Recent studies have shown that the number of women taking their husbands' last name after marriage is on the rise.
In partnership with The Daily Beast, Facebook looked at the names of 14 million married females, ranging in age from 20 to 79 who are currently active on Facebook and married in the United States, according to a report on The Daily Beast Thursday. Even more women in their their 40s, 50s, and 60s changed their names -- 68 percent, 75 percent and 80 percent, respectively.
The study did not account for women who changed their names on Facebook but not legally, and vice versa.
A longitudinal study published in 2009 found a decline in women keeping their maiden names, starting in the 1990s.
Of all respondents surveyed, 61 percent said a woman should take her husband's last name after marriage. If your profession is closely tied to your name or if you are the last member of your family to carry your name, keeping your maiden name is a logical choice. Most popular in the 1970s, hyphenation allows you to keep your maiden name while still adding your spouse's. This is one of the most popular name change trends today, as women can take their spouse’s last name but still keep their maiden name.
Many brides are ready to axe their maiden names completely and take their spouse’s last name. If you love your last name and your spouse doesn’t have major ties to his, consider having him take your maiden name as a new last name. Well, I did change my name (and on Facebook first, the real authority, or maybe just the one that didn't require a 2 hour wait).
I got to thinking about why I wasn’t feeling that bad and why it seemed so easy to take on this new identity.

My first thought is, although I do love my former last name and the family I came from, my immediate family members all have different names. But with a baby on the way now, it started feeling more important to me to finally make it official. And if your maiden name is in your personal email address, you’ll probably want to update that as well. A new survey of Facebook users hints at just how many women are choosing to give up their maiden names.
Facebook determined that of that group, 65 percent of women in their 20s and 30s changed their names. In a recent survey by HuffPost Weddings and YouGov, 61 percent of people surveyed said that women should take their husbands' name. While most women anticipate getting married someday, very few of us give much thought to the concept of name change.
Now, nine years later, I wish that I would have researched my name change options a bit more before taking the name change plunge. It also makes it easy for colleagues, clients, and friends to follow you and your work post-marriage.
You will need to sign all legal documents with both names, but you can introduce yourself with one last name, thus forgoing the mouthful that hyphenated last names can create. Maiden to middle name change holds even more appeal for women who were bestowed with horrible middle names!
Reasons range from having unpronounceable maiden names to wanting their future children to have a last name towards the front of the alphabet. It was also a topic that my friends and I discussed together as each of us transformed from a bride to a wife.

So, here’s the scoop on married name change and the multitude of options available today. This can be done in all states except California (unless you list your maiden as your middle name on your marriage license), Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington. My mom has the same last name as her parents and one brother, but my other two uncles have a separate last name.
Unless you can live without your license for a few weeks, plan to visit social security in person.
The first time I made the trip was at noon on a Friday… and I was greeted with a three-hour wait. Please take a moment to read this article and make an informed decision; you’ll thank me later!
It weighs and factors in things like your age and education, along with your personal style, to suggest the name change option(s) most in keeping with your selections. Bring your original marriage certificate (not a photocopy), your driver’s license, and the application to your appointment. I tried again in the middle of the week right when they opened, and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. It is wise to fully understand your feelings on name change, as well as your options before making the switch to Mrs.

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