Journal of Organizational Change Management (JOCM) provides alternative philosophies for organizational change and development. International and interdisciplinary in its approach, the journal offers a wealth of valuable material to the organization committed to the choice for change. JOCM publishes papers which offer a detailed analysis and discussion on the philosophies and practices which underpin successful organizational change, thus building a more promising future for the societies and organizations of tomorrow.

Economic climates, political trends, changes in consumer demands, management policy or structure, employment levels and financial resources - all these elements are constantly at play to ensure that organizations clinging on to static structures will ultimately lose out.
It encourages the exploration of philosophies including critical theory, postmodernism and poststructuralism and is interested in qualitative analyses of change, discourse and change practices. Already acknowledged as a leading publication in the field, it presents contributions from distinguished practitioners, thinkers and academics in the field; so that implementing change in your organization will be workable, desirable, and above all, effective.

But change is a dynamic and alarming thing - this journal addresses how to manage it positively, so that employees give their support and the positive goals set are worked towards with enthusiasm.

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