I like starting off with having God’s word on my mind when talking about a subject that has such a large impact, not only upon marriage, but our lives in general. Now that you all have a reference of what a bad setting is, where is the right setting for learning of sexuality? Get all our latest updates, tips, articles, and more by subscribing to A Biblical Marriage. You will know by your heart burning within as in the Bible story a€?Walk to Emmausa€? ( Read the story in the Bible Luke 24:13-35).
Jesus was known to his friends by the a€?words.a€? Arena€™t a€?wordsa€? part of a language.
Healing is between you and God and no one else unless you choose to call a Christian Science practitioner.
As in all languages there are a€?Figures of Speecha€? so it is with the language of the Comforter or the language of Spirit. Richard Lanham, in his book A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms, a€?The vast pool of terms for verbal ornamentation has acted like a gene pool for the rhetorical imagination, stimulating us to look at language in another way.
Christian Science is the Science of the Christ in the language of the Comforter, God defined as Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul and Principle. An example of a a€?similitudea€? from the Bible would be a€?a€¦by their fruits ye shall know them or in Genesis it says to a€?bear fruit.a€? The word a€? means to bear actual fruit or render a result. An example of a symbol would be the snake in Genesis 2 which is a symbol for evil in all ita€™s subtleness. I just love old Christian Science books because in the front or back sometimes there will be a precious inspiring quote that some one has wrote down from a lecturer or teacher of Christian Science. If Science & Health seems hard to understand, you may need to study your Bible more because just about every statement or every other statement in Science and Health is using some verse or portion of verse from the King James version of the Bible. Through careful study of the Bible and through reason and revelation, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, clearly discerned the nature of God, and defining His nature she uses the seven synonym.
God is the creator of man, and the divine Principle of man remaining perfect, the divine idea or reflection, man remains perfect.
If you dona€™t understand something, think it through and have paper and pencil ready to record what you found. In reading through the Christian Science text book Science & Health you may want to keep a pencil handy to mark the rules. Seeing the Man and Woman of Goda€™s creating means not looking for something wrong with a person but looking for the good.
The Tenets of The Mother Church.pdf are found on pages 15 and 16 of the Christian Science Church Manual and on page 497 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Begin reading Science and Health with Key to the Scripture by Mary Baker Eddy because many people have been healed just by reading this book. Read the last chapter page 600 which are the healings and then start at the beginning on page vii.
Look up words you dona€™t understand or maybe think you have some understanding but want to get a clearer view.
You will know by your heart burning within as in the Bible story a€?Walk to Emmausa€?A  ( Read the story in the Bible Luke 24:13-35).
As in all languages there are a€?Figures of Speecha€? so it is with the language of the Comforter or the language of Spirit.A  Look up each of these words in the dictionary -A A  Allegory, Definitions, Synonyms, Metaphors, Similes, Symbols and Parables.
1.a€?In the whole world of literature, both ancient and modern, figures of speech occupy a foremost place. The story was set around Henry Higgins a phonetics instructor in London, and Eliza Doolittle, an uncouth, lower class British woman taking speech lessons from Him. Not because we don’t want to share them with everyone, rather, because we don’t even know them fully ourselves. I would try very hard to produce lasting fruit and would get burned out, tired of trying, and eventually give up all together. We will be downsizing as we prepare to move to a place that will be completely foreign to both of us. We read books, listen to talk show doctor's on television, and even attend churches in an attempt to feel better about ourselves.
Eddy says a€?In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and named my discovery Christian Science. Eddy, you can find her autobiography, Retrospection and Introspection (Ret or Retro and Intro) in your local Christian Science Reading Room. Eddy says in her own words in the chapter a€?The Great Revelationa€?, Christian Science reveals Mind, the only living and true God, and all that is made by Him, Mind, as harmonious, immortal, and spiritual: the five material senses define Mind and matter as distinct, but mutually dependent, each on the other, for intelligence and existence. In other words, do you want to understand divine Love the language of Spirit to heal yourself? Eddy] had talked about the great need of love in everything we do, a pupil asked, a€?Do you mean love of person?a€™ Mrs.
