Pyramid Valley is an international meditation centre that houses the world’s largest meditational pyramid. Nestled in the middle of a serene and lush green valley and surrounded by rocky hills on all sides the Pyramid Valley is an ideal place for meditation and relaxation. The meditation centre is managed, operated and run by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India), a central organization body of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. The path that leads from the entrance to the Pyramid is surrounded by beautiful rocks, soothing water bodies, beautiful gardens and a calm atmosphere. The centre is spacious enough to accommodate about 5000 people who can meditate comfortably inside the pyramid at any single moment.
The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid is a beautiful structure that stands tall at a height of 102 ft. The north face of the pyramid depicts air, the south face depicts fire, and the east face depicts water elements while the west face depicts the earth. Entry to the meditation centre is free of cost for everyone as the trust does not charge any amount as entry fee from the visitors. The Pyramid Valley is located at Kebbedoddi village that lies to the south of Bangalore, at a distance of just 35 km from the heart of the city.

It is a centre dedicated to the quest for self-realization among individuals, societies and organizations and in their journey for attainment of spiritual wisdom. It was established with the vision that it would serve as a common platform for the spiritual leaders and masters from all over the world to collaborate for love, peace and harmony across the world in the shortest possible time. The centre conducts various workshops, seminars and classes on the Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality. The mystical valley is situated in the lap of nature, in an environment that is completely devoid of pollution and noise.
There is a statue of the Buddha in a peaceful meditative pose right at the entrance of the pyramid.
The pyramid is a place of high energy where one can practise intense meditation without any sort of disturbance.
From Harohalli local means of transport like auto rickshaw are easily available for reaching the Pyramid Valley. The pristine beauty of the campus is enhanced by various elements of nature such as natural rocks, water bodies, hills and a pleasant weather.
Taxis and hired vehicles are also available for commuting the distance between Bangalore and the Pyramid Valley.

It is one of the rare places where a visitor can sit quietly and feel one with nature or learn a new life skill in the pleasant surroundings.
This pyramid has been constructed on the principles of the world famous pyramid of Giza and is oriented in the north-south direction. The pyramid has the golden angle of inclination at 52° 51’ and the King’s Chamber is located at the centre at one-third of the height of the pyramid.
The beauty of the outer surface of the pyramid is enhanced by beautiful murals that depict various elements of nature.
The base of the pyramid is made of concrete cement while the rest of the structure is made of steel.

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