Continuing the trend,  I decided  to share with you 10 creativity quotes that will jump-start your creative mind. I’m writing another article on creativity and research has show that 5th graders are super innovative and creative. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). I created Confidence is an Inside Job to inspire YOU to be unstoppable with confidence for your personal development and your business success.

Confidence comes from within and research has show that it’s one of the keys to living the life of your dreams.
I help entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams: confidence, clarity, courage and a blueprint for success with your business and personal life.
But in interest of fair disclosure,please be aware that we may earn a commission from some of the offerings on our site.
We will see things that have always been there but overlooked because of our habit of seeing it one way.

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