily visitors and some genuine ways should be handled to drive lot of traffic to a blog. If you have just started your blogging career, then the next thought in your mind might be “how to make your blog popular”? Or if you have started your blog since few months and still wondering with stumpy number of visitors, this post would help you to make your blog popular.
Let’s discuss some imperative strategies with which you can get a prevalent blog certainly. Personalizing the blog design by having a unique theme with personal touches enhances you to stand out from other bloggers. Have a custom default Gravatar & style author comments, use your footer space effectively and ensure your sidebars with comprehensive archive by adding your popular blog posts and your well performed guest posts.
Incorporate your social media profiles in the top place of your blog and engage your readers with it. Publishing worth reading blog posts is the basic promotion which could make your blog popular effortlessly. If you focus only on your fascinating stuffs and not providing the solutions for your targeted visitors, then it is quite difficult to shout about your blog. Instead, keep publishing the create good relationships by providing superior solutions for your readers which would make them to come back regularly. Speaking generic stuffs with your own voice would help you to get good reputation and to retain your brand name. Building social proof helps the new visitors to confirm that you are in the right path of giving keys to your audience. You can make use of popular social networks and get enough social signals from the viewers by sharing your pillar articles. Using social plugins (limited no) would invoke your readers to share your amazing blog posts on their network. Including case studies and testimonials would help a bit in building the social proof and encourage your visitors to leave their valuable thoughts through comments.
Mentioning other bloggers and providing links to exceptional blog posts aids to create good relationships. Sending newsletters to the subscribers, offering bonus and giveaways for the readers and hosting the contests for bloggers are the genuine ways to create valuable relations. Focussing the readers and writing for them is good but the basic optimization is needed to please the search engines. So it is imperative for the bloggers to formulate a splendid blogging schedule and stick to it.
Just try to reach the reader’s heart with your exceptional posts added with humour and personal experiences.
Good blog design really attract the visitors and would make them to visit the your blog frequently. Yes, blog design plays a vital role to thrive in blogging as it has the power to pull the large no.of readers. Am really surprised that most of the bloggers are preferring to have a good blog design to make a blog popular. Agree with your views and hope it would help the readers to have a personal touch in their blog. Twitter: MymagicfundasAccept your blog popular views Martin, even I too specified the same in my style. Some blog writers use difficult grammatical words while writing, which a beginner not able to read so user tries to get rid out of these blogs. Almost initial blogger put irrelevant information, which has no relation with your blog for example: marketing strategies articles consist of web hosting information or links. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Okay, so as the starter of Want Your Set to be Popular group, I get this question on a daily basis.

This video teaches polyvore users; new and old, how to make sets in 2012, with the updates, what not. How to be famous and rich and cool and popular and awesome and amazing and awesome and popular and star of the world?
How to juego de poker online descargar, status of online poker in us, cara melihat kartu poker online? How to hire the services of end of lease cleaning sydney team to get back your full bond amount?
It cannot be done overnight and I know it is not easy if you are new in the business but if you are hard working and are willing to learn and adapt, I can guarantee success my friend.
I have seen people spamming the shit out of social bookmarking and networking sites such as digg, reddit and requesting people to vote for their links. I am running a customized thesis theme which is one of my favorites and it powers almost 80% of my websites.
Other bloggers and web enthusiasts are constantly checking out these communities for networking and information. If you write something about “How to get rid of twitter spam or How to get loyal readers to your blog”, you know that you can use these tutorials whenever you want and they won’t get old because the same method would apply all the time. Popular blogs like problogger, shoemoney, johnchow just to name a few; they all give new bloggers a chance to get noticed through guest blogging.
How about you Google terms such as “guest post by” or you can check out this blog post on kissmetrics that explains guest blogging in details. A good way to gain readership and make your blog popular is to give free stuff to the public. There are multiple ways you can approach a blogger or an author and request for a link love.
Try creating some great blog posts in some popular blogs and you will get both traffic and quality backlinks. There are lots of amazing facebook apps that you can use to integrate your blog with facebook and make sharing easy breezy.
Forget bloggers, pretty much everyone has a twitter account today, and they use it to broadcast what they eat, when they sleep etc.
And what’s your opinion on submitting links to places like Google, Yahoo, and Reddit?
I would really appreciate your honest feed back on my blog, meanwhile I will look at a research your 9 methods. I recently started my own blog and I have often looked to your suggestions and have treated them like a bloggers bible! Content marketing is the next SEO, traffic generation technique or whatever you want to call it. My niche has a crowd public, but a crowd blogs with similar contents, in my country and all over the world. I don’t think that I can be a feutred author because, well im only 13 and there aren’t many blogs that would like me to write something for them!
I’m just a 15-year-old girl and I share my thoughts on, well, whatever it is that comes to my mind and about my dreams. Wait for a response from them and then decide if you have to reapply (only if your current application gets denied).
But I want some suggestion from you about popular blog communities, which will be best for me. I too am a Blogger, who just crossed 1150 pageviews and now I am going to attempt your trick.
I am sure 99% of the methods posted below still apply today ( in 2014) – I will be adding some examples of each so you can see how others are doing it. This is probably one of my shortest blog post filled with 1 liners Please don’t hate me. If you seriously want to make your blog popular, follow all of the methods listed and I can pretty much guarantee you success. If the blog owners drive quality traffic through your guest post, then it builds your strong relationship with them. Add Meta tag description, optimize it with long tail keyword and avoid using special characters in it. The basic optimization is enough for search engines to get good SERP and avoid keyword stuffing.
Blog design along with the optimized code with good hosting service will be added advantage to the blog to gain popularity.
I think by personalising your blog makes a huge difference as far as popularity is concerned.
We highlighted few and crucial tips and tricks, which will increase your website presence in search engine. If you are providing unique content or information than your competitors so you can win this race easily. So it is useful and good practice to provide only relevant and according to trend information.
Majority of initial person’s doesn’t care about daily weekly newsletter and they overlook its importance. Must read the Ways to drive traffic to your website, this will help to generate pure legitimate traffic on your website.
He has been working SEO, SEM or web development from past 3 years with extensive experience and management skills and works for a hi-tech companies.
Select a pair that is close to your skin color and wear 'em make legs look even longer! Previously I have posted on why blogs are important and I provided several traffic generation tips. I chose thesis over woothemes and others because it gives you ton of sweet options such as buttons to easily change fonts, color and seo capability. There are many communities you can submit your blog to but it’s better to stick with the ones which are popular and have a decent Google PR (pagerank). Now think about this, if you write an article about what happened on a certain day, the content is meant only for that day and with time it gets old. It’s really not a big deal to see such numbers especially when your posts are awesome and solves a community problem. It can be almost anything; an eBook, a wordpress theme, some popular tools or even free online class.
Your readers are hungry for information and they expect to see something valuable and new on your blog frequently.
Of course, unless you follow a different blogging style such as Glen at viperchill who makes 1 – 3 posts per month. You can email them (make sure you don’t spam), you can comment on their blog post and request and of course add them on your facebook and discuss about it.

