I am being scammed by valentina +yasmin+pamela+erica all from ghana does anyone know any of these girls at the minute I am playing along with the scam text right here!
I've been talking to girl form Ghana her name is not Raven Riley she looks just like her but it is not her ok. Now i would love to team up with all of these people and put a stop to this or slow it down.
Are you people this stupid , what do you think Africa is all about ,,,, nice white swedish people working hard hell no it is black criminal s .

Are there any women out there familiar with a Benjamin Zimmer, a Spaniard living in the US, who went to Belgium on business and sent to Ghana to complete the business in the mineral businenss. The latest attempt she was making was on Facebook, she pretended to be a Australian with the name Elizabeth Morgan. THAT GIRL IN THE ABOVE PICTURE GOES BY THE NAME OF ROSE COLE SHE IS FROM TAMALE GHANA AND LIVES WITH HER GRANDPA LOUIE HE IS 83 YEARS OLD AND SHE HAS A MUTT NAMED BISKY WATCH OUT SHE WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU IN A HOUR AND WANTS YOU TO PAY HER INTERNET BILL OF $135 US DOLLARS AND WANTS AIRTIME FROM GHANA AIRTIME BE CAREFUL!!!!! Hi Guys, I have been chatting and exchanging emails to the person in the picture, known as Raven Riley, however, I am confused as I did chat to her on webcam first, it seemed to be her ?

Now all the scams that I read here> You people need to check your faces ok and you people seem to want to put this all on her.
Just so you know I went to Ghana the woman gave out info I knew it could be used so I just hung out by the post office po box numbers low and behold it was two skinny black guys and when I started talking said my name they turned white and I think you know the rest LOL god it felt good the white woman teamed up with them because I never heard from her again.

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