This is the best approach for Mac users running new versions of OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion) because it’s extremely fast and simple. Enter a new password for that user, be sure to include a meaningful hint so you don’t forget it again! You can now login to the previously inaccessible user account using the newly reset password! Resetting a forgotten Mac password is pretty easy if you have an installer disk, drive, or the recovery partition handy, which method you use here will depend on the version of OS X the Mac is running. These boot menu methods are obviously easier than the #2 manual trick, but whether or not they will work for your depends on if you have a recovery partition (all new Macs do), or with older Macs, if you have a DVD installer laying around. We’re you ever able to figure out how to fix this issue with the keyboard not responding and only making the PONG sound??? Will resetting your admin erase anything on my computer and I or will everything be safe???? Go through the steps mentioned above and create a new user (and it will have admin rights). Let me restate something, just to be clear: These steps do not erase any data from the Mac. Hi I did the above and I am able to get into account but it seems to now have lots of software missing, like advanced photoshop type of software I had here before…can u help please why this is?
I was trying to work around the password for a friend who lost it, and didn’t know where the install cd was. I do not see anything where I can check the filesystem or mount the drive as writable after I click command S. I am new to a mac computer-mine is old and was used by my ex-i want to change the password-but since he is no longer living I do not know the old one-I don’t even know where the command button is-my computer is a mac10.04 can any one help make sense of the instructions? After step 1 on the instructions without the disc, my computer would get past the apple symbol and the loading circle.
I hit reboot the comp restarts, the grey screen with apple icon appears for about 5 secs… but then -everything shuts down! I just locked my mac using find my mac app through i cloud and put my mac on 4 digit passcode now i can unlock my mac how can i do it ?? That will create an empty file to indicate setup wizard to stop running, but without an account it will do no good. The above would not work for me as I could not get the reset window to appear after the 3 failed attempts. Thanks a ton, after I was told by the Mac store that they could not help me because they were not trained with old Mac’s like mine, this was the solution and I am far far away from being computer intelligent…I even forgot my passwords after I had changed it!
Many people usually ask me that I forgot my computer password, how can I reset or recover it without reinstalling windows.

If your computer's system is Microsoft Windows(Windows 2000, xp, 2003, vista, 7 and 2008), and lose the login password, you can reset(recover) the password easily without the old password. If lose the root user password of Linux, you can follow the instructions below to reset it. Reboot computer, and you computer password has been reset, so you can login with new password. Insert Install disc to Mac computer, restart computer, and then press down c key to make computer boot from Install disc. Choose Password Reset from the Utilities menu, or choose Password Reset from Installer menu. If you forget an account password in Lion or Mountain Lion, there are lots of ways to reset it. After that, click on the account you've forgotten the password for and choose Reset Password. Afterward, you'll get a nifty little program in which you can choose the volume (usually "Macintosh HD") containing the user account with the missing password.
What that means is that your old keychain—the one with your old stored info—is lost if you can’t remember that password.
The only requirements are that you must have tied an Apple ID to a user account, and you must have internet access so that the Mac can contact Apple to initiate the reset procedure. Indeed, the Apple ID password option is the fastest and simplest method available to Mac users, and when that option is available it’s the preferential method. This is basically the be-all-end-all approach if nothing else works, because it’s guaranteed to get you back into a Mac when the other options are available, and it works in literally all versions of OS X. Because we’ve covered solutions for every possible situation though, one of these options will work for you to reset that password and be using the Mac again. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I even called Apple, and the only advise they could give me, was to take it to an Apple store. And I had already called Apple tech support, and they didn’t have a clue, had no idea there was this fix. In other word it won’t boot up to the accounts choice place, but I already did step 1. I get to the terminal, type in the first command (fsck -fy) and then get a series of checking notes.
See how my "karma" account is greyed out in the second screenshot above, with an orange checkmark next to its picture? What if the password you can't remember is your administrator password, and it's the only administrator account on your Mac?

Once your Mac finishes booting, you should see a bunch of troubleshooting options that are very handy when your Mac's having trouble, like Restore from Time Machine Backup, Disk Utility, and Reinstall OS X. I was trying reset my login password as I was in the pickle situation you specified where I am the only iser and administrator that cannot remember the password to be able to reset it. Visit our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group and have the tech support brilliance of the entire Mac Geek Gab community at your fingertips! If you are a newcomer to the computer world, call the official Apple Support that came with your Mac. First, as the box above points out, resetting a lost password won't change the login keychain password for that account.
What you want to choose for our purposes, though, is Utilities > Terminal from the menu at the top of the screen.
I switched from my desktop screen, which I was logged in on, to a log in screen which asked me to enter my log in password. Use whichever method works for your situation, but whichever method you choose you will have your password reset and gain access to your stuff again. Or what if you don’t remember that password either, or if there’s no internet access?
Per the advice of another site, it was supposed to give me a prompt to reset after three incorrect attempts. Unfortunately, you'll have to re-enter all of those passwords in a new keychain, which OS X will prompt your user to create the next time he logs in. If you set things up ahead of time, you can use your Apple ID to reset that password, and I wrote an article on how to do that a while back. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame. I will note that if I click on the user icon above the username (Mine is a pink flower), it produces an orange check mark beside the username and the password box disappears.
The Mac Observer is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc.
There are also the options to sleep, restart or shut down at the bottom of the screen, a Id which I am terrified to do for fear I’ll lock myself out of my computer.
I’ve seen several forums that said people had contacted Apple support and received no help whatsoever.

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