A la suite d’un premier travail photographique realise au hasard des jardins de Trianon, Andy Julia a su conquerir le coeur de Versailles et passer de portes en portes pour devoiler des lieux inaccessibles au public en temps normal comme le Theatre de la Reine situe au Petit Trianon ou encore le Cabinet de la Meridienne, situe au sein des appartements prives de Marie-Antoinette.
While not everyone is comfortable telling their entrepreneurial story, others like Andy Frisella strongly believe you have an obligation to inspire the next generation. When people say they had humble beginnings, it couldn’t have really been any more humble than what we had.
When we were able to get together about $12,000, we were like, “Well, we’re going to start a business” and we settled on supplements because it was something that we thought we knew a lot about it at that time.
We thought the first day, we’re going to have people pouring in just because we’re in business and the reality is on the first day, we had one guy come in and he bought a $7 product. It was very, very, very humble but the good thing about that situation was it taught me a core value of business, which is service based retention of customers. I feel like a lot of businesses are over capitalized to the point where they don’t really learn those lessons they need to learn in the beginning.
What was the key to success that allowed your first store to prosper which lead to the second? I feel like a lot of it was service because we’re selling a commodity item for the most part. We had to get very good at making friends with our customers in a way where, even though they might find a product somewhere else, they still buy from us because we’re their friends.
There were other companies that are hundreds of times bigger that could sell the product and make a profit for less than what we’re buying it for.
I think it’s harder for people who are older and have obligations, like family obligations, because they have a lot to pay for.
When we had one store, we didn’t make a lot of money, and when we got the second store, our brand became more aware and it actually helped the first store make more money.
I have a couple of friends that do well without the support of a team or a network of people that work for them but it’s very rare. A lot of people think that managing people is just something that comes with being the boss, where you have people that work for you, just because they are getting paid.
I think becoming an effective manager has everything to do with building a great culture in your business.
The main thing for us was that we started developing a focus not on performance of the business from a monetary aspect, but we started tracking performance in terms customer service metrics, and made little games and awards internally focused on service, not focused on how much you sell.
Because when we focus on service, the customer comes to us, they get what they want, they get the supplements they want, they get the program they want, and they get the help they need to get the result that they care about. What I realized is that nowadays, you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, there might be one person working there and then you can self-checkout.
I look at that as a massive opportunity to go back and bring a level of service our parents had where you would go into a store and they knew your name. Instead of trying to evolve with technology and become more automated because it’s cheaper, we say, “Well, we’re going to actually do more work because it creates a better customer experience.” I think that was the key ‘aha’ moment that would benefit our growth in any business, whether we sell supplements or tires, it doesn’t matter.
The supplement industry is really weird because in most businesses, like cars, the more expensive a thing is usually the best and people recognize that. In the supplement industry, it seems like there’s a big race to the bottom and customers look at it and say, “Well, it’s all the same so the cheapest is the one I’m going to buy.” It become a perceived commodity marketplace because the barrier to entry is so small you have a lot of uneducated “snake oil” salesmen getting into the business because they “like to work out”… which is the equivalent of someone who likes to drink opening a bar. The idea that it’s a commodity marketplace and that cheapest is best is simply not true and that’s something that a lot of companies try to put out there because they are making an inferior product and want people to believe it’s good.

