Get more information on how Rocket Aldon Community Manager can help you with your IT workflow management. ITIL Compliant -- Policy Template IT Service Management for Service Oriented Architecture(Word) document that contains standards, policies and procedures, metrics and service level agreement for the help desk, change control, and service requests.
See how our commuunity management software bridges business and IT and brings simple incident management to complex application development environments.
Individual policies are included for Blog, BYOD, electronic communications, Sensitive information, and Travel and off-site meetings.

The percentage of participants using a structured approach to manage change has grown from 55% to 75%.
It also contains a Business and IT Impact Questionnaire, and several electronic forms included. The reasons ITSM, SOA, and change management have become so important to organizations in recent years are:- More and frequent changes - Change is occurring at an incredible pace in organizations today.
The sheer quantity of changes is increasing, and changes are happening more frequently and faster than ever before.

With such large amounts of change happening, organizations need a better and more structured way to manage the individuals in the organization impacted by all of these changes.- Dynamics of the business environment - With the rapid change in the economic climate, CIOs and their IT organizations are now required to do more with less. I will be happy to order publications from Research and Markets again if the situation arises.

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