Two videos that came across social media this week shared a related lesson about what can be learned from living through a difficult period: confidence. Having a wife who is British, and who occasionally receives gifts emblazoned with the slogan (or one of the numerous variations), I found the video quite interesting. Gladwell relays the very real lesson that living through a traumatic experience can end up emboldening the survivors. As applied to the purposes of this blog, this lesson is bore out in the family experiences of having a child with Down syndrome.
Mark Leach on For medical elites, prenatal testing for Down syndrome is to allow for abortionrenatelindeman on For medical elites, prenatal testing for Down syndrome is to allow for abortionnaomi on How accurate is the new blood test for Down syndrome?Jennifer on How accurate is the new blood test for Down syndrome?Mark Leach on How accurate is the new blood test for Down syndrome?
But, I found it doubly interesting as it appeared on Facebook the day after I watched a video of Malcolm Gladwell explaining the effect the Blitz had on Londoners, which is surprising, as well.

What Gladwell relays are the results of a psychological study done on Londoners who lived through the Blitz.
This same result is seen in entrepreneurs who are successful precisely because they failed before.
There are a lot of good stories out there, and they're increasing in number every year May 5, 2016 12:03 amWhat are the odds that you are having a child with Down syndrome? Underdogs, like those with a disability, offer new knowledge because of the experience of being an underdog or disabled, not in spite of being an underdog or disabled. What it found was that those who were fortunate to avoid being impacted by the bombs actually gained confidence through the Blitz.
The diagnosis is not expected and upends the dreams the expectant mother had for that child.

It was one of three posters commissioned by the British Government during World War II, but it was the only one never actually displayed during the War. The more the bombs fell and the more the sirens sounded to go to bomb shelters, and the more those Londoners avoided the bombs, the more confident they grew that they weren’t going to get hit by the bombs. That those with a perceived learning disability actually succeed due to the strategies they devise to compensate for their labeled disability causes Gladwell to question whether disability is a misunderstanding of simply a different way of living in this world. So much so, that some families ultimately were ignoring the sirens and did not seek refuge in the bomb shelters–figuring, well, they had survived so many other raids, they would survive this one.

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