Join us for our version of speed dating, where local business owners have the opportunity to meet with Arizona’s amazing banks and credit unions!
You will learn more about their business banking programs and how you can build a relationship with your financial institution.  We’ll keep it fun by rotating you to a new bank or credit union every 15 minutes and giving you ample time to ask questions. This entry was posted in Financial, Greater Phoenix, Local First Movement and tagged Arizona, bank local, banking, business banking, local events. CBS 3CBS 3 joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer.
If the answer is Yes, come to my workshop and learn HOW TO FILTER YOUR MATCHES SO THAT YOUR CHATS ONLINE  LEAD TO DATES AND POTENTIAL RELATIONSHIP! The event is held at 720 Catalyst House, Centennial Court, Centennial Park, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3SY.
These days, fitness instructors are venturing ever farther beyond studio walls—out into parks, stores, offices, and even libraries.
One of the first on the dance floor: Yoga Around Town, which began its popular series of celebrity-themed, nightclub-housed yoga classes about a year ago. Grip the Mat cofounder Ashley Braun agrees, noting that the nightclub fad simply combines two things people were doing anyway: going out and working out. Unique Feature: It’s integrating with Runkeeper and Fitbit, so users can woo dates with their personal bests. Classy speed dating with complimentary cocktail or champagne, plus occasional singles parties. Speed dating, dinner parties, singles socials and parties, holidays and weekends and singles activities in the South East (Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire) and Bristol. So you have been on a few dates and you think after meeting some of the most interesting people you have ever met, you have found the one. Arizonans have deposited 96% of their money into banks with out-of-state ownership and Local First Arizona is looking to change that by encouraging your business to check out the local financial institutions who are the ones lending to local business owners and entrepreneurs, in both good and tough times.
Although small and mid-sized banks control less than one-quarter of all bank assets, they account for more than half of all small business lending.
The event will be held in the former Trader Vic’s restaurant, located on the northeast corner of the property, closest to Indian School.

I’m sure we will be planning something similar in Tucson in the near future so stay tuned!
Whether it was orchestrated through family, friends, a yentl or, in modern times, by a business, the idea of arranged dates has evolved along with technology, customs and lifestyles. Roth, has won numerous state and national news and feature-writing awards during his career. Welcome to the world of nightclub fitness, where athletes downward dog to Drake and squat under strobe lights. Maggie Walsh, director of marketing at Yoga Around Town’s parent company, Social Boston Sports, says no. Whether you call it speed dating, speeddating, speed-dating, round robin dating, singles parties, or singles events, it is the fastest and most enjoyable way to meet other attractive, bright and sociable singles like you. In 2015, KYW Newsradio is celebrating 50 continuous years of bringing “All News, All The Time” to the Delaware Valley! The concept of “SpeedDating” was actually trademarked by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah. A well-known crime writer, investigative reporter and a feature writer, Roth writes for a number of magazines and newspapers. The aptly named “detox-to-retox” movement encourages participants to don their dressiest activewear, drop their yoga mats beneath the disco ball, and work up a sweat that transitions seamlessly into a night out—capped off with a few rounds of not-entirely-hydrating drinks from the bar, of course. It also “exposes you to people and places you may have never encountered,” adds participant Jenna Lockhart. Each speed date lasts a few minutes (normally three but sometimes longer) after which the guys move onto the next table. Up to 30 men and 30 women to get to know each other by having conversations that last between three and ten minutes each. In 1998, at Peet’s Cafe in Beverly Hills, the first recorded speed-dating event was held.
For more than 10 years, the HurryDate company has hosted speed-dating events for thousands of singles. Listed in the Locus Index of SciFi and Fantasy authors, Roth is the author of a number of published short stories and poetry.

If their consistently sold-out events are any indication, you can expect more where that came from.
Both make a note of their impressions and receive a note the next day detailing their matches.
Our staff is ready on-hand to give you advice and suggestions on making your first dates sizzle. Sportsradio 94WIP has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer.
Speed-dating has its supporters and its detractors, for obvious reasons, but it has become a mainstay of contemporary urban dating rituals.
As with most speed-dating events, daters are supplied with a score card, on which they can request to see certain individuals twice. All guests are provided with a number tag and a match card for the dating portion of the event. The reason – it provides a face-to-face opportunity for busy singles to meet others looking for romance in a controlled, time-limited manner, allowing daters to meet many more prospects than they would through old-fashioned or virtual means.
Event officials will match interested parties, and then the choice of making arrangements for an actual date are left up to the individuals involved. Each date lasts between three and eight minutes, and a 15-minute break is held to allow visits to use the restroom or to make drink runs. Talk Radio 1210 WPHT has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer.
Before signing up for a speed-dating event, check online reviews of the sponsors of events being considered.

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