The graph below shows the monthly breakdown of tickets, by the three main types of records raised, logged by our customers within the ITS Service Management tool - ServiceNow. To confirm, an Incident refers to when something is broken or not working as designed, a Service Request relates to provision of additional items(such as access to a printer) and Information is when the customer needs guidance or advice about a service we provide. It can be seen that the general trend shows the volume of Service Requests is increasing significantly as more services are provided (for example Wireless across campus and residences), whilst the volume of incidents has remained steady.
The graph below shows the monthly breakdown of high priority incidents logged with IT Services. The trend is showing a steady decline, indicating fewer high prioirity incidents and hence, IT outages significantly affecting the University, are being encountered.

The graph below shows the number of Problem records opened by IT Services within the IT Service Management tool to investigate the underlying cause of incidents affecting our customers. The table below breaking down the volume of planned changes made to the Services ITS provide and the success rate in their implementation. If you need something outside the standard services provided by IT Services, our Business and Service Analysis Team might be able to help. The figures indicate a consistent level of problems being identified and investigated to fix incidents permanently to prevent their reoccurrence.
The annual trend shows a gradual increase in such closures, which has plateaued and slightly decreased recently.

This is primarily due to a stronger line being taken in not closing problem records unless a root cause is found and fixed.

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