We offer Kundalini Yoga, Conscious Clubbing, Days of Presence, and more, all designed to elevate you! Enliven your passion, anchor the wisdom of Gaia~ Earth into the body, dance your prayers to Great Spirit and Mother Earth, tap into the Earth as a power point, release blockages from the body and dance into your abundant life force energy. Awaken your kundalini (shakti) life force energy through Chakra Dance and bring your full body consciousness into the chakras of the body to release the blockages of past negative programming and to reinstate what it is that you want to create in your life.
In this session I utilize the chakra system and grounding energy to open your creativity, strengthen your will power, open the heart, express your truth, and help you envision your purpose. Let me guide your experience in balancing the inner masculine and feminine and healing the duality within, unifying body and spirit and dancing the energies of Shiva and Shakti into union, in a beautiful, improvisational dance experience. Get centered in the heart and release the judgments, dance into your sensuality and allow the body to breathe into its naturalness of pleasure and delight.
Sign up for InspireZine!Sign up for your chance to win a FREE healing session of your choice via phone or skype. Connect to the wisdom of the Earth, awaken your spirit and get inspired to embody your aliveness by enhancing your mind, body, spirit. Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages, experience and fitness levels.
Leyolah Antara is a transformational guide, ecstatic dance facilitator and has been a practitioner and teacher of the inner tantras for over 22 years. She has also produced two interactive Chakra Journey CD’s both with instructional booklets, teaching manuals and is the author of Kundalini Dance, A guidebook for Ecstatic Awakening available on Amazon from Feb 2014. Leyolah’s work reflects the richness of her own lived experience and she shares practical ways of cultivating shakti and transforming whatever holds you back from fully expressing your full soul potential. Leyolah offers both private one on one sessions, and private retreats as well as group workshops and classes in kundalini dance, sacred sexuality for woman and men at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre, 110 Argyle St, Nth Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Tara’s passion and purpose is to assist people to discover their true essence and Divine presence.
Tara is currently offering Kundalini dance classes in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Kiama, Canberra, as well as, retreats and festivals in Australia and New Zealand. Following her spiritual path for the last 20 years has led Yvonne to become a traditional Usui Reiki Master, skilled Tantric Relationship and Sexuality Coach and a passionate Kundalini Dance facilitator. Through her desire to assist people in gaining insight to their patterns and behaviour, Yvonne creates and holds a deep sense of presence, trust and integrity in all her work and believes in walking her own talk.
Yvonne has traveled around the World speaking at sexuality conferences and facilitates mixed and single sex workshops and retreats.
I love creating a sacred space for you to go within, reconnect deeply with your passion and wisdom, and awaken the pathways for you to move into the fullness of your being. Mark has a natural ability to use the medium of dance to reach the ecstacy, and has been dancing all his life. Through Mark’s extensive personal experience with his own training and practice, and guiding others he is one of the leading experts in the UK using the power of the Kundalini and chakra system for healing and transformation.
Mark also runs ‘Kundalini Fire Dance’ journeys out in woodland, using shamanic drumming, ritual, dance and fire to honour the seasons and accelerate personal liberation at the eight points of the wheel of the old calendar.
Mark is pioneering ‘Conscious Clubbing’  in the UK, alcohol, drug free dance events with uplifting positive energy and super foods. In 2015, heeding the inner calling, Natalie travelled to other side of the world to train intensively in Kundalini Dance, directly with its founder Leyolah Antara. She began to remember her ancient lives as a priestess and temple dancer, and keeper of the sacred Feminine Mysteries.
Natalie currently teaches at Om Studios in Nottingham UK, which is a Holistic Wellness Centre that she and her husband run together.  Whilst currently based in Nottingham, Natalie would also love to take Kundalini Dance to other locations within the UK!
Aote is a yogini, mystic poetess, playful trickster, and a lover & adventurer of wild open spaces.
Ursa Gorsak has been a passionate student of feminine spirituality and human creative potential for over 10 years. After learning, studying and dancing many different types of ecstatic dance for many years, I have found nothing compares to Kundalini Dance.
Kundalini Dance is a deep purification process that has helped me release my original anger trigger and past life traumas. Dance has played an essential role in my life in terms of personal healing and integration and has become a primary spiritual practice to me that I am increasingly present to in my adult life. Augustus Keala Young is a life-long student of facilitation arts; a regenerative practitioner and whole system designer, with a foundation as yoga teacher, bodyworker, Kundalini Dance Facilitator, eco-educator and Heart Circle facilitator. His practice is based in Portland, Oregon and in the Columbia River Gorge in White Salmon, Washington.
