Over the last few years, I've read a hundred different reasons why I should adopt a regular meditation practice. My favorite spiritual writers sure made it sound easy -- just sit down, quiet your mind, and be.
It was then that I took a hard look at the reasons why I wasn't meditating and made changes to get over them. Here are three key ideas that helped me develop a regular practice and unlock the benefits I had been touting for so long. The idea that I didn't have to spend hours zenning out each day to enjoy the magic of meditation was really liberating for me. Today, I don't "meditate." I simply make time in my life for daily moments of stillness and peace. I have no intentions of attempting a marathon, so I'm more of a traditional meditation type.
For me, diving head first into the divine space between my thoughts is the closest I ever feel to God. The point of meditation, however, isn't to defeat your thoughts, which is a huge misconception.
Mindfulness meditation teaches us to simply allow thoughts to be present without fighting or following them. While I bring it back through nonresistance, Francis's approach is to first let go of all tension in the body before concentrating intensely on his breath or other focal point.

Grasping that sweet spot where your mind is empty of thought and all that's left is pure awareness -- even if just for a few fleeting seconds at a time -- is what meditation is all about. Meditation guru David Fontana reveals the secrets for mastering this beneficial practice with this practical, engaging guide to finding inner peace. Mediation has been used for centuries across the world as a way of relieving stress and anxiety, encouraging mental and physical relaxation, enhancing creativity and releasing our true spiritual and emotional selves. Written with a refreshing clarity and simplicity, this accessible guide draws upon all of the world’s meditation traditions to present an eclectic and thoroughly practical programme for inner peace. Brimming with innovative exercises, visualisations and affirmations, this is a book that helps attune us both physically and mentally whatever our mood or need. Our Best Selling Tee Is Now Available In New Colors Comment Below If You Can Spot Some Famous References In The Pic Above! My problem was that while I did recognize these almighty truths right from the start, I also found myself seriously stuck when it came to actually meditating. Since shifting my outlook, I'm finally enjoying all the transformative benefits of meditation.
Juggling work demands while caring for two young children often left little time for much else. This translated to 10 minutes of meditation in the morning and 10 minutes at night -- that's it. It conjures images of yogi masters and the Dalai Lama, which can be intimidating in and of itself.

Whenever thoughts arise, he advises bringing your attention back to whatever point of focus you've chosen. Hi, I'm Debbie and this is my site to educate you with the importance of how to meditate properly. Then I came across a radical idea from writer Peter McWilliams: Meditating often creates more time than it takes. Francis says that starting out with even five minutes every day or two is a great place to begin.
David Fontana puts his 35 years of experience into a series of exercises, visualisations and affirmations that will bring meditation into any lifestyle. It wasn't until I came across this quote by Marianne Williamson a few months back that I felt nudged to make a change. I interpreted this to mean that meditation calms the mind in such a way that you actually feel less crazed and time-starved than before. The rhythm of his feet hitting the pavement, his breath going in and out, the natural beauty he observes during a good run -- all of it works in tandem to silence his thoughts and allow him to just be.

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