Subscribe to our mailing listGet news updates and special offers sent directly to your email! Now, what we (that includes me) should do is we should run and take refuge in God when we are in the process of our trial. Oh, my friends, have you encountered the tenderness, the intimacy of God’s love for you?
My prayer for you this week is that you will experience the secret place you can have with Jesus and abide in His refuge as you Walk Every Day With Grace.
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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As the timeless king and priest of God, Malki-Tzedek is a "theophany," or a revelation of the LORD our God Yeshua before He emptied Himself and made his descent to this world (Phil. When we meet new people, we spend our time and dwell within their company so we can get to know them better.

That is exactly how we get to know Jesus, we spend time with Him and we converse (pray) to Him. Prayer opens the window of communication and in His Word (the Bible) is where He speaks to us.
Yeshua is our great King of Kings and High Priest of the New Covenant, a better covenant that restores the kingship and priesthood back to God Himself (Heb. The word "Elyon," then, expresses the truth that the LORD is the Resurrected One who overcame all the powers of hell and utterly vanquished death's power. It is only through God that we can lose ourselves and gain His true wisdom, peace and protection.
Notice that the one who "abides" in the secret of the Most High dwells in an ascended place of rest a€“ being lifted up above the surrounding madness of this fallen world of flux and shadows. It is when we are loving Him, conversing with Him and even un-burdoning our souls to Him that we are abiding in Him.
By dwelling in the death and resurrection of Yeshua, God will shield you with His Presence and make evil powerless before you.Since God hides Himself in this world (Isa.

45:15), we must humbly seek His face to enter into the place of His holy concealment in all things. It is because of His presence that we have the confidence and knowledge to say He is my fortress and that I will trust in Him!
Just as we can be surrounded by the "shadow of death" (tzal mavet), so we can be surrounded by the "shadow of Shaddai" (tzal Shaddai).
The LORD will save you from the ensnaring trap and from the devastating pestilence (Psalm 91:3).

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