Chris and I had always talked about companies doing things the right way and it wasn’t happening in the stores so our dream was doing things the right way which is basically the idea of where 1st Phorm came from.
The right way in our business is doing things that use the proper raw ingredients, using application diagnosis, not doing all of the little label tricks that a lot of these companies do, and basically creating a quality product that may be more expensive, but it’s going to be the best product out there. The stores allowed us to start so small on our production and distribute it within our own stores, that we were able to grow it organically from a financial aspect. We wholesale to hundreds of different accounts all over the country but we stayed out of GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and a lot of the bigger stores as of right now because the idea of the brand for us was to create a brand that was not only high end, but also that the retailers could have as exclusive so that they could actually have an interest in selling it.
We still select people by hand who we know understand where our brand fits in the scheme of things, they understand who our customers are, they understand how to sell the product, and what kind of people the products want to be sold to.
When we first started, we had a contract manufacturer but protein powder is very expensive because it’s expensive per unit and it’s expensive to ship.
Our first three products were just vanilla, chocolate, strawberry Level-1 (protein powder). We just extended the line over time to where now, our inventory would, at the beginning, it might have been $75,000.
My personal opinion on that is I want to focus on what I understand and what I’m good at and become very, very good at that. I tell entrepreneurs this all the time, I feel like it’s much, much harder in the beginning than it is now.
Innovating new products and trying to come up with things that hadn’t been done before is probably the hardest part now but that pales in comparison to how hard it was because before, we were trying to get all these people to believe in us and see our vision and to move forward with that and that very difficult. With Chris and I, our goals are so large for what we want to do that we both understand that while we have been semi-successful on a smaller scale in business, we really haven’t started to get where we wanted to be yet.
Chris and I have known each other for over 20 years and we’re just honest with each other and like brothers. At the end of the day, we’re just a couple of country dudes that drive pickup trucks that have a business. I think one thing that helps our dynamic for sure is that Chris doesn’t like doing things that I like to do.
It was just a lot of little things and I was fortunate enough that I had a dad who was an entrepreneur as well and he was able to keep me in check in terms of how I looked at those failures.
You are going to make mistakes and it could cost you a few $100s in the beginning and be the kind of thing that makes you upset for a month. It also keeps you mentally in the right spot in terms of being positive because if you start to look at is as a lesson, then you could be happy about your failures as opposed to dwelling on them negatively. I learned very young, if you want to have nice things and you want to enjoy nice things in life, you’ve got to be successful. I think most people grow up with this mentality that success is like this magic thing that the magic success fairy flies down from the sky and taps certain people on the head and then they get to be successful. Dossier Lifestyle Qui n'a pas un dessin anime prefere Disney a regarder en cachette les dimanche apres-midis tout gris ? En attendant la ceremonie de remise des Oscars 2014 qui se tiendra le 2 mars a Los Angeles, les films nommes ont deja ete reveles ! L'ete dernier nous vous avions propose un guide des series pour occuper votre ete, a la fraiche. Oliver Stone, Francois Ozon, Patrice Leconte, de grands noms du cinema de France et d'ailleurs sont a l'affiche cette rentree.

Les rejouissances de la nouvelle annee passees, il faut bien se rendre a l'evidence, malgre toutes nos bonnes resolutions et intentions, le mois de janvier ne donne guere envie de festoyer.
Musicians Joe Trohman, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, and Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy perform and model Candice Swanepoel, wearing the Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt, walks the runway at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Avenue Armory on November 13, 2013 in New York City. Jill Zarin pulled in great ratings when she confronted Andy Cohen on his late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live, but Bravo is reportedly angry that Jill’s entourage secretly recorded the interview with her own camera. The iPhone picked up the entire 44 minutes of the interview that was eventually edited down to 22 minutes. When I was a kid I sold baseball cards, lemonade, snow cones, light bulbs, etc, door to door.
That was essentially how it worked for us because we didn’t have the buying power, like we do now, to be the cheapest either.
But if you want to create a very successful fast growing company, you’ve got to be able to get everybody paddling the boat in the same direction because they are passionate about it, not just because they are doing it for the paycheck.
If we could get our guys focused on being the best in that aspect, the monetary value naturally comes with that. I think our first POs with our contract manufacturers for 1st Phorm were like $75,000 for just protein.
Instead of watering myself down with other projects I am not an expert in, I’d rather work synergistically with other people that maybe understand that business a little better than I would. Honestly, I feel its every persons obligation to make the most of their opportunities… even though that mentality has gone by the way side, but that’s a different conversation. Candidate de la premiere saison de Secret Story, Nadege est devenue Andy Raconte, une vraie star de YouTube. L'occasion de se faire un petit rattrapage cinema, si vous n'avez toujours pas vu "Gravity" par exemple, puisqu'en effet, la plupart des films selectionnes sont deja sortie en salle chez nous. Voici notre nouvelle selection avec, selon nos blogueuses, le meilleur des series qui ont fait parler d'elles en 2013. Calmes et luxueux, les lieux dans lesquels ont eu lieu les prises de vue le sont immanquablement… Car quel meilleur ecrin pour mettre en valeur le talent de Julia que le chateau de Versailles ?
Over a decade ago, Andy used his life savings and founded his first supplement store with no prior experience.
It took all of the money we had so for us to have inventory for the store and counters and shelves, we had to build those all by hand. Success was not easy and it wasn’t until he had launched his second and third stores when he started getting paid.
This has transitioned to a brand of supplements that now serves hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of brand ambassadors worldwide.
I’ve got a couple of other friends up in Pennsylvania and they are getting ready to launch a gym concept.
It was for my own protection,” Jill tells Page Six, saying she had no idea the interview was recorded. Our favorite saying in the office is “Chess, not Checkers” meaning that while everyone else is playing checkers and focusing on the next move… we need to keep our focus on the next ten moves and look where everyone else isn’t.

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