Check out this Partial List of Healings in Scripture.pdf in the Old and New Testament in the King James Bible. To heal is being a€?Prayed upa€? by studying the Lesson Sermon daily, doing daily identification work and listening to God - inspiration.
This word from the Greek means a€?Divine influence upon the heart, and the reflection in lifea€?.
In one old book this quote was transcribed from a lecture given by Christians Science Practitioner, Lecturer and Teacher Geith Plimmer. These terms can be found in the Glossary of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on page 587: 5. Eddy says this, a€?The procuring cause and foundation of all sickness is fear, ignorance, or sin. Eddy says about Christ Jesus, a€?We have the gospel, however, and our Master annulled the material law by healing contrary to it. The Science of the Christ uses terminology and symbolism to make clear the spiritual ideas or rules. Eddy points out a€?The chief difficulty in conveying the teachings of divine Science accurately to human thought lies in this, that like all other languages, English is inadequate to the expression of spiritual conceptions and propositions, because one is obliged to use material terms in dealing with the spiritual ideas. Eddy is talking about when it comes to thinking and mortal thought - Mortal Mind a€“ a€?brainologya€?. The rules are through out the writings of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to Scripture. Eddy says this about God and his promise, a€?Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.a€? According to the Bible, God promises health, supply, peace of mind, courage, strength, and many other good things. InA  other words, do you want to understand divine Love the language of Spirit to heal yourself?
Eddy] had talked about the great need of love in everything we do, a pupil asked, a€?Do you mean love of person?a€™A  Mrs. The Sacred Scriptures abound in them, because the Hebrew mind delighted in Oriental imagery.
There are over a thousand Bible verses from the Kings James Bible.A  These versesA  are listed in the book The Complete Concordance to the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy and it is also on a CD. I truly believe this society is fearful of teaching their children about what a Godly sexual relationship even is. Part 1}) Last month we looked at the vital leadership role which God has designed for men to carry out within marriage. Often in life we believe God is doing one thing simply to find out He is doing quite another. Back when I believed that my efforts would get me in right standing with God and if I just tried harder to look like my life was in order I would be a good Christian.
Often we read Bible stories of people who have turned away from God and traveled down their own path.
It is during these moments when the Bible pages are flipping back and forth faster than a deck of cards in the hands of a Vegas poker dealer and our thoughts and hearts are completely stimulated by God's Spirit. As we see in the previous verses (Rom 7:23-25), we have victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Just as I was a new creation at the moment of my human birth, I am now a new creation in my spiritual re-birth in Christ Jesus. Often I have thought that if God just sent me a message through an angel, then I would believe what He was about to do in and through me. It doesna€™t matter where you are in your life, whether you are looking for healing of any kind - physical, mental or spiritual. When you take responsibility for your thinking you will live the life that God wants for you.
Retro and Intro can be purchased individually as a small pamphlet or it is part of the book Prose Works. She called for her Bible where she read the story of the paralytic man and got a glimpse of how Christ Jesus healed. Science defines man as immortal, as coexistent and coeternal with God, as made in His own image and likeness; material sense defines life as something apart from God, beginning and ending, and man as very far from the divine likeness.
In the language of the Comforter, God teaches us what to say a€?yesa€? to and what to say a€?noa€? to. The quote reads, a€?As one would expect, scientific Christianity has a textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

She capitalized seven synonyms or seven other names for God and those are Love, Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul. The paragraph opposite reads a€?Divine Science explains the abstract statement that there is one Mind by the following self-evident proposition: If God, or good, is real, then evil, the unlikeness of God, is unreal.
If there ever was a moment when man did not express the divine perfection, then there was a moment when man did not express God, and consequently a time when Deity was expressed a€“ that is, without entity. In Exodus 20 are the Ten Commandments and in Psalms 37:31, it says that a€?the laws are written in our heartsa€?. The elucidations of Christian Science lies in its spiritual sense, and this sense must be gained by its disciples in order to grasp the meaning of this Science. There are many more terms so do your research and look up the words in the Science and Health Concordance.
