Description: A beacon of peace and light in these dark times, the Jedi Meditation reflects the values and tranquility (as well as the outward appearance) of the Jedi Temple that was once the center of Jedi activity for the entire galaxy.
When this TCG loot card is redeemed for an in-game structure, you receive this Jedi Meditation Temple to place in your galaxy. An unusually passionate Jedi yet also a great advisor to many, Thon believed that understanding the tension between light and dark, in one's own self and in the universe, was key to being a Jedi. His near-unparalleled knowledge of the Force cleansed the planet Ambria of a host of Sith spirits, allowing the planet to bear life again. Many prefer the latitude and freedom of the Jedi of the past, feeling disturbed at the idea of an authoritarian Council. In this time of darkness, they argue, the Jedi must not forget the respect and understanding for all life that is central to their Order's beginnings.

This is often exemplified in the teachings of the Living Force - a philosophy of connecting with other beings, relying on one's instincts, and constantly focusing on the present moment. Though a skilled warrior, Baas was a teacher and instructor to many in a variety of arts, dedicating himself to strengthening the Jedi Order from within, that it would better face potential future crises.
They see the Jedi Code as a means to an end, in order to hear the Force's will as clearly as possible, through instincts and visions.
Many feel that narrowing the interpretation of the Jedi Code and tying the Jedi to specific centres of training will shackle the Jedi Order's ability to face the changing tides of future events.
The ancient philosophy of the Unifying Force is the basis for these views - to see the Force as a presence behind the galaxy, subtly guiding all, and that the Dark Side is just one more current in a river that would lead to a benevolent outcome. An intensely disciplined man, it was felt by many that he exemplified all that was noble in the Jedi through his deep commitment to Jedi ideals.

In all that he did - lightsaber combat, battle, the study of the Force, the application of diplomacy - he excelled through his supreme focus.
Many of them feel that the scattered, decentralised Jedi Order of the past was a mistake, and that to face the threat of the Sith Empire, the Jedi must come together and codify their beliefs and training. As servants of the Force, those that follow these ideas believe it is their duty to combat the Dark Side above all, for a galaxy with the Dark Side firmly in balance will finally become peaceful.In the current climate of war, many Jedi have begun to agree.

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