I’ve been singing this Sanskrit chant to my daughter before bedtime since she was a newborn. The story takes the child through a series of questions that helps them focus on their own feelings and then encourages them to send loving kindness out to various people in their lives. Actions: Have you ever noticed that when you do something kind for another, it comes back to you tenfold? Once you have talked to your children about their kind thoughts and words, their acts of kindness come from a positive foundation. Check out Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats, a yoga story about friendship, happiness, and acceptance. Get details and free kids yoga resources in your inbox by signing up for Giselle’s weekly Kids Yoga Stories Newsletter on her website, or check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can see a full schedule of the posts in this series by visiting the main Random Acts of Kindness Challenge page. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Loving kindness meditation (also referred to as Metta or Compassion meditation) is a great practice no matter your level of expertise.
Focus on someone you respect - it could be your boss, a co-worker, a religious or academic figure.
Think about a neutral person towards whom you don't really have any feelings one way or another.
The thing I love about meditation is that there's no focus on being perfect, because perfection doesn't exist in an attainable way.
This morning I was doing a "Loving-Kindness Meditation"where you picture in your mind a person you love. And why not try to gain mental peace and promote kindness for difficult people I know and release my resentment?
You don't have to approve of peoples words or actions or be in their company but this meditation practice helps you to keep your mind open and sweet and free of stress because if you like how you think about someone else then you don't get all jammed up with judgment, anger, hurt and irritation that run wild in your head. Holding grudges, anger, hatred, bitterness, coldness, doubts, fears and judgments are not what you were born to feel. Go ahead - Renew your feelings of compassion, empathy, generosity, gratitude, love and kindness. One girl I taught Loving Kindness Meditation to was struggling to accept the fact that she had allowed herself to put on a lot of weight. With Loving Kindness Meditation I was able to teach her to accept what she had done and to forgive herself. Once we have achieved self love, we then extend our loving kindness towards others, beginning with those close to us, those people whom we love and respect. Once we’ve extending loving kindness to people close to us, we move on to neutral people (people we know but feel indifferent towards).
This final part of Loving Kindness can also help to cure seriously unhealthy relationships as well and emotional suffering.
Each month, a blogger shares the random acts of kindness they have committed with their little ones. Giselle draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, yogi, and mom to write her stories found at Kids Yoga Stories or on Amazon worldwide. Add in the responsibilities of work, house, and family, and we often find ourselves being unkind to ourselves and the ones closest to us.
It can be harsh, negative, or damaging, especially when you’re frustrated or feeling bad about yourself.
For example, you might have a ritual at dinnertime where each family member expresses what he or she is grateful.

Children are spontaneous creatures, and starting them out with random kindness might entice them to do more.
Some of them are a lot harder to focus on than others, like those where you're dealing with difficult emotions. It could be your sister, husband, best friend - whoever you want to focus on at that moment. It could be a neighbor, the checker you always seem to get at Target, someone at work you don't really interact with, etc.
Include your pets, plants, inanimate objects - whatever you can feel comfortable at the very least practicing sending love to. Until I work through some of the things I experienced, I can't wish my mother or my grandmother well - even if they wouldn't know I was doing it. Maybe for part 5, you focus on someone who carried out a terrorist attack or hurt others in a similar way.
Do it once a day or once a week - a far enough span that you feel comfortable doing it and can recover from any emotions you may have.
Don't focus on perfection - focus on doing what you can to feel as happy and safe and peaceful as you can.
Visualizing every detail about them -- how they look and act, the sound of their voice, their unique qualities; using all my senses to capture the deep, rich, loving facts about a specific person I love. We're all trying to be happy and loving-kindness to others is one way to fill in and expand your own potential for happiness and fairness to other people.
They have no conditions just the gentle, hopeful and sincere expression of good will you can have for anyone.
For me the words are a powerful way to counter negative thoughts and to release any burden I feel because I was insulted by someone, disrespected or seen unfairly. Eventually you'll be able to have loving-kindness for someone difficult because you'll see you don't truly wish them ill. Feel any rigidity and blockage and opposition and then sink below it into your heart where you truly do love yourself.
She was once beautifully healthy, but she’d gone through severe stress and had been comfort eating, which led her to put on 100lbs.
This includes colleagues, people we know but rarely speak to, and people about whom we simply feel indifferent.
In this part we extend loving kindness towards those people towards whom we currently experience negative feelings. You can visit the Random Acts of Kindness page to see previous installments of this series.
I’ve been asking myself how we can cultivate kindness into our everyday lives no matter where we are or what we are doing.
The meditation recommends starting by thinking of yourself as happy and healthy, then send loving kindness to a loved one, then someone you don’t know very well, next to someone who is a negative source in your life, and lastly to all living beings.
Acts of kindness can be directed at ourselves, others around us, or our natural surroundings. If we talk to them about the purpose of those projects and how their actions make a difference, then they can begin to understand why volunteering plays a big role in our society.
Encourage them to hold open a door for someone, thank a police officer or veteran, or buy flowers for a neighbor.
This isn't something to skip over - you really need to sit with the intention of these words guided at yourself.
Some people focus on the first person to pop in their head while others try to pick someone who may be having a difficult time. For others, it's something that takes time or only happens if you're dealing with some rough things.

Everyone in my life is amazing and here for a reason, so I don't really have anyone else to focus on.
Some people focus on someone who paid you a kindness recently - someone who helped you at work or in your personal life - for part 3. You're silently wishing goodness for another person and if you want to say the words right to the person or write them a note, do so. For instance, I once taught a married couple facing divorce to practice extending loving kindness towards each other. When we practice loving kindness towards these “neutral” people we begin to feel much closer to them. Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids has a lovely loving-kindness visualization story that you can read to your children. For example, here are Fifteen Acts of Kindness to inspire you, including giving yourself some “me” time, sending thank you cards, and committing to earth-friendly practices. Their acts of kindness can be practiced throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas.
I find that this practice helps me to put into practice and do something with the love that I have for all living beings.
You can focus on the event - perhaps your favorite coworker from your last job took you out for margaritas recently to catch up. Once she had gotten over the past and had found self love once again, she found it easy to return to her healthy habits and to lose weight. This in turn leads us to act more positively towards them, which often leads to new friendships and relationships. It’s a tragic reality because your neighbours can be some of the best friends and most helpful acquaintances you have. Though doing service projects with your children during festive times is an excellent way to introduce them to projects that bring a greater good. It's totally okay to get emotional when you do this, especially if you have self-love of esteem issues. For example, here is a version of all of these that I might use: May my sister be peaceful. You could focus on the joy you experienced while with her, how you feel at ease with her, and send that back in this practice - May Janice find herself at ease and enjoying her life.
This helped them to accept the weaknesses and errors of the other, which led to a very healthy relationship.
But after a few years living next door to one another, with all that noise and the fact that they put up that ugly fence, it can be easy to fall out. If it is too difficult, skip this part until you can build up to it - or pick someone less contentious. Self-hatred and self judgment hurts us when we should be honoring ourselves, celebrating ourselves, loving ourselves.
That’s just one example of why self love and “self loving kindness” are so important: they empower us to behave positively towards ourselves.
But by practicing loving kindness you can learn to see each other in a positive light, which cures any animosity and restores the positive relationship. They watch us as we say thank you, give compliments, make phone calls to loved ones overseas, or chat with close friends.

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