This madness from morning till night can’t be how we were meant to live, not even for the successful and ambitious ones among us. And I know what it’s like to drive myself sick from doing too much and then wasting time recovering and getting back into it again. Meditation and breathing is a wonderful tradition that has happily caught on in the rest of the world too, Pooja. Minimalism has changed my mind to think more pure and to drop out waste thoughts (focus on useful thoughts). Being mom to three little kids, I like that these common sense ideas are not impossible, though meditating will be a tough one, as soon as they are all asleep I usually follow within half an hour… But I’ll definately give your points a go, thanx! Sitting meditation positions and body postures must be aligned to maintain optimum chi energy flow. You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour. Through the practice of sitting quietly, the mind reflects one's environment and the self that is based on thought and description can be lost.
In our daily lives, zazen provides us with a situation in which we can remove ourselves from external acivities, turn our activity inward, and face ourselves. We are all beautiful works in progress, but  I am on a mission to simplify life so I can keep up. This rushing from one thing to another without stopping a minute to catch our breath, this is not something we can sustain for long without risking our health or sanity. Just when I am revisiting my priorities and thinking of a complete overhaul of my day so I can be present, every day, for myself and my family and not always be in a rush to get things done for the sake of it and move on to the next activity, place… whatever. I stumbled upon it via Joshua Becker’s newsletter, and think the compact points are great. Have you tried being more loving towards yourself and still go about your to-do list but do it without self-criticism and more with just kindness and love toward yourself.

Here at Yokoji we sit zazen on a daily basis year round—check the schedule and join us when you can.
Koan is a Japanese word, from the Chinese gong'an, and literally means "public case", from the time in China when magistrates would travel from village to village to settle disputes. Where do the week and months and years disappear? Not only does it disappear, I swear it goes faster the older we get. I have fought mother nature all my life, even as a child, because sleep, I am convinced, is stealing away time and life, and I want badly to live every waking moment.
Not only does your body love you for it, it is quicker to prepare whole foods, it heals you and restores your health and gives you longevity and vitality, and it simplifies your life. You will feel resistant, and even resentful as you simplify initially but it gets easier, and it will pay off in unexpected ways. I can’t imagine how busy you must be and I hope that you can take away the ideas BUT apply them into your world, as it fits your life and your schedule.
Treat yourself as if you were a vulnerable 5 year old kid but also very smart and capable….
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The video on this page shows all the different zazen postures and gives basic instruction as to how to sit. Like a legal precedent, koans establish a standard of insight and understanding that must be matched by the student.
The practice is to return repeatedly to the direct experience of whatever is coming in, whatever is "hitting" the mind. We have obligations, we have responsibilities but we also have free will and the power of choice. Simplify by getting a reader’s digest of the news, and shut your television, turn off the radio, and close the browser.

My parents decided that no one should live without TV, so now I’m up to about 6 hours of Netflix. It might be the breath, the sound of the birds outside, or the cars and people of a city, the light shifting below your gaze or physical sensations in your body.
You have once lived day or week or longer being happy with the pace of your life, and the divide between work and pleasure.
Are you absolutely certain that you must do all the 5 things that take up majority of your time? Koans work by revealing to a student the gaps in their understanding of reality, and by looking into the question, the gap can be bridged, and reality and understanding made to match-up seamlessly.
The mind does not need pointing in any direction, it naturally is all these things and awareness shifts accordingly.
No you are not obligated and yes you can still have friends, no matter what you say yes or no to. The practice of counting or following the breath is often given to beginners but it is not limited to those new to the practice—the sensation of breath entering and leaving your body will be with you your whole life.
The abbot at Yokoji, Tenshin Roshi, is a master of both koan and shikantaza and uses both in his teaching. I’ve had more time every single day of my life when I have meditated and less when I have rushed through.
The following outlines the steps for all cross-legged sitting body poses on the floor: For all males, sit with the left leg crossed on the outside and the right leg crossed inside. This is the yang position and will help to balance the yin and yang chi energies in males who are generally innately yang.

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