Now a promise is something like a contract where both parties fulfill the terms of the agreement.
In the language of the Comforter, God teaches us what to say a€?yesa€? to and what to say a€?noa€? to.A  In any science you have to start with the basics like definitions. Reason and revelation do not yield to a dream.A  In the language of the Spirit a€?errora€? is another word for evil, more specifically fear discouragement, worry, hate, age, and etc. Note the Bible verse and Bible terminology she uses within her statement.A  a€?Let this age, which sits in judgment on Christian Science, sanction only such methods as are demonstrable in Truth and known by their fruit, and classify all others as did St. Growing up the only knowledge I had outside my own classmates in elementary school was “Marry a girl that is pure.” Of course I was like “OK! To raise up our children so that in a day and time we can be proud to introduce our children to God. Coming to these verses in Chapter three I think about how easy it is to think it is all about trying harder. I was bound by the expectation that I was supposed to make disciples, live a good clean life, stop sinning etc. They identify with the things of this world and leave God in the distance without a care or concern.
Having the right clothes, driving the right car, and living in the perfect neighborhood are all contributors to how we feel about who we are and what we are all about.
She was healed, got up and walked down the stairs to the astonishment of the people planning her funeral.
Science reveals Life as a complete sphere, as eternal, selfa€?existent Mind; material sense defines life as a broken sphere, as organized matter, and mind as something separate from God. A Practitioner put it this way, a€?To be inspired simply means to be aware of the reality of Goda€™s presence as the only presence, the reality of His power as the only power, and the reality of our individual being as the expression of Goda€™s being. Sometimes you will heal instantaneously and in other cases you will need to heal by a€?argumenta€?.
The more you understand God the more you understand yourself as Goda€™s image and likeness.
So this is symbolism for the sneaky, subtleness of evil thoughts that can make you think the evil thoughts are your thoughts.
Antithesis and parallel embrace all the poetry and no little of theA  prose of both the Old and New Testament.
I truly believe that our fear as parents to involve ourselves in the truth, is that our children are growing up.
It was a once for all event that set men and women free from the need to be righteous by upholding the law. It means that in all things the pleasures and desires of the Lord are always on the rise in my life. If we have everything just so on the outside then we will certainly feel better on the inside. Christian Science is sacred in that healing was what Christ Jesus was teaching by his life. Science reveals Spirit as All, averring that there is nothing beside God; material sense says that matter, His antipode, is something besides God.
Sometimes just a thought, one Truth, in the face of evil will dissipate the evil (Instantaneous healing). The more you understand his deep impersonal spiritual love for you as his child - the a€?agapea€? love. Christian Science is sacred in that healing was what Christ Jesus was teaching by his life.A  Mrs.
I’ll find a pure girl to marry.” Never dawned on me at the time or even as years past to ask what exactly a pure girl looked like. Rather, He is giving us snippets to keep us going and all the while encouraging and deepening our trust and faith in Him. Or as the Apostle Paul states, "put to death." Being a Christian and killing sin is serious business. It was all about me performing in such a way that I pleased God and he would then be accepting of me. But when the question comes to me and I need to answer it, I hope to be able to identify with Peter. The law was never meant for us to use as a way to be righteous, rather, it shows us our unrighteousness and inability to be holy before the Father.
Being one who is in Christ starts with us being transformed and living a new life from our old ways and habits. On occasion I was challenged with thoughts of not wanting to go because of these concerns, but once I arrived, I was filled to the brim with the Love of God and fulfilling His business there. Christ Jesus said, a€?I am the way, the truth, and the life.a€? Christ Jesus showed us how to heal in the Bible and Mrs. Material sense adds that the divine Spirit created matter, and that matter and evil are as real as Spirit and good.a€? (Ret.
The Greek word a€?agapea€? used by Christ Jesus is found in the book of John and implies a love far above the personal sense of love - above what the mortal senses comprehend. So a change in thought from evil thinking to God based thinking comes first in healing although the physical senses may still saying something different.