Some good methods you can use to promote your facebook page is by adding a widget on your blog, adding a popup like button, writing a blog post on it and also including the page details in your newsletter. There is no problem in doing that but to make it a little more productive, how about tweeting your blog posts to your followers instead. I like the idea of microblogging because it makes it easy for you to share your opinion and cool stuff with the world. Keep following the right thing, learn and adapt and, I promise that your blog will reach new heights.
Putting your ideas and blog posts in a proper sequence can be challenging but trust me, once you start doing it, it will become a habit and you will get better at it Good luck and let me know if you need any help.
Readers always visit nice and pleasant blogs.I suggest using maximum of three colors for a blog design .
If you want to add something to the list or want something removed because you think its irrelevant, let me know in the comments. The more unique and appealing it is; higher would be the amount of love it will receive from everyone.
Also I think having a photo of yourself and talking some personal things appeals to people and they can often associate with your blog on a personal basis making it popular.
This is an important part to make your blog popular in the web world, Next step is to do Social Networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace etc. Best and modern ways and tips to promote your blog with in days.More DetailsNowadays, majority of university or college students is taking interest in blogging. Mostly website or blog’s content or topic looks similar, which makes a bad image in our mind for that blog. Daily provide useful and beneficial articles to your users and try to entertain your users. Newsletter job is to convey your blog news, events, articles, tutorials at your user door step.
Today, I will share some common working methods which you can implement right now to make your blog popular and stand out in the crowd. It is easily customizable and if you know a little code like I do, you can create awesome designs in no time. Whether you write a blog post or a comment, make sure it delivers some value to the community. But, if you write a How-to Article or a tutorial that solves a problem, it stays there forever.
You can’t just post anything you like but it should be related to the niche and you have to prove your worth.
Based on the experience from my other blogs, people love free things especially when they are premium and valuable.
If you wouldn’t download the free stuff yourself, you can’t expect others to download it either. I know sometimes you can get busy and have days when you don’t feel like blogging, and it is completely ok. I personally do not do this right now because google doesn’t give much value to such links. Create a facebook page for your blog right now and start sharing it with other millions of facebook users. Currently, I'm living off of passive income made online through affiliate marketing, digital products and e-commerce. Also, I personally feel that it takes real hard efforts to make it popular than what is being thought by newbies. You should need to offer something unique or free and better than others, which compelled your users to visit your website.
Unique and attractive blogs format memorized in user mindand users always remember these blogs with better reputation. Thus, you can make your blog reputed in visitor mind.
If blogging is your passion, you will manage time for a post; it comes naturally my friends.
Most of his posts go above 4000 word limit and if you carefully notice, he has a lot of lengthy pillar articles on his blog.
When requesting to join your page, make sure you don’t spam because it can be really irritating. The quicker you create your page and get involved with it, the better social presence you will have. If you deliver value through tweets, you will have created a huge network of loyal followers who will retweet your stuff which eventually drive massive traffic to your blog. That tip increase you content readers but dont deliiver more traffic, because they will read it through facebook page , right?
Do i have to be technically savvy before i can tweak my blog to something resembling your’s?
I truly believe in hustling and I am here to share my ideas, successes, failures and whatever I learn down the road.
So its a good practice to join Free Newsletter Service like MailChimp to update your blog visitors. That’s why I said I am going to recap Keep in mind that these methods are simple to implement and they always work.
If you have something awesome to share and it goes viral on reddit, you will get ton of traffic. When a person visits your blog, the design gives them the first impression and this determines the amount of time they spend browsing your blog.
And as a result, viperchill gets 10 times more traffic than most other blogs combined in the similar niche.
You can also set up your blog’s RSS Feed on the Page itself so that people can check out your posts without even visiting your blog. Remember, retweets do not only help in driving traffic but also help in search engine optimization. For example, when I wrote the article on preventing wordpress hacking, there were several readers who commented that they had problems with wordpress spam and I thought it was another great topic since it is solving some kind of problem. I'm one of those guys you will either Love Or Simply hate (cuz I'll bash your product if they suck).
I’m still on pending mode and I would like to change my website name that I submitted to adsense because on my website I did some changes and it includes my website name. If you are interested in creating a thriving online business, a successful blog, selling digital or physical products, shopify ecom and all that, unicorns and pandas, you'll love my stuff. So today I will share some ideas and tips, which will help you to make your blog popular or famous in search engine.

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