He was conceived in the summer of 2008 after his mother and father had a one-night stand at band camp. At one point, Ricky's biological father, Bob Underwood asked Ricky to illegally sell John before he was born, for $100,000. In the series finale, Amy leaves to go to New York for college, leaving John and Ricky to live in the apartment above the butcher shop. She states she loves Ricky, but is not in love with him, and agrees to remain friends to raise John. Clementine is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 5. Clementine works at the coffee joint on the college campus where Ricky, Jack, and Adrian all go to school. When Jack asks Ricky to introduce him to her, Ricky gets defensive and says no, despite the fact that Jack finds her attractive, but Ricky says that Clementine is like a sister to him. Later, Clementine tells Adrian off in regards to Ricky, and Adrian says that she's no longer interested in Ricky, because she's dating Omar.

At a study session with Amy, Ricky, Grace and Jack, Clementine shows because Ricky wanted her to meet Amy and John at first Amy doesn't want Clementine to come over but she eventually gives in. Adrian and Jack ask if Ricky have sex with Clementine but Ricky says that she is like a sister to him and that when they were living together they were too young. In the episode Untying the Knot, Adrian reveals to Clementine that Ricky and Amy are not married and that Ricky can be with her, she is surprised by this and leaves without saying a word. She returns in When Bad Things Happen to Bad People where she talks to Ricky about her letter to him, she felt that is was stupid to tell him about her love for him, but Ricky says its fine and asked if she meant it which she says yes.
He is also the paternal grandson of Bob and Nora Underwood and maternal grandson of George and Anne Juergens, as well the nephew of Ashley Juergens, who named him, and Robert Scott Johnson. When a pimp walks into the coffee shop and starts hassling Adrian, Clementine helps her and tells him to back off and calls the cops.
She then writes a letter to Ricky saying she was in love with him and took years to find him, and wishes him the best.

Then Ricky talks to Clementine at the coffee shop, while even though he appreciate that she told him, he turns her down saying they will never be together, even if he and Amy break up, saying it will take years to get over Amy, and wishes to stay friends with her, which she sadly accepts. With the help of Adrian and her father, Ruben, they were able to put Bob back in jail for a parole violation. During the school day, he stays at the church daycare where his mother works after school hours.
It is told that in between Jack and Grace's breakup, Jack slept with Clementine, most likely out of vengeance.

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