Change could be improving a current process, deploying a quality management system, or changing the fortunes of a company.
Just as our life and work are packed with change programs what is also true is that many of these programs fail.
Anybody who can barely spell management or leadership wants their commitment before even beginning. Scanning the environment is a key first step of the SPPRS (pronounced Spur) Change Management framework. In the next stage – Prepare – good change managers start with socializing the change program to seek ground level support.
If you have come this far in the change journey the change roll-out should not be too difficult. Each stage of the change program must undergo a tollgate review to ensure that all key activities have been completed the way they should have been. If you would like to learn more about quality management systems we invite you to visit our quality management system resource page. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Service Manager is the pinnacle of the System Center 2012 suite, based on ITIL. In this session we explore using SCSM for incident and change management, including automated incident generation based on Operations Manager alerts, escalation and mediation, and service offerings using the Self-Service Portal. We are more concerned about the second category – managing change that has a medium scale but its outcome impacts the company’s fortunes.
Human nature is such that while we yearn for small successes ourselves we want to carry news of only big successes. Well, we don’t really have a solution but can recommend a framework which could reduce your pain in managing change. While speaking to change managers we realized that good change managers always try to define the end-state before they start. We notice that whatever be the time compulsions, good change managers always conduct a Pilot.

Use the SPRRS or any other structured approach to managing change if want to plan your way to success. An example is implementing software to manage the company’s Quality Management System – something that is almost essential in today’s business.
Changing a state of being causes stress in the system and environment and some short term pain is essential to have longer term gain. We have studied change programs over the years and believe there are some key principles to keep an eye upon.
But, does completing Six Sigma projects on time, implementing a QMS software, accelerating a Kaizen initiative, need leadership commitment? On close scrutiny, it is evident that in many such cases these change managers are the ones who are not open to change. This framework has been assembled after observing how successful programs become successful. It’s not always possible to get the best and most suitable resources on the program – reality is that these resources are scarce and are sought by everyone.
Management is about either arresting an organization from sliding down, maintaining status quo, or improving how it’s managed. Ask yourself – if leadership is going to commit their time and energy to everything we probably need several clones. They all had resistance in the initial stages and then good managers worked on the program and improved it, revamped it, and re-launched it. We are increasingly convinced that waiting for management commitment on everything is only a delaying tactic – a blame shifting practice. Socializing could include talking about the change program with influencers formally or informally.
A roll-out normally does not deliver results – it will be sustained implementation that will deliver results.
The first few days are straight out of a horror movie – each step hurts, body aches, and mind cries ‘please stop’.

If implementing a software QMS, keep communicating as per plan – even achieving milestones on time is good news.
Power centers and Influencers will help the Change Managers find a way when things get tough during the program.
Successful change managers tell us that management commitment always comes when they see quick and early wins. Recently we saw a Kaizen initiative being implemented in a company’s two different divisions.
People whose counsel was sought early in the program like being in the know-how before others get to know the results.
One manager kept communicating small wins and celebrated early ideas even when they had not delivered huge benefits.
The most important step of conducting a Pilot is to be open to killing the program if the pilot so suggests. In absence of resistance there would be just too much change around us – and that will be chaos.
The other manager who wanted to impress the management team with how significant his program was kept waiting for that Big Bang news.
Please note that we recommend delaying this milestone plan after scanning and preparing for the program – unlike the traditional method of building a detailed plan right at the beginning of the journey. Good change managers tell us that many a change program go wrong because they were not killed when the pilot rollout clearly told that it won’t work out!

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