To practice for what’s needed in the show ring today, a rider has to be able to think and know her horse.
It’s no secret that getting better in the show ring begins with preparation at home and at the horse show. Improving your competition confidence doesn’t begin with practice, but with perfect practice. 2.    Write down your goals, your objectives for what you want to accomplish for a competition.
4.    Work on a specific subject or exercise for the core of your practice, something that works toward your competition goals. If you start to doubt yourself, your pattern or your performance in any way, or if you come up with “what ifs,” you will more than likely not succeed.
If someone comes up to you and says, “Good luck” and you say, “I’ll try to do well,” that’s a negative! Showmanship is one of the most popular events among youth and amateur exhibitors, Youth World Cup exhibitors benefited from hands-on instruction from clinicians including AQHA Professional Horsemen and judges Patti Carter Pratt, Vicky Ramsey, Carla Wennberg, Charlie Cole, Suzy Jeane, and Scott Neuman. 3.    Get by yourself and visualize your ride – the pattern, rail work, whatever you’re going to do. If you visualize your go and be specific, your subconscious mind and muscle memory will kick in for you in your performance, give you the positive reactions you need without thinking. I always want to be able to warm-up my horse in 10-20 minutes before I do my 10-minute performance in the ring. Figure out your horse’s best warm-up at home, and time it so you know how to plan for it at the show. And don’t let him “die.” A lot of people will warm up and then wait at the gate and socialize with their friends. Good sportsmanship will always be recognized by those on the outside of the ring – friends, competitors, judges and people in the business. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; now picture yourself, approaching a woman or a prospective client, walking into a board meeting or a party. Weight Stigma Advocacy: Working with the White House to Prevent Weight Bias in Let’s Move!
Kari Adams is an entrepreneur, award-winning business owner, television host, speaker, and mother of two.

Consumer confidence is down at the beginning of the year, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bureau of Business Research (BBR). While consumer confidence is down, Thompson says approximately two out of five business owners are optimistic about the next six months. The survey shows business owners are optimistic that sales and employment will grow during the next six months. Among business owners’ top concerns, 42% of respondents cite customer demand, while the availability and quality of labor is on the top of mind for 18% of respondents. That way, if she starts to have a problem in performance or competition, she can come right back and correct it. The days of the trainer preparing the horse in the warm-up ring and then putting the rider on him at the gate to go in and win – that isn’t going to work any more.
Read your rulebook and ask questions from judges or professionals if you don’t understand something. Write them out monthly, weekly, daily, whatever works for you, so you can see what you want to work on with you and your horse. You might choose lateral work, pivots, flying lead changes, better speed control at the lope, serpentines – be specific. When I put my horse away, I take the core of my lesson and think about what I liked about it – always start positive – and what I need to improve.
You have to turn it around and say, “I’m going to do well and have fun”; that is positive thinking. Arrive early enough at the show that day or the day before so you and your horse can get acclimated to the arena. A lot of people will go in and lope, but I like to walk to find out where my horse stays relaxed and where he gets distracted or insecure.
It allows you a chance to build your strategy, which, to me, is the most fun part of competing. When do you feel him start to get sharp and relaxed to your aids in transitions and maneuvers? The Showmanship at Halter DVD will give you the knowledge and tools you need to be a competitor.
The most important achievement in any judged event has to be your performance – and your horse’s performance – a personal best.

She has appeared on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show, and numerous other media outlets and television shows. Different positions can be a good warm-up such as posting at the trot or riding in two-point – those are both great for flexibility, balance and timing. It can be as simple as walking on a loose rein and letting your horse stretch, a turn on the forehand or trot-walk-halt transitions. That’s what builds confidence, decision-making skills and a consistent performance in the show ring.
At a horse show, I love to see a confident, smart rider not tiring out her horse with too much of a warm-up. Expertly instructed by AQHA Professionals Jackie Krshka and Michael Covin, this DVD explains the showmanship class and what you’ll need to be successful in the ring. But you will be a winner if you can take those bad days, turn them around and get through them. Kari speaks frequently about her own experience as a middle aged woman facing an eating disorder, in addition to hosting the popular, syndicated television show ‘Killer Confidence with Kari Adams’. You have to be realistic about your weak areas as you build your strategy and be positive and specific about them. The show highlights inspirational women and men who have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives, and those that wish to share their stories with the general public. I go around the entire show grounds on the ground to see where he is insecure; wherever he is insecure, I spend time there to let him get comfortable.
You can see distances better from the profile, between cones or poles or where your jumps are. The opinions expressed in BuzzVine are for your enjoyment only and do not reflect CP's editorial policy or stance on any issue or persons in any way. The Bible speaks about how it is important for us to live out our lives confidently trusting in the Lord and living in an effective way.We may sometimes lose that confidence in the Lord and become influenced by sin. People who are influenced by sin will become confident in themselves and this brings us to becoming pride and arrogant.The TRUTH is we are not to have confidence in anything apart from God.

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