Yarah Sutra empowers people to embrace life, embody love, and fearlessly live their most alive, authentic self.
While a devoted Kundalini Dance Priestess this practice penetrated her being like a force of divine light and still radiates in the depths of her work. I knew this work was in my bones at a deep level and traveled to find Leyolah Antara in Canada and received my certification in 2012, which was quite the journey (on so many levels). Kaitlyn has been dancing, connecting to spirit and activating her ecstatic nature all her life. The opportunity to dive within the dance so completely, on her own unique personal journey of awakening, has helped to shape Kaitlyn. In 2007, Kaia set out on a journey to California to train with Leyolah Antara, the founder of Kundalini Dance. Christy Greenwood is a healing artist, alchemist and transformation specialist offering e-courses, a variety of deeply nurturing bodywork modalities and Transformational Dance Journeys. She is passionate about playing music, dancing, transformation, motherhood, connection and creative embodiment and expression. Jules (Julie Emmerson) is the co-creator of MahaDevi design clothing, a certified Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator, dancer, traveler, creatrix of sacred space and yogi. Olivia~Fire Phoenix Dancer has always been moved by dance, but one day, embraced by her wild woman spirit, she liberated her body-mind-spirit from all restrains of choreography, shaking the rules and confines of performance dance out of the cells of her body. My spiritual exploration was accelerated during the time I had the blessing to care for and work with dolphins. I take great pleasure and honour from the privilege to share yoga and kundalini dance with others. Shoshana is an international Kundalini Dance Facilitator, Somatic Yoga Teacher, Coach and Speaker. Connecting and embodying inspiration, wonder and joy in her life, Martine is a conscious event planner, intuitive artist and writer, shamanic practitioner and Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

She offers weekly Kundalini Dance classes and workshops in and around Vancouver, BC and Southern Alberta. Vireo, “Dancing Pleasure Goddess TM” has been inspiring and empowering women, for over 6 years now, thru her “Be Surrendered to the Dance of Life” coaching programs and thru her weekly Healing Dance Therapeutic groups which have their roots in Kundalini Dance (certified facilitator May 2008). Nicole Lawton is a committed spiritual midwife who truly wants to assist in your growth and awakening. Krysteen is a Kundalini Dance Facilitator who is currently facilitating in Ontario Canada. Since the age of 12 she knew she was supposed to be on the path of helping people heal through dance. Krysteen facilitates Kundalini Dance at The Paul Morin gallery at the Alton Mill in Caledon Ontario.  The gallery is a sacred space with shamanic art and a pond view. Kala Shekinah is from Australia and is now living and breathing temple, ceremony, prayer and life in Bali, Indonesia where she is following her passion as a Priestess, Poetess, designer and sacred artisan of many mediums with her Eternal line of clothing and jewelry and other collaborations. Kala has been activating in the Kundalini Dance ray since 2002, assisting many workshops, 7 week journeys with Leyola Antara on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay and the first teacher training in 2005. However this seemingly commonly woven tapestry that she could perceive and sense was not fully gratified within the academic field and so the exploration gradually was taken to a much more internal dialogue.
At a great turning point, when something wanted to awaken inside of her, she came across Kundalini Dance, and completed her facilitator training in Bali February 2015.
Having awakened this dormant life force within herself, she has expanded her creativity and connection with spirit and is doing Tarot Card Readings, and is also running a centre that offers more alternative healing journeys on the island of Cyprus.
She is trained as a mental health nurse and as a shamanic counsellor and works in the Health Care industry where she inter-weaves her clinical practise and knowledge with her intuitive wisdom in order to promote deep, holistic, and transformative experiences for her clients. Patricia is also a natural dance healer who’s been dancing for ‘many lives’ and loves to express herself as a woman, and as a healer-teacher, through the power of dance. As she is a very sensual dance healer who deeply embodies the juicy fiery Shakti that is at the core of Kundalini Dance, Patricia has the gifts and skills, the personal experiences, and the intuition and dedication to teach women how to reconnect with their sensuality, womb wisdom and divinity through the power of Kundalini Dance. With all these beautiful tools, Liz creates a magical sacred ceremonies where people receive the benefits from de Kundalini Dance, the blessing from the Deeksha and the medicine energy form the Great Fire. Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. By releasing long standing emotional blockages we can once again re-establish our passion and vibrancy for life through this sensual Shakti Dance.
