Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbors you are doing well. Having been born in Texas, I couldn't get very far without seeing the bull symbol in the form of either cattle branding or the legendary Longhorns, the icon for the University of Texas at Austin football team.
However, the purpose of this page is to identify a few bull symbols for more soulful applications, or even for tattooing purposes.
Because of its virility, power and regal presence, the bull has been an icon for worship in many ancient cultures. The Celtic bull symbol stands for strong will, an uncompromising nature, and even belligerence. Due to its unbending, stubborn personality traits, we get the term "bull-headed." from the bull. The constellation of the bull (Taurus) is in such a position as to welcome the sun's motion during the vernal equinox.

To the Greeks, the bull was an attribute of Zeus (as represented by the constellation of Taurus) who transformed himself into a glistening white bull. Astrologically speaking the bull symbol is one-in-the-same with the Taurus (and the word Taurus means bull in Latin). The Chinese the bull symbol is shown in writing on the left, and the bull is one of the twelve zodiac signs in the lunar calendars. In this light, the bull is also symbolic of hard work, materialism, methodical progress and rigid determination. In ancient cultures such as Sumerian and Semitic cults the bull is a common symbol of protection and guardianship. The aleph as a bull symbol will represent mans ability to work with Nature and her creatures to bring about abundance in the human tribes. Furthermore, you'll find the bull has been a symbol of assistance to mankind as it has stood by our side through eons, helping us in industry, agriculture and other forms of provision.

Donning the bull symbol in the Celtic bed chamber (depicted on sheets, robes, pillows, etc) is said to enhance the mental state leading to sexual strength and endurance.
Fully tame and quite striking, Zeus (in the guise of the white bull) unassumingly planted himself amongst the herds in an effort to capture the attention of the lovely Europa with whom Zeus was completely smitten. Traits of the Taurean personality could be considered very "bull like" because these people can be incredibly powerful in both physical and spiritual presence.
Viewers were curious about her confidence, her swagger, and her crushes this season, so we asked the hard hitting questions during our After Show this week!
Likely due to the fact that this creature was a great source of food the Celts, it can easily be associated with easier, fairer, and abundant times in the Celtic villages.

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