In fact, there are some very straight forward things you can implement that have a significant impact on productivity and results.
I first learnt this many years ago when reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people” by Stephen Covey. Always start each year, month, week and day knowing what you want to have achieved by the end of it.
People who take regular breaks throughout the day actually do better quality, productive work. Many people often find it difficult to say no to things, even if it impacts on their own priorities. Being accountable to someone else for achieving something by a set time is a great way to keep you focussed and productive. Apply the “first things first” rule is new for me – never tried out that method, but it makes complete sense.

I think that is an important point – we need to keep these points in the front of our minds in order to act in a way that supports us best. Includes a step by step process to get on the path to the life and results you really want. It acts as a smart assistant, freeing one to pursue tasks that add real value to the process. The benefits of Ki are both holistic and synergistic and can have a significant productivity impact on the entire enterprise.
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That way, if you run out of time later in the day it will never be the most important stuff that gets dropped. Productivity (or the lack of) has always been a huge issue for me – but I have managed to overcome it by applying some methods.

If you keep these things in mind you will not only get better productiv results, but you will also spend the day much more relaxed. Having a strategy and boundaries are essential for social media yet many people are just diving in without it. Also makes you realise how much low priority stuf we allow to dominate our time at the cost of the important stuff. As team members complete their portion of the work other team members are notified that their contribution to the business activity can begin. Lone Ranger Syndrome is a killer for Sole Traders so doing anything that removes that is a plus.

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