Stuck > Under The Fountain > Gears Puzzle (but No Pipeline Puzzle Like Walkthrough)? Help young adventurer Laura Jones and her grandmother discover Nikola Tesla’s greatest invention! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document starts with a complete menu to allow you to jump to whatever stage you need help with. There are eight globes, number them 1 through 8, beginning with the first globe on the far left. Keeping the first globe in its position, Australia is in the lower left corner; click and drag the seventh globe to the second position.
After you have collected all the missing pieces, click and drag the sim card over the phone body. Gather all of the objects listed on the right side; as you collect items, more will appear in the list. The second brick and magnet are hidden in the grass under the bush, second from the right of the gate. Place the red brick on the ground to the left of the gate, and then place the gray one on top. First, collect the screwdriver to the left of the camera and drag it over the red and grey wheel just above it. To get the ball to the center of the maze, click and hold the mouse while moving the ball bearing through the maze.
Hint: If you are having trouble controlling the ball bearing, only turn the wheel slightly to keep it moving slowly. When you click on the beaded necklace, circled in purple in the screenshot, it will fall apart.
Use the screenshot for the locations of the beads, circled in purple, and the next five items, circled in red.
Put one tea bag in each cup and drag the water kettle over them to fill each one with hot water. Untangle the strings, by dragging the lights around, so that they do not cross each other.. In the first puzzle, you can achieve this by first moving the top most middle light (1 in the screenshot) to the outside of the lower left light (2 in the screenshot). Next, drag the lower right light (3 in the screenshot) to the outside of the current top left light (4 in the screenshot.).
Drag the top left light (1 in the screenshot) to the middle of the upper four lights at the left (6, 7, 8, and 5 in the screenshot). Drag the lower left light (3 in the screenshot) to the middle of the four lower right lights (7, 8, 5, and 4 in the screenshot). Drag the currently left-most light (2 in the screenshot) to the middle of the current positions of 7, 8, 2, and 3, in the screenshot.
Drag the light that is currently furthest to the left (2 in the screenshot) to the other side of the light just to its left (7 in the screenshot).. Collect the pot stand, pot, garden shears, trowel, wire cutters, and watering can, all circled in red on the screenshot. Drag the trowel over the dirt, circled in purple in the screenshot, and place it in the pot. Drag the garden shears over the wire ball, circled in purple in the screenshot, and place the wire in the pot. Drag the garden shears over the vine hanging on the building, circled in purple in the screenshot, and place the vine on the wire in the pot. Move the crystal catcher around by clicking on the screen until you have captured all of the crystals.

Find the shapes outlined in the inventory box, and they will automatically be placed on the jacket.
In this scene some of the bugs are stationary, three become stationary, one is hidden, and the rest are constantly moving. For all of the mobile bugs the purple circles in the screenshot show the original locations of the bugs. Click on the fortuneteller’s stomach and collect another key; place it in one of the keyholes, and then place the gear inside. Hold the mouse key down over the gear again and turn it to open his mouth, revealing another key.
From the beginning formation, wherein the middle lights on both sides are on and the top and bottom of both sides are off, click the middle key on the left side of the screen. Click on the Roman numerals in the left and right bottom corners until they read VII and V to acquire the crystal ball.
The cage door is located on the crate in the lower middle of the scene (see the screenshot).
Locate the frame for the net to the left of the scene (see the screenshot for its location). To complete this stage you will need to place the different size bells on the scale until it is balanced.
Place three medium bells and one small bell across the bottom tier, with the small one at the far right. Begin the second tier at the far left; hang one large bell, and then moving right, hang two small bells. In the fourth position from the right, on the second tier, place the green, extra large bell. In this stage you have four pots on the stove into which you will need to add different ingredients; stir and change the temperature. If a pot begins to burn and the burner dial turns red, you will need to click on it to change the temperature.
Click on the basket, circled in purple in the screenshot, and move the items around until you find two gloves and a red string. You will need to collect a straw hat, a pumpkin, a pole, some rope, a bolt, an oilcan, and a shirt. The hat, pole, oilcan, and rope are all located on the red wagon, and the pumpkin is in the wheelbarrow to the right of the scene. To assemble the scarecrow, place the pumpkin on the freestanding pole to the right of the chest, followed by the hat.
Drag the pencil across the notebook located on the right side of the table to reveal the correct order for the zodiac painting. Click on the zodiac painting above the fireplace and rearrange the zodiac symbols as they are shown on the notepad. When all the symbols are in the correct positions, the painting will open to reveal a keyhole. Drag the kindling across the candelabra sitting on the table, to light the candles, and then click on the crystal ball. In the second trial, first click the top right green arrow, followed by the fourth from the top on the left side. Next, click the bottom green arrow on the left side, followed by the third from the top on the right side. In the third and last trial, first click on the green arrow second form the top on the left side, followed by the third from the top on the left side. Locate and collect the soda and the sugar on the table; locate a juice cup hanging over the bar.
Grab the glass of juice and pour it into the martini glass located on the table, and then add the soda.

In order to keep Steve from reaching the outside border, you will need to block his path by surrounding him with objects. Grab the differently-shaped earrings from the inventory list and place them on Steve’s face where they should be.
Rearrange the yellow gears to make a connection between the red and green gears so that they all rotate. Click on the bag that is under the bike seat to collect the wrench, and drag it over the air canister to turn it on. For this purpose we will number the fireworks 1 through 10 beginning with the top row, right to left.
Move each firework and place it in positions 1 through 10, beginning with the far left and working right. Grab the torch and light all of the fireworks by dragging it across the wicks, and you have created a dragon. The first board has six lights, which can be numbered 1 through 6 beginning with the top row left to right. The second screen has nine lights, which we will number 1 through 9, beginning with the top row left to right. Click the sixth light again, and then finish with the ninth light; all the lights should be off. The third and final board has 11 lights, which we will number 1 through 11, beginning with the top row left to right. This will make the frame over the sconce drop, and you will be able to collect the key behind it. Drag the key over the drawer in the dry sink, just below the sconce, and collect the handle from inside. Click on the machine located on the table and spin the crank clockwise until it opens, revealing a key. Click on the tabletop and, while holding down the mouse, spin it clockwise until the top is fully opened. Solve the puzzle on top (to collect a key) by putting the numbers in the correct sequence so that each equation equals the next. Click on the lower right corner of the large shelf between the table and the dry sink, and then insert the key. Following the menu you’ll find the complete Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla game walkthrough organized by stage and featuring annotated screenshots from actual game play! Rotate it back and forth slightly to slow it down, but keep it going in the same direction. Collect the netting above the pink hen house in the bottom right corner, and the wire hanging on the cage with the tied door. Five will hang on the left side of the scale, and four will hang on the right side of the scale. So 1 through 4 are on the top row, 5 through 8 are in the middle row, and 9 and 10 are on the bottom. Collect the vase inside and place it on the wall sconce circled in purple in the screenshot. I did find another screenshot from the walkthrough with what seems to be a gear puzzle just underneath the pipes puzzle. Hint: pay attention to what side the shadow is on when the three moons appear in the center.

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