So starting from about 10 years old everything I learned about sexuality was from friends in elementary school, then on into middle school and high school. Unfortunately some of those ways I doubt many of us would agree upon as an appropriate avenue of education. In our culture today the talk of the blood of the cross, killing sin, or putting ones self to death is offensive and often not discussed. Often we think that if someone flies off to another country and gives up their normal way of living then they must truly be serving God.
Eddy explained how Jesus healed through her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. We know that outcome of understanding God and the rules is healing because when you stick to the Principle of God and live according to his rules you will witness healing. Eddy states, a€?A physical diagnosis of disease a€“ since mortal mind must be the cause of disease a€“ tends to induce disease.a€? So prayer and your desire to know God will result in healing.
Also you will need to purchase the textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scripture by Mary Baker Eddy.
Christ Jesus always prayed everywhere - in the desert, up on a mountain or on a lake going to the Father first. Just accept the little things that you can understand and agree with, and be grateful for them. If you dona€™t have a good Bible Dictionary check out the web page on this site a€?Building Your Own Bible Librarya€? for books you may want to add to your library. Eddy states, a€?A physical diagnosis of disease a€“ since mortal mind must be the cause of disease a€“ tends to induce disease.a€?A  So prayer and your desire to know God will result in healing. Dona€™t believe that you are a mortal that must till the ground as Adam was told he must do.A  You are image. Since I'm just a regular guy and have a basic understanding of words and sentences, it takes me a bit of an effort to see some of the nuances in the scriptures. When I realize that my role in reaching lost people is not about them and all about God, it completely changes the way I look at it. The most clear instruction came during a devotional we had on about the 10th day of our trip.
She did not discuss the book she was writing but she went out and healed through inspiration of God. In other words, ask yourself, a€?who or what is influencing my life?a€? Is it God and his goodness or is it matter like drugs, sex, or some other kind of matter based influence.
Where does a thought begin but in your thinking.A  So where does God come to you but in your thinking. I scratch my head trying to hear what God is speaking to me and once in awhile I have that "a-ha" moment. So the one thing I have done to revolutionize my time and organize my thoughts is to answer a few questions in the form of a journal template.
He calls himself a "wretched man." Now that doesn't sound like the most famous evangelist known to man. It is turning to God and recognizing that peace and Love are right there where the problem seems to be.

You can verify this by reading the last chapter of the book where there are testimonies of people who have been healed of many diseases beginning on page 600. Christian Science is the a€?Comfortera€? that is the prophecy spoken by Christ Jesus, the full and final revelation, the language of Spirit. Her mother was a very spiritual woman and she even new that before Mary was born she was carrying a special child. We have the ability to travel the state and all around the nation and marvel at the beauty of creation. Start with the seven synonyms by looking up each in the dictionary so you getting a better understand of each. So when her daughter heard her name called several times her mother told her to answer as Samuel did.A  Mrs. It is what separates us from the Father and thankfully Jesus gave us way to be forgiven by being killed for our sin. I learned that Christ came to set me free from performance Christianity and called me to rest in Him. But, I see that the acts of service that many of us call "serving God" are really just a response rather than what the Bible teaches us about serving God.
Eddy discovered Christian Science is the year 1866 that coincides with the prophecy in the Bible in the book Daniel which dates the year of 1866.
And not only did he take the punishment of death on our behalf, he was raised again on the third day. They are indicated in the Bible, and through the Christian Science textbook, which is the key to the Scriptures, their full meaning is revealed.
Rom 1:22-25 tells us that in our foolishness we have exchanged the immortal God for images resembling mortal man, birds, an other things.
He doesn't enlist a man or woman to go forth because He can not get a task accomplished without them. He understood that apart from Christ he was nothing but a wretched sinner deserving the condemnation of God. The first step for deciding where you want to go is to pray and ask the Lord for clear direction.
We have exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worship the creation rather than the creator. If you answered today with Peter, "you are the Christ" - then how are you living your life?
