Well, there is a beautiful panaramic revolving restaurant called Piz Gloria on top of Schilthorn, which in 1969 was unfinished due to delayed construction. Piz Gloria makes for a fabulous visit, not only to experience the longest aerial cableway ride in the Alps, but for the unforgettable scenic views at 9,744 feet of Switzerland, France, and Germany from the rotating restaurant. The videos will be a retrospective look back at a particular film covering all sides of the production and discussing how the film turned out.
You Only Live Twice was supposed to be the last time Sean Connery would play 007 but that was not the case. The producers gave him the chance and they set out to start afresh with a new take on the Bond series and they aimed to say faithful to the book On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. For a snowy mountain adventure in Solden, Austria in Spectre, James Bond wears an elegant outfit of a nylon-front blouson, a mock turtleneck and vintage-inspired ski trousers.
On each side of the trousers forward of the side seams is an offset side pocket with rearward-facing flaps that fasten down with a button.
Bond’s anorak also has a strap that connects the bottom of the front with the bottom of the back between the legs. The medium blue trousers that match the anorak are tucked into black weather-treated suede or suede-like ankle boots with thick black rubber soles.
Draco wears the same outfit as Bond, though he wears a light brown leather utility belt over his. The most iconic ski suit of the Bond series would have to be the bright yellow jumpsuit from The Spy Who Loved Me‘s pre-title sequence made by Bogner. In the opening scene of A View to a Kill, Bond is a wearing an all white ski suit made by Bogner. The parka sans hood was auctioned at Christie’s in South Kensington on 12 December 2001 for ?940. Whilst a one-piece ski suit isn’t the most stylish way to ski, it might be more practical.
Underneath the jumpsuit Bond wears an insulating black mock poloneck jumper with a zip at the top. In For Your Eyes Only, Bond goes skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo dressed in Bogner Skiwear.
Bond’s Bogner light blue, zip-front ski jacket is hip-length and worn with a D-ring belt. A lot including the jacket, polo neck and V-neck jumpers, gloves and hat was auctioned at Christie’s in South Kensington on 12 December 2011 for ?2,585. In this sixth 007 adventure, Secret Agent James Bond (George Lazenby) again confronts the infamous arch-villain and SPECTRE chief Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas), who is planning a biological-warfare assault on the entire world by introducing sterility spores into the world's agricultural supplies. This year has seen bohemian influences develop a whole new dimension of beauty, heritage, about the power of spiritualism. With the western style continuing to exercise its influence over the fall 2014 fashion trends, its impact managed to also shape the direction jewelry is taking this season. No matter the day or special occasion, jewelry is something we all have decorated ourselves with throughout our lifetime. When classifying jewelry, one begins usually by naming them by their period in Royalty history (i.e. If there is something we can all agree on is that James Bond is the most famous spy in the world and a very well known Hollywood character regardless of the actor who plays him. On 1969′s Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Services, actor George Lazenby played Bond for the first time and the last time! Here at The Dina Collection we have a lot of Hollywood memorabilia and lots of watches, but this watch is very special as it is the one Bond wore on On Her Majesty’s Secret Services! In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Lazenby wore two different Rolex Watches -Rolex Submariner and a Pre-Datyona Rolex Chronograph which is the one you can see in the picture below from the movie and is the one we have. If you love all things Beverly Hills and all things Pawn then we are excited to share all of our cool new Beverly Hills Pawn merchandise with you! If you would like to have a poster of Beverly Hills Pawn that is signed by the entire cast then look no further!
You can pick up this amazing merchandise directly from our store, be sure to take a photo with Yossi or other members of the cast if they are available! On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the sixth spy film in the James Bond series, based on the 1963 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming, and the only one to star George Lazenby as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.
Like us all at FTN, Oliver LOVES cinema, and like us he has passions that not everyone shares, but he feels obligated to put the word out.
Many people on the net generally like to discuss films with a negative attitude and take joy in bashing films for comedic effect which does work but often many of the reviews aren’t researched well or films are taken out of context for the purpose of making a joke and I feel websites such as youtube have become over-saturated with these types of videos, I wanted to do something different.
Here you can stay up to date on all the latest news, reviews, articles & information across all mediums from games to action figures.

