It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. BrandMill serves the communities in which it does business in a Servant Leadership fashion. BrandMill is a marketing consulting and coaching firm that builds strong brands because we're Pittsburgh strong.
In the heart of downtown Carnegie, our little office sets on the second floor of a quaint building.
Creating Positive Change in the Life Experiences of our Students and Community Members - J.H. Lincoln Elementary’s Outdoor Learning Pavilion is a structure for the students and families of Lincoln Elementary School, our Burr Oaks neighbors, and the larger South Madison community. We believe that the School must offer a positive outdoor space that connects the School and community to each other, and their natural environment.
A special thanks to Findorff’s Project Manager, Jason Jones, for presenting the idea to Findorff and helping the School.

Watch the construction of the Outdoor Learning Lab from the beginning through completion here. Blog written by guest blogger Josie Guiney, teacher at Lincoln Elementary School who came up with the idea for the Outdoor Learning Lab.
They wanted to make a space for community gardeners, staff and students to gather and learn. Our students are increasingly “nature deficient,” which is the ability to find meaning in the life that surrounds us.
It is critical that we provide more context for students’ learning. A focus of the Outdoor Learning Lab is to provide more hands-on work for all students, which will help them academically. The goal of the Outdoor Learning Lab is to connect students, staff, families, and the surrounding communities to sustainability issues. They wanted to provide shade for the Outdoor Learning Lab’s users and receive more hands-on learning. This Outdoor Classroom’s creation has empowered current and recent alums of Lincoln Elementary School by helping them see their planning and hard work come to fruition.

Specifically, we hope to connect students and families to nature through curriculum, create a strong community and school connection, increase students’ academic performance and wellness, as well as raise awareness and involvement around issues of local and global sustainability.
With the help and support of their teachers, their principal, architect Jessica Klehr of Madison College, and the Burr Oaks Neighborhood Association their dreams became a well-researched plan. Research reveals that time spent in the natural world can help build physical and emotional fitness.  Many students experience poverty, homelessness, trauma, and isolation in their lives outside of school. Exposure to natural environments enhances our ability to cope with and recover from stress, illness, and injury. A growing body of evidence links exercise and experience in nature to mental acuity and concentration. This Outdoor Classroom has already helped to create positive change in the life experiences of our students and community members.

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