John the Baptist is born and his entire life is spent heralding the good news of the coming Messiah. His value didn't come from his possessions, his status with the churches he served, or even his knowledge. Prove what you are reading by thinking about it, by pondering, and reaching an understanding. As you read through this chapter and see all the sins we are to put to death it can be overwhelming. When we begin to understand that Christ is our source for all that we are, the fountain will never run dry. The blessings that were coming to me through the Holy Spirit while serving in Uganda was far more satisfying than what my everyday toil was and is bringing me. The command to make disciples can be in our neighborhood, workplace, families, or wherever we are every day. Jesus tells us that if we confess Him as Lord and are his disciples then we are to pick up our cross and follow Him. So to serve Him really isn't about going out and doing something to show God and others how faithful we are to Him. It took me a year to read Science and Health because I was working full time, taking pilots training in the morning, and ground school at night falling into bed reading only one or two pages of Science and Health at night.
Put to death all that is earthly, sexual immorality, passions, evil desires, slander, anger, malice and on and on. We have kids and extended family that we love and cherish the relationships we have with them. Serving Him is simply submitting your life to Him and seeking after the truth of the Gospel message in your life no matter where you are at.The Gospel is as much for the saint as it is for the sinner. When we look at the message of Paul to the Romans, in chapter one he is explaining to the brothers and sisters in the church that he is eager to preach the gospel to them. When we place our value in the cross of Christ, the things we seek of this world for our sense of worth become vain idols.
I would formulate questions during the day and God would answer at night through my reading.
The ultimate issue with our sin is that it steals away the glory that is supposed to be reserved for God alone.
Living Daily in Christ means we are to identify with Christ in all that we think, say, and do. Extra work loads, entertainment, down and idle time that is beyond the necessary rest the body requires. Often our time is filled with really good things, but they may not be the essential thing that will allow us to live the intentional life God created us for. It is more than an exercise in knowledge, it is how we live each day of our short life here on earth. Loving one another, praying for our enemies, serving those in need, giving of our resources, trusting in Christ for our forgiveness and salvation.
The answer to that is absolutely 'yes.' But Paul realizes through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that salvation is not a one time decision after you hear the gospel message.
I stand in the presence of God, and I was sent to speak to you and to bring you this good news. Christianity is not a "private faith." When Jesus was resurrected from the grave he made himself public for all to see. It is a way to not face the challenges that come from sharing my faith in Christ and "hoping" that people will see my life and that is enough. And when he came out, he was unable to speak to them, and they realized that he had seen a vision in the temple.
Recently I had to make the hard decision that my time being spent surrounded around my photography hobby was not productive and took away from my essentials. Paul reminds us, if we read all of chapter 4, that we are going to encounter hardship and trouble when we share our faith.
Is the Lord calling your to be about His business and trim a few things from your life like He is mine? The killing of sin and the putting on of righteousness comes from abidance, not from obedience.
Look at the outcome of the life of Jesus, it ultimately ended in his death for his claim of Deity.
We distract our hearts and minds with endless nonsense and wonder why it is hard to serve others. The belongings I have in my bedroom alone are worth more than most families worldly possessions. When we encounter an atheist, a Muslim, a Hindu, or anyone else who is not honoring God, it should motivate us to show them the way. We try to find new techniques to free us from the fear of evangelizing when it would come naturally if our life looked different than the rest of the world and we were sold out ourselves.
Zacharia was praying to the Lord for this very thing and when it is announced he doesn't believe it.
As we were digging our trench to feed a water line to the village one of the villagers said to a companion of mine, "All we need is water.
It is much easier to share a conviction when that in which you are sharing is already a part of you. How often do we throw up a prayer to the Lord and when it is answered walk around in disbelief? It isn't limited to the select group of people who step out in faith and go beyond what looks ordinary. The message, "All I need is water to survive!" God spoke to my heart and I will never be the same.
As a believer in Christ, what is your role when it comes to reaching the lost people of the world? Serving God is simply seeking Christ moment by moment and giving Him the place of honor and glory in our life. Lord, I pray that you will open my eyes to your truth and help me to believe you when your hand is moving in my life.
As you abide in Him the things of your life that hinder your walk will be replaced by the fruit the Spirit came to bring. Of course we need to repent and turn from our sin, but the power to do that does not come from willpower, but Holy Spirit power!

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