The Chakra meditation technique is a complete health solution that will purify your body, mind and spirit. In Indian traditions, Chakras are the energy points or nodes in the body, the points through which nadi pass.
Meditating on each of the chakras in turn helps to stimulate the flow of prana, or life force, around the body.
The chakra system is often referred to as the body's energy eco-system, and has long been regarded as one of the keys to mental, physical and spiritual balance.
The seven chakras, as described in Ancient Indian teachings, are located along the center of the body and aligned with the spine.
Very sensitive people will actually feel which chakra is being worked upon, but most people will simply feel an overall sense of wellbeing in both mind and body once the meditation is complete. May 7, 2016 by Elizabeth Collins (Ireland)"Great Download very relaxing and helped me focus on my work. Yellow Tie Dye Yoga Meditation Chakra Tapestry Wall Hanging added to the cart!Continue shopping See your cartUNIQUE HOME DECOR STOREAt Royal furnish we offer unique home decor, home furnishings and home accent accessories to give instant makeover to home interior. Different religions and spiritualities have different theories regarding the number, order, and position of chakras in the body. The crown chakra, for instance, is associate with spirituality, consciousness, and inspiration. This helps to loosen and free the body and mind, boosting wellbeing, helping you to stay healthy and vibrant.

Each of the seven chakras contains nerves, energy, and major organs that are essential for psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. You'll notice the pitch of the binaural track change every few minutes as it cycles through the body, massaging and cleansing each chakra as it goes.
Browse our product categories includes pillows, tapestries, floor pillows, antique runners, chindi rugs, Kantha quilts & more. Why we should love and hate, why vegetarianism and why not drug, alcohol etc.     PEACEFUL LIVING PROGRAM - in pyramid cottage -    For mental, spiritual, internal peace and nature living in pyramid cottage with lush green peaceful atmosphere, unrestrained daily routine, voluntary yoga, pranayam, meditation, cleansing acts, spiritual class, personal chintan-sadhana etc. These rivers lead the prana, the water, to large nodes, similar to lakes, through which prana passes.
But the conventional agreement is that there are seven primary chakra in the body, all of which are located at a point on the spine, ranging from the crown of the head to the pelvis.
By meditating on the energy of the crown chakra you will stimulate the crow chakra and free the energy within, which will in turn lead to development of the associated characters.
Chakra tapestry features all seven main energy centres of body which charges your sense while making meditation. So by mediating on the crown chakra you will become more spiritual, more conscious, and more inspired. I will definately be buying from Ennora again,as my clients in my mindfulness therapy practice will benefit greatly. Constructed from 100% cotton, this tapestry is high in quality, durable and skin friendly.

People who are depressed, for instance, may have a blockage at their heart chakra or crown chakra, which is preventing them from being emotionally balanced. Voluntary fast, meditation in pyramid cottage with swar vigyan practices unrestrained daily routine.
By meditating on their heart chakra or crown chakra they can free prana, which will energise their body and mind and return them to health.
Comfortable stay, satvik naturopathy food-drinks and minutes of the day will be followed as desired by the participants. Nature cures for physical fitness, body tone up, memory improvement, mind development and mental peace.
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INCREASE - Mental power & peace, efficiency, energy, cheerfulness, self confidence and concentration of the mind.

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