The self-esteem movement has a downside – too many people are narcissistic because of an over-indulgence in self-esteem.
In the American culture to have high self-esteem you have to feel special and above average. You should treat yourself with the same kindness, care and concern that you’d show a good friend. There are three core components to self-compassion – self-kindness, common humanity and being mindful. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). I created Confidence is an Inside Job to inspire YOU to be unstoppable with confidence for your personal development and your business success.
Confidence comes from within and research has show that it’s one of the keys to living the life of your dreams. There are so many hypnosis techniques it would take a library to hold all the books about them.
As a hypnosis facilitator or therapist, I like to create an individualized session for each client.  First the client calls for an appointment and says they want to stop smoking for an example. During the initial interview, the therapist learns as much as she can about the client’s smoking habits such as when does the first smoke of the day happen?
When the hypnosis facilitator has thoroughly explored the smoking behavior of the client and together they have come up with acceptable substitutions, the session can begin. Next the therapist leads the client to experience a life as a non smoker using the information gained during the interview.

Listening to the recording of the session each night or more often if necessary, helps reinforce new behaviors for success. Click on the next link for Steps for Rapid Self Hypnosis detailed in a paper by Antonio Capafons at the Universitat de Valencia. Kristin Neff, Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture, Educational Psychology Department, University of Texas at Austin, has spent years researching self-compassion and self-esteem. To have self-esteem you must have success in your chosen domains, and women’s number one domain for self-esteem (this starts in third grade) is outer beauty. Kristin’s talk about self-compassion, it sounds a lot like one of my favorite topics, self-love.
I help entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams: confidence, clarity, courage and a blueprint for success with your business and personal life. Each person and each situation is different and each one needs an individual approach for achieving the desired goal.
The client has to come up with a plan for dealing with that time of day without cigarettes. For instance, the client is told to experience how it feels to go for a run in the morning. Techniques to get a response from the client, such as, hand clasping with special breathing, falling backwards into a soft chair or sofa, chaining of the two steps, and body immobility help to induce rapid self hypnosis. Feel the wind, hear sounds of nature, see themselves running and getting stronger and more fit. You can take charge of your life and begin to do what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

Tart, presented at the 2001 American Psychological Association Conference talks about whether meditation is considered a type of hypnosis. If the first cigarette of the day is smoked while drinking coffee and reading the paper at the kitchen table, the client will need a new habit for that time of day.
His consensus is that meditation can require one to focus either upon thoughts or no thoughts.
During the session, the client is super relaxed as the therapist sitting nearby repeats positive affirmations aloud. We ask the person to bring all of their cigarettes with them, because when they leave the session they won’t need them any more.
The session lasts for about 40 minutes and when it’s over, the client will be a non-smoker. Even though hypnosis is similar to the altered state of awareness during meditation, hypnosis requires a studied redirection of the subconscious away from negative thoughts and habits.
These affirmations are specifically designed to meet the goals for the client’s situation. The first hypnosis to stop smoking session can be successful enough to stop smoking immediately.
Meditation is seemingly not so focused upon changing negative thought patterns but to clear the mind.

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