It has been taught world-wide since 1992 and there are over 33 active facilitators teaching in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Mexico, Bali and Europe with more and more facilitators being trained each year. When aroused through the dance, Kundalini Shakti moves softly and sensually through your body and soul, inspiring the dancer to return to authenticity and vulnerability. We can feel the universal energies of the Divine Masculine as the light of pure consciousness, a clear crystalline presence that brings clarity of mind, mental focus and higher consciousness. Her work is deeply transformative and supports practitioners to embrace the spiritual  growth opportunities available to them through their sexual relationships. It has taken her all over the world to teach retreats and workshops and she has trained over 70 facilitators, in Australia and North America. He is currently writing her second book, “ Longing For Union” That explores a new paradigm for tantric sexual relationships as an alchemical crucible for transformation and union with the Divine. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 22 years of deeply journeying in the arena of tantric shamanic dance and holding space for deep transformation.
Having studied with some of the most unique teachers around the world over the past 20 years.
She embodies the work that she teaches as she has journeyed deeply through her own transformational awakening using these tools. Bringing all aspects of their Being into alignment so they may shine and share their gifts with the world. With her down to earth approach to life and a healing sense of humour she is dedicated to and supportive of anyone who wants to walk with her on their journey of discovery and evolution. She is passionate about promoting her message of celebrating our uniqueness to create love peace and harmony within.
Daughter of an Italian recreational-muso and an alternative Zimbabwean physio she grew up shifting locations and languages at various points in her life which brought up challenges in self expression. When she discovered salsa she rejoiced in her ability to connect, not only with the music, but also to drop into her feminine surrender and connect sensually with the masculine in the safety of a dance form. In 2005 he trained as a certified ‘Kundalini Dance’ teacher with Leyolah Antara in and around Byron Bay, Australia.
He qualified as a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with 3HO in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India in 2005. She finally understood what this power was, that she had always  known she held deep inside of her. Natalie is passionate about her path of growth, learning, transformation and embodiment of Shakti. She is highly skilled at creating and holding a high vibrational sacred space for the group.
She inspires others to experience serenity within their own skin and open to sensualizing the rivers of energy within the bodymind. She intuitively weaves together authentic movement, feminine spiritual embodiment practices, visualization, and ceremony to create deeply transformational, safe and playful journeys.
Becoming a Facilitator of Kundalini Dance in 2007 was an initiation into my own power and responsibility as a guide for shamanic dance and movement therapy and I am so deeply honored to share these gifts to assist in the compassionate liberation and healing of others.
Her life has been a deep exploration through sexual abuse, shame, self-destruction, and severe depression.
She is a multi-talented activated light being; a technician of ecstasy, Kundalini Dance facilitator, Kundalini Yoga teacher, ceremonial priestess, massage therapist, soul retrieval and core emotional light worker. She is effective at guiding people to uncover their core belief patterns that limit their capacity to fulfill their highest potential. She enjoys helping others access their inner healer to transform their lives, overcome addictions, depression, anxiety and grief. She has a grounded and loving perspective from which she provides space for others to dance freely and, offers inspiration to follow one’s own exceptional journey. In her classes she brings a nurturing presence and playful spirit to engage and inspire others to connect with their own joy, passion and authentic selves. Through trance dance, breath-work, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within.
In fall of 2009, she was initiated into the advanced level of Sekhem, a channeled form of living light energy bodywork with roots from the high temples of Egypt. She loves to weave the revolutionary Kundalini Dance tools with yoga and however the creative pulse moves through her in a dance journey. She loves to inspire others to anchor into who they really are at the core of their being and support them in the remembrance of their unique gifts.
Based in Vancouver, BC, she tours the music and art festival circuit in the summer time and travels during the winter, visiting conscious community around the globe.

Called to inspire deeper connection with ourselves, our body, and each other, she creates powerful, safe, space for authentic expression and transformational exploration.
She believes self-love, heart-centered connection and transformational-growth flourish when in union with sacred connection and authentic expression.
She is a kundalini dance facilitator, a Registered Massage Therapist, Chakra Yoga Teacher, Maitri Breathwork Facilitator and Minister of Prayer.  Nicole is pioneering community gatherings and spiritual awareness in the South Okanagan. Dance always provided her a protective vortex where she was truly free  to open up to her body and essence. Each dance an opportunity to vibrate higher and radiate brighter, dancing in the shadow and coming into the light.
Now having lived in Ubud, Bali Indonesia for the last 2 years where the ecstatic dance floors, breathing, spirits of this land and water temples has been her church and inner connection she is being called to wider service again.
