Learn how to relax and be aware of what you are actually experiencing in the present moment, uncluttered by concepts of what you think things look like or being concerned about producing a good image. Being more aware and mindful in the present moment enables us to take far better photos, so we will learn to practise simple mindfulness meditation before and while taking photos.
For centuries meditators, doctors and healers in eastern traditions have believed that meditation improves health and well-being. While deriving from Buddhist meditation, mindfulness meditation can be practised in a non-religious way by people of any faith or none.
Mindfulness involves being aware of and paying attention to what is happening, as it is happening, in a gentle, accepting way.
Mindful Art activities can nourish us on our journey of personal development, self discovery and self expression.
This Mindful Drawing Workshop is led by qualified art teacher, life coach, practising artist and Buddhist nun Zangmo Alexander. New research from the University of Hertfordshire finds that slow caresses may help develop and maintain a positive sense of self by increasing the brain’s ability to construct a sense of body ownership. This study provides new evidence that interoceptive signals, such as affective touch, play an important role in how the brain learns to construct a mental picture and an understanding of the body, which ultimately helps to create a coherent sense of self.
Decreased sensitivity to and awareness of interoceptive signals, such as affective touch, have been linked to body image problems, unexplained pain, anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

This entry was posted in mind & brain, other stuff, pain relief, stay young and tagged bodily pleasure, body ownership, bulimia, caress, close relationships, sense of self, touch on October 17, 2013 by pilladvised. You can bring either your compact or DSLR camera, but you must understand how to use the controls on your camera. As meditation became increasingly accepted in Europe and America, scientists began to research its effects, with recent findings confirming the benefits for regular practitioners. There are many forms of meditation, and contrary to popular belief you do not have to be able to stop thinking in order to learn to meditate!
This includes noticing our bodily sensations and our experiences of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, moving, thinking and feeling. Zangmo has also been on an 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course with the University of Bangor, and has been studying Mahamudra meditation with Mingyur Rinpoche for 5 years. Loving gestures not only bring pleasure, they can boost a healthy sense of self for your loved ones. Aikaterini Fotopoulou confirmed that slow, light touch is perceived as being more pleasant than fast touch.
If you don't understand how to use your camera, book a private one-to-one photography lesson with me beforehand so that you come prepared! Significant benefits of meditating documented by medical research have been found for many health problems, including heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, immune problems, stress and depression.

Buddhist meditation practices currently being researched include Calm Abiding and Insight, both of which entail practising Mindfulness. Calm Abiding involves learning to relax, settle and focus the mind, resulting in feeling calmer, more centred and aware, more at peace with a greater feeling of well being. For Buddhists, meditation and mindfulness can lead to enlightenment: the permanent cessation of suffering, and waking up to the full realisation of who we really are at the deepest level.
During her two year Masters Degree in Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Design, she explored ways of integrating her own creative and mindfulness practices, and sees the process of art and photo making as part of a spiritual path. With this greater focus one then has the clarity to begin Insight meditation – investigating the nature of mind itself in an experiential, non-academic way. Used as a healing tool in modern health care and therapy, regularly practising mindfulness and meditation have been shown to lessen suffering and improve physical, emotional and mental well being.

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