While our childhood experiences  and adult interactions often influence the our level of self-esteem, there are things that we can do to boost our confidence.
Each action we take either strengthens our self-esteem or tears it down.  Learn to make choices that will help you to take care of yourself. High self-esteem helps you to overcome setbacks because you know that you’re worth the effort. While we are definitely responsible for cultivating our own self-esteem, our relationships with others play have an influential role. As you build your self-esteem and self-confidence you will  be more likely to make prudent decisions and fulfill your goals. We talk about line, contrast, embellishing, color, texture, and several other tools that can be used visually to communicate abstract ideas like love, fear, pain, hope, strength, etc. The program is one of those rare rites of passage that prepare girls for adulthood and the process gets fully documented in their journals: something they can keep forever. A small but devoted gathering of over a dozen people showed up for a mother and daughter book signing and talk on Feb.
Both women thanked everyone for attending and mentioned that it is not easy getting people out the house on a weekday night. In her book, "Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works," Minero shares some of her own personal experiences with self-image growing up.
While daughter Renee's book entitled "The Friendship Effect" puts the importance of friendship in the spotlight, both women noticed that each of the individual books focus on one common goal, self-awareness.
Minero and daughter Renee admitted that their combined effort at promoting their individual books together was an after thought. It was not until later after the books were published that they realized an opportunity at joint-promotion of their individual works. In her clinical work, Minero has managed issues very destructive to the inner-self of her clients.
Friendship as daughter Renee sees it is also very valuable in the administering to the self. She went on to say, "friendships improve health, and overcome all sorts of illnesses and helps people with depression." Renee pointed out through her research for the book that over one million preschoolers suffer from some form of depression. Renee also said that since 1985 studies have shown that friendship as a social skill and value has been declining. Renee pointed out from her research and observations more people have no constant confidant to whom they can talk to when needed. In her book, "The Friendship Effect" she outlines techniques to help a person with building and sustaining friendships.
Minero responded that society contains out-going people who are extroverted as well as reserved people who are introverted.
The correlation between the two books, self-love and being a friend to yourself in order to be a good friend to others compliment one another.
Proceeds from the sale of the books that evening at Reader's Books were donated to the local Boys and Girls Club. Sun dried tomatoes and canned or bottled tomato products (such as tomato paste, sauce, soups, juice, ketchup, and tomato based chili or hot sauces) are all concentrated sources of lycopene. Other produce rich in lycopenes (think deep red or pink) include watermelon (which actually contains more lycopene than tomatoes!), purple grapes, pink or red grapefruit, apricots, plums, red bell peppers, papaya, and guava.
Next on the grocery list are foods rich in betacarotene, another antioxidant that has natural sunscreen properties.
Other betacarotene rich foods include sweet potatoes, apricots, squash, pumpkins, papaya, and mango (think deep orange pigment). Looking for more foods providing sun protection?  Eat some walnuts, which are high in essential fatty acids, which may also protect against sunburn. Finally, look to foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that may also protect against sunburn and cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer. So if you are heading out in the sun, why not have a glass of orange juice and grapefruit topped with strawberries for breakfast, a leafy green spinach salad with mushrooms and tomato juice for lunch, almonds or walnuts for a snack, and salmon with kale for dinner? Pediatrician, parenting and child wellness expert, author of a children's book promoting healthy eating, and mom to William. Sloppy Joe's are a perennial childhood favorite, but the canned version lacks depth of flavor. This recipe is versatile, and can be made into a sloppy Joe stew or soup; see notes for these instructions.
This is a topic near and dear to me, as I want to see all our families succeed on the Healthy Kids Program. For us to exert the significant effort required to achieve our goals they must be compelling; we must truly believe they are worth the time and effort.