The zip-front blouson from Tom Ford is knitted with a fine rib in dark grey merino wool with elasticised cuffs and a mock turtleneck collar. The boots lace with five pairs of lugs to the toe and two pairs of speed hooks at the top for a secure fit.
The suit of anorak and trousers is made of wind-proof and waterproof material and is lined for warmth.
They have a thin strap over the vamp that fastens with a steel buckle over the sole on the right side of the boot. Only a peak of the ribbed polo neck collar and a ribbed cuff of the jumper is seen, and the jumper is seen only very briefly. Draco’s men dress similarly in white anoraks and white trousers, but in the same mock polo-neck jumpers and black boots that Bond and Draco wear, and a little more of the jumper can be seen on them. Another parka with the hood was later auctioned at Prop Store on 16 October 2014 for ?3,750.
George Lazenby was not allowed to be on skis for insurance reasons, and all the skiing was done by Luki Leitner or stunt double Vic Armstrong. Bond wears a dark olive ski jumpsuit in The World is Not Enough made by Omega Outdoor Agencies. The Bogner clothing brand was started by skiier Willy Bogner, Sr., whose son Willy Bogner, Jr.
There are three pockets: one horizontally across the chest on the left size, and two slash pockets at the hips, all closing with zip fasteners.
The first is a navy V-neck jumper with a white stripe across the chest and two white stripes on each sleeve.
The white polo neck jumper is listed as having a zip at the neck, which means that it wasn’t the same one as used in the film. Bond meets his match in a beautiful, intelligent and enchanting woman, Tracy Draco, whom he had rescued from an attempted suicide by drowning.
Indulge in gold chokers, delicate chains and rings, and engraved arm cuffs now and keep on layering against chunky knits and weightless button-down this cool season. From antique metals and semi-precious gemstone, to rough and rustic golds, and sterling silver, every setting is imagined to introduce a personal tale. Western inspired square ties adorned with denim lapis stones, geometric shapes cast in antique plated silver, double stick collars and roped in earrings make the theme fresh and easy to indulge in. With the Halloween festivities coming up, the rush to pick out the perfect outfit for the holiday begins! For example, jewelry from the ‘80s and ‘90s could be termed vintage but, jewelry from the 2000s would not be. Another thing we all know is that everyone has their own favorite Bond movie and a favorite actor as her majesty’s spy 007.
One of the characteristics of Bond is the luxurious life he lives – fast cars, beautiful ladies and what not, everything Bond does has tons of style. It’s one of those items we have in the shop that everybody ask about, but no one made a good offer on it yet. Designed exclusively for The Dina Collection • Beverly Hills Pawn is a collection of shirts and hats available only in the official store of The Dina Collection • Beverly Hills Pawn. Our classic black Beverly Hills Pawn t-shirt is simple, sleek and available in two different colors of graphics: white and gray.
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This week Oliver looks at On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – we’ll let him tell you the aims of these videos himself. They approached Timothy Dalton but he turned it down feeling he was too young and even Adam West was considered. An anorak is similar to a parka, but it is distinguished by being hip-length instead of knee-length, is a pull-over and has drawstrings to cinch the waist. It is detailed with inset pockets on either side of the top of the chest, which have velcro-secured flaps. It keeps the coat secured when Bond is jumping and sliding about, as well as in strong winds, but it should hopefully come easily undone if there is too much stress on the strap. Bond wears black leather gloves with a thick insulating lining, and the seams are sewn on the inside.
Bond’s outfit is provided by Draco and is neither his own outfiit nor something provided by MI6. The waist is cinched with a belt, and under the belt there’s a zip pocket on the right side seam and a patch pocket on the front left. This film also started the series’ relationship with skiier Willy Bogner and his line of clothing.

Bond wears insulated black ski gloves and Calvin Klein 2007 sunglasses with a gunmetal frame. To make the most of the neo-bohemian trend, seek unique and handcrafted designs, both delicate and loud, to layer together, or wear separately for more of a subtle look.
Further, there are also two other ways in which to identify the pieces – as Art Nouveau (1895-1910) or Art Deco (1925-1940). These terms may appear to be used interchangeably however, they are two separate forms of categorizing jewelry. Antique jewelry is usually desired by its age, brilliance, rarity and even their sentimental connection. Also, jewelry from the Art Deco and Mid Century design periods are also considered vintage. The Yossi Catch Phrases t-shirt is a fun way to remember your favorite moments of Yossi blurbs from the show, available in a regular cut for men and a special fitted cut for women! The Beverly Hills Pawn white burn out t-shirt featuring a rhinestone studded diamond in the sky is a perfect representation of all that is feminine and pawn in Beverly Hills!
In steps George Lazenby who was a successful model and looked like Connery but unfortunately had no acting experience.
The pleats are stitched down roughly two inches at the top about half a centimetre into the pleat. The waist drawstrings prevent the bulky anorak from being completely shapeless, but they also help retain warmth. The jacket has four patch pockets with Velcro-secured flaps, and the top two flaps additionally are buckled down with straps. Bond wears a sporty, tight-fitting blue ski suit with a white knit shirt with a short polo neck collar underneath.
R demonstrated the bubble for Bond at the lab as part of a ski jacket, but Bond wears it in a jumpsuit instead. Bogner, Jr., who is also an accomplished skiier, was the cameraman who shot the complex ski sequences in For Your Eyes Only and in other Bond films.
Bond’s Bogner navy ski trousers have a narrow leg with a zip-fastening at the bottom. The man who invented 007, writer Ian Fleming, gave Bond’s watch special importance in the James Bond books.
Some people will argue that Lazenby was the best Bond and that  On Her Majesty’s Secret Services is the best Bond movie. Bond wears heavy grey socks folded over the top, meaning the trousers are worn inside the socks as well. The jacket has shoulder straps, adjustable straps on the sleeves and a narrow belt that ties around the waist. It helps when trying to avoid gunfire, though for the average skier it could make it much harder to be spotted in the event of an accident. Often times, European jewelry pieces need to be more than 100 years old to be recognized as antique because of Europe’s broad history. By stitching down the pleat away from the edge, the sharp edge of the pleat is continued up to the waistband for a less interrupted look whilst still benefitting from being stitched at the top. We are accepting any amount large or small, donations as small as $18 will make a difference in the lives of a child with cancer. The jacket appears to have three grey leather-covered buttons on the front, from the top down to the waist.
It has a zip down the front to the crotch, and a fly covering the zip closes with poppers (snaps). I would have guessed a coat like this would have a fourth button below the waist, but another button could limit movement when skiing since there isn’t a vent.
The jumpsuit has two pockets in the chest that are accessed from the sides and two pockets on the side of the hips. There are also buttoned straps on the sleeves, slash pockets that are good for hand-warming, and a belt in the back. According to the book The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Charles Helfenstein, Director Peter Hunt chose the blue ski suit because it was the same colour as the blue screen, and this would prevent the production from taking shortcuts by filming in the studio if problems arose. A white wool tuque, or ski hat, with navy stripes tops off the outfit in the skiing scenes. However, George Lazenby’s close-ups were most likely shot in the studio, perhaps using a different method.

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