Here a whole new world opened up, participating in shamanic ceremonies in Cyprus, Guatemala and travelling now to expand her relationship to her inner world. She identifies herself as a natural born mystic who has been consciously following her spiritual path since she was 12 years old. Consequently, Patricia has learnt how to utilise the ‘gifts’ that understanding that aspect of our personality has, and she has developed the ability to guide those who come to her through their darkness without fear, in order to help them find their own answers and precious gifts so that they can live a more enriched and empowered life.
Her passion for dance guided her into her first Kundalini Dance Session where the dance awaked her gifts and since then her spiritual and healing path took her on the journey of becoming a Kundalini Dance Facilitator. She came back to her hometown Mexico where she received the Divine Blessing called Deeksha, becoming a Deeksha Giver. Izhaja iz Kundalini joge kot je uA?il Yogi Bhajan in temelji na spoznanjih, ki jih je skozi vrsto let plesanja in pouA?evanja razvila Sara Avtar Olivier iz Velike Britanije. Each facilitator is unique in how she or he carries the keys of Kundalini Dance within them, but the depth and essence of the work carries through each one. When the two polarities merge within, the dancer is opened to deeper connection with the highest possibility of life, love and community. Leyolah will guide you into the often unchartered area of your shadows and support you to liberate that energy so that you can awaken your power and purpose. She shares simple tools and skills that can be used in everyday life, bringing a natural state of balance. She is also a photographer and artist, published co-author of the book ‘Heart of the Flower – the book of yonis’ and is currently building a Kundalini dance community in Brisbane. Nemone has over 8 years experience as a Kundalini Dance Facilitator, jumping in for the first ever Kundalini Dance facilitator Training with Leyolah Antara in Australia.
Since then she has immersed herself in array of sensual partner dances (eg bachata, merengue, kizomba, zouk-lambada) as well as exploring solo dance forms such as belly dancing, dancehall, reggaeton, and afro-contemporary all of which helped expand her range of movement and, in doing so, also helped her shine in many other aspects of her life. Mark is the most acknowledged Kundalini Yoga teacher serving Wales and the South West of England.
She lives in town of Mendocino on the beautiful coast of Northern California, where she offers one-day events for women and 7 weeks long transformational journeys thru the chakras. She focuses the brilliance of this combined wisdom and her natural abilities to successfully help thousands of people heal, claim their power, and move from victim to the hero of their own story.
Snow deepest hearts desire is to help others become more embodied in their breath, free in their movements, and wild in their authentic creative expression. Kaitlyn’s intention as the dance Facilitator is to impart tools for personal evolution, and wisdom, that supports others to be empowered on their own lifes’ paths. She feels blessed everyday to be able to share this path of ecstatic embodiment that has had such a transformational impact on her life. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being. She offers dance journeys and bodywork on Vancouver Island, British Columbia where she lives with her family in the forest. She has experienced tremendous healing through the tools of Kundalini Dance and is honored to share the work.  She holds a save space of unconditional love. She gets immense gratification spreading this beautiful healing medicine, where one can explore their true potential and depth through dance, enhancing all areas of their lives.
May your heart glow golden, may you feel deeply and may you awaken beautiful places within you that you never new existed.
Luna soon realised that dancing was not only a way of opening, reaching out to connect and of expressing joy, but also a way of healing wounds and delving deeply to dance through the more tender emotions. She had visions of awakening the feminine power within others simply through vibrational resonance from her own awakened power.
As an embodied catalyst and all around divine badass; she is the transformation expert that you want on your team.
Snow facilitates Kundalini Dance in Hawaii and Alaska and leads Wilderness Therapy adventures for women in Hawaii and Alaska.
She is currently facilitating Kundalini Dance, Ecstatic Dance and DJing on Salt Spring Island, BC and is happy to travel to bring the dance to you. Feeling that spirit wants us to play, sing, dance and celebrate she likes to infuse this energy into her classes. She is a teacher of Theta Healing and other things since 2004 and has worked with Geometric Dance Lynx, Temple Dance, Shakti Dance and holds the codes of this ancient connection.
Kala assists the collective field in sacred ways with the masters and guidance she is connected to.
Australia is where Luna began her spiritual awakening and Kundalini Dance helped her to combine all these therapeutic modalities. Often called a social butterfly, Luna’s adventurous spirit often takes her to foreign lands and she even runs series in Glasgow…but for the time being, Melbourne is beckoning her to call it Home.
From the first dreaming of the intention of the session, to the creation of the music flow, each step is a sacred offering to the Divine.
Kaia also uses shamanic drumming and energetic channeling in the facilitation of the KD sessions.

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