We are forty-two percent more likely to achieve a goal if we write it down.  So, write it down to make it happen! Christmas is the perfect time for gratitude, and it is something we can actively promote in our children. A study on the impact of gratitude published in the Journal of School Psychology looked at more than 200 middle school students, and found that those students that wrote down five things they were grateful for each day for two weeks had higher levels of optimism, increased life satisfaction, and decreased negative feelings.
Because children learn best by observation and repetition, an attitude of gratitude can start with YOU! For kids, the weeks leading up to Christmas is often about focusing on what they want and don’t have.
Turkey Pot Pie Is A Great Thanksgiving Leftover, But Chicken Pot Pie Is Good Comfort Food, Too!
And since this recipe was originally for chicken pot pie, you can make a  chicken pot pie the rest of the year by simply substituting 3 cups of cooked chicken for the turkey. This includes a recipe link for a homemade crust that is flaky and easy, but you can use refrigerated pie crust, or biscuits for topping. Now that food-focused holidays are fast approaching, here are some tips for helping picky eaters and reducing mealtime stress.
Be sure there are one or two items on the table that your child will enjoy, but do not cater to the picky eater (this could be bread and butter, milk, corn, etc.).
If the thought of eating with all the grownups overwhelms your child, consider a kiddie table, but do not feed children before the big meal or serve them different food. A great way to encourage children to enjoy the meal is to have them help prepare for the meal.
A child that comes to the holiday table hungry (but not starving) is more likely to eat, so don't overdo the appitizers. While we normally recommend that children take one bite of all new foods served, avoid this at holiday meals.
Consider these tips for building  your sense of self-worth, and apply them to your own circumstances. Your faith will help you to respect your unique gifts and give you the courage to be yourself. It’s easy to say you have a goal, however it is often tough to see it through to it’s completion. We are book people, and we believe that the written word matters and that our blank books have a critical role to play in the art and continued practice of writing itself. Reader's Books owner Andy Weinberger was pleased to have the two women share their stories and present their work at his book shop because it helps build community. Yet they also said they are very passionate about the message behind each of their individual books that they are eager to make the extra effort to reach people.
She works with clients to help them recover from eating disorders, body image disturbance, mood disorders and trauma. As she read a chapter from her book, Minero told the audience that accepting who you are and finding what is good about yourself is an important step.
And in that awareness contains a genuine sense of self and proper empowerment of that true self. She developed the Self-Love Diet in order to help people attain inner-peace, understanding, self-love and freedom from insecurity, fear and self hatred.
While this reporter was not able to find a particular definitive study that daughter Renee was referring to, there are dozens of reports citing the rise in depression among children.
This reporter found reference via the web that there indeed has been formal research on this.
She said that she believes that this decline in friendships is due in part to our fast-pace, busy high-tech lives.
She suggested that social media can be an avenue to help the more introverted people to communicate with more ease.
While it is not recommended that you replace traditional sunblock with these foods, consuming them will likely offer additional protection and reduce sun damage for you and your family—all while tasting great. But fresh tomatoes such as in homemade salsa, gazpacho, or tomato salad still offer a respectable dose of good-for-your-skin lycopene.
You can also find betacarotene in non-orange foods, like mustard greens, turnip greens, collard greens, beets, beet greens, cabbage, kale, and spinach.
In addition to vitamin C, cherries contain melatonin, which protects skin from UV radiation and repairs sunburn damage.
Mushrooms (especially cremini) contain the mineral selenium, essential for the production of glutathione peroxidase. In addition to being great sources for essential nutrients, these foods will provide a healthy dose of natural sun protection and skin regeneration.

These get their added oomph by the use of a classic French mirepoix (onions, carrots and celery). Even better: if the goal can be chunked into smaller successes, list them and then cross out as they are accomplished. A maximum of five to seven goals are ideal (psychology tells us we focus best on this number or less). Even if a list was made, but not a daily reminder, this puts us at a disadvantage for reaching our goals. And gratitude is not only polite and appreciated, it turns out it is good for our emotional health; our very heart and soul! Even three weeks after they had stopped writing items down, the group of kids that expressed gratitude was more grateful than the control group that did not.
But during the holidays, do try to spend time focusing with your child on what he or she already has to counter balance this. If using a commercially prepared pie crust, look for a brand without trans or hydrogenated fats. You like yourself,  understand your strengths,   believe in your abilities and recognize the areas where you could use a little more work.
It will help you deepen your understanding of your faith and  uncover how to may put your beliefs into action. Maybe you perform well when you work together  with others or narrow your focus to a few top priorities.
Try out for a part in the next production at your local community theater or volunteer for a tough assignment at work. Acknowledge your inner thoughts to let others to get to  know you and connect on a deeper level. Community members, associates and customers from Sonoma Market where husband Al Minero is the general manager, were also present. Eager to spread the word about how important friendship is, Renee wishes she could spread her message within as widely as "American Idol, reality TV-show" spreads new music talent to the world; only better, because she is really live and in-person. Decline in friendship report is provided by a McPherson, Smith-Lovin and Brashears study from seven years ago in 2006. Do not overcook as the meat will continue to cook in the sauce and we don’t want it to get tough. If you prefer, you can puree the sauce, but make the following changes: Cut the carrots and celery in larger pieces. And research presented at the American Psychological Association's 120th Annual Convention found that grateful teens are more likely to be happy, less likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and less likely to have behavioral problems at school, compared with less grateful teens.
Leaving your child a written note on the refrigerator is another great way to reinforce being thankful. This allows your child to enjoy the family celebration, instead of worrying about the meal.
Girls  learn some interesting artistic techniques to help them express themselves through image as well as written words, combining text and image to create rich and creative explorations of self-discovery. Limes, also high in vitamin C, can cause the skin to burn more, so be sure to limit exposure to lime juice or peels when heading out in to the sun. You could add cayenne pepper (to taste), Tabasco sauce or up to 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar for a kick.
Cook the meat first (spray with nonstick spray as there will be no oil in the pan from sautéing the veggies) then remove.
Why not have your children tell you before bed something that they were grateful for that day, or some act of kindness they saw someone else do? And, if a person knows they are heard and understood by you, then you are most likely someone they would want to consider as a friend. It’s establishing this habit when they are young that will most likely result in an adult with an attitude of gratitude that shines.
Some in the audience questioned if social media might be part of the blame for the lack of social skills for friendship. Remove lid, bring to a moderate simmer and cook until reduced to desired thickness, another 10 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Puree the vegetables with an immersion blender (or in a blender, but be sure to use a kitchen towel on the lid and leave a vent for the steam to escape). Renee understood that some people see that as a concern, but that social media can also help people who are shy or introverted.

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