Just after the first Star Coin should be a Spike waiting inside a small alcove in the hill. Right before the block with the Glowing Baby Yoshi is a Giant Piranha Plant covering the second Star Coin.
This one can get difficult as you need to keep the Fire Flower power-up until the end of the level.
After the spinning the first corkscrew to its maximum, hop up the blocks and snasg the first Star Coin before it disappears behind the middle block. Just like the first Star Coin, spin the second corkscrew to its maximum and hop up the blocks. As you are running through the passage of moving giant stone heads, you’ll notice the first Star Coin in front of one of the stone heads. When you reach the area with two stone heads with palm trees on their tops, ground pound the stone head in the middle. Right after the area with the second Star Coin is a section with a tiny green pipe to the right.
While riding the platform that takes you right to the flagpole, allow the platform to dip low enough to touch the Star Coin, then jump off onto the flagpole.
When you are running through the area with the River Piranha Plants (the ones that spit out a spiked ball), you’ll notice the first Star Coin hanging just below one of the spiked balls.
When you are in the area with the Stalking Piranha Plants (the ones that stretch out), you’ll see a platform under the hole in the background. Just after the area with the Red Coins and Lakitu, don’t jump up onto the next platform, and instead keep running right.

After the area with the Red Coins is a section with brick blocks, including the first Star Coin surrounded by brick blocks. You’ll come across an area where three platforms separate and reveal a Star Coin in the middle. Right at the end, wait for the platform to start rising out of the lava, then run across and jump at the end. As you are climbing the rope near all the Venus Fire Traps, hop onto the ladder on the left and climb on to claim the second Star Coin. Spike's Seesaws, or Rock-Candy Mines-3, is the third level of Rock-Candy Mines in New Super Luigi U.
The level starts in a mountainous area with Spikes and seesaws that tilt from time to time. Frozen Fuzzies • Wiggler Rodeo • Rainbow Skywalk • Stonecrush Tower • Vanishing Ghost House • Above the Bouncy Clouds • Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel • Three-Headed Snake Block • Ludwig's Block-Press Castle • Bowser Jr.
Super Mushroom • Fire Flower • Super Acorn (P-Acorn) • Mini Mushroom • Propeller Mushroom • Ice Flower • Penguin Suit • Super Star (Boost Star) • Coin • Blue Coin • Blue Ring** • Red Coin • Red Ring • 1-Up Mushroom • 3-Up Moon • Yoshi Egg • ? The second to last pipe, the green one coming from the ceiling, has a Giant Piranha Plant that must be defeated.
If you do it fast enough, the third Star Coin will still be out before it slips behind the left wall.
Jump to reveal a hidden block with a beanstalk, then climb up to a Coin Heaven where the second Star Coin waits. Wait for the stone heads to move, then jump and star wall jumping back and forth between the two stone heads.

Hop onto the red mushroom platform and use the Spike to give you a boost to the Star Coin on the right. Jump to discover a hidden block with a beanstalk that takes you up to a Coin Heaven with the second Star Coin. You will need a Mushroom or any other power-up that will allow you to break the bricks to get in. You will have to jump on the middle platform, wait until it lowers enough for you to grab the Star Coin, then jump off onto the platform on the right or the left. Jump on the wall and slide until you grab the Star Coin, then wall jump on the nearby ladder. It is unlocked when Smashing-Stone Tower is completed, and its completion unlocks Rising Piranhas. Eventually, a pipe takes the player to an area with a Spike, another seesaw, and the level's Goal Ring.
Block • Green Coin • Green Ring • P Switch • Checkpoint Flag* • Goal Pole • Goal Ring* • Berries • !

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