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Magnesium plays an important role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body including the metabolism of food and synthesis of fatty acids and proteins. This MNT Knowledge Center feature is part of a collection of articles on the health benefits of key vitamins and minerals. Magnesium supplements are available from stores, but it is always best to obtain any vitamin or mineral through food.
Magnesium is important for bone formation as it helps with the assimilation of calcium into bone, and plays a role in activating vitamin D in the kidneys (vitamin D is also essential for healthy bones).
Optimal magnesium intake is associated with greater bone density and improved bone crystal formation, as well as a lower risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Magnesium plays an important role in carbohydrate and glucose metabolism, so it is no wonder magnesium status has an effect on diabetes. Several studies have confirmed the inverse relationship between magnesium intake and the risk of diabetes. Researchers were also able to show that low magnesium levels resulted in impaired insulin secretion and lower insulin sensitivity. Magnesium is needed for the health of muscles, including the heart, and for the transmission of electrical signals in the body.
Rapid post-heart attack administration of magnesium reduces the risk of mortality, and magnesium is sometimes used as part of the treatment for congestive heart failure in order to lessen the risk of arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). Research suggests that people experiencing premenstrual syndrome may be able to alleviate symptoms such as bloating, insomnia, leg swelling, weight gain, and breast tenderness by ensuring adequate intake of magnesium. On the next page we examine recommended magnesium intake, foods that are high in magnesium and we discuss the possible health risks associated with consuming too much magnesium. Power of magnesium - a macromineral that may improve heart health and stop diabetes, Christin L.
Magnesium fact sheet for health professionals, National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services, reviewed 4 November 2013, accessed 4 December 2014. Magnesium Intake Is Inversely Associated With Coronary Artery Calcification, Adela Hruby, PHD, MPH et al., JACC Cardiovasc Imaging, January 2015, abstract. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:MLAMegan Ware RDN LD. For any corrections of factual information, or to contact our editorial team, please see our contact page.
Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. We take a look at fish oils, in particular what they are, the potential health benefits of including them in your diet and the best sources of fish oils. The number of calories people should eat each day depends on several factors, including their age, size, height, sex, lifestyle, and overall general health. Find out all about vitamin d and how it at helps enhance the absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and zinc. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Magnesium naturally occurs if your body and is responsible for various essential chemical reactions in your body. Dr Oz recommended taking 300 mg Magnesium every day, which will improve your hearing and have other health benefits.
Best Price Nutrition provides not only the best prices, but helpful information for buying high-quality bodybuilding supplements, vitamins & minerals, protein supplements, weight loss products, nitric oxide supplements and recovery supplements from all the top brands…over 2,500 bodybuilding supplements online! If we combine those two quotes, we have the makings of a clinical disaster in individuals who drink alcohol heavily, take diuretics, exercise and sweat excessively, are elderly with low dietary intakes, have gastrointestinal disorders causing subclinical or clinical malabsorption and the large number of people out there who suffer from insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) that are at risk for low intracellular magnesium levels. Serum (blood) levels are a very poor marker for intracellular magnesium levels whereas red blood cell magnesium content is a better indicator171. Deficiency: Magnesium deficiency is a significant problem in insulin resistance, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, the use of some medications and osteoporosis.
Intracellular magnesium: 49% of magnesium is found inside the cells of other tissues (intracellular magnesium).
Cereals and legumes are poor sources of magnesium: The amount of magnesium in grains and legumes may look impressive on paper, but the bioavailable (absorbable and useful) amount of magnesium is very poor due to the fact that minerals like magnesium are bound to phytates. Myalgia, muscle spasms, tremors, cardiac arrhythmia (palpitations), lethargy, depression and decreased appetite (anorexia), muscle weakness, apathy, neuromuscular weakness. Magnesium deficiency is a recognized risk factor for ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and arrhythmia - especially if associated with coronary vasospasm and nigh muscle cramps.
Insulin has a significant effect on intracellular magnesium stores as shown in numerous clinical studies looking at insulin and non-insulin dependent subjects129. As discussed above in diabetic states, there is a significantly low magnesium intracellular level affecting anywhere from 25% to 38% of diabetics putting them at great risk from cardiovascular events like an arrhythmia, increased triglyceride levels and atherosclerosis163.
Magnesium has a vital role in activating tyrosine kinase which in turn transfers a phosphate molecule to the insulin receptor allowing the activation of this receptor and the subsequent signalling cascade to be triggered enabling all the functions of this receptor. Tyrosine kinase is simply an enzyme that transfers a phosphate group to a protein in a cell from adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Low intracellular magnesium levels will result in defective tyrosine kinase activation and reduced insulin receptor activation and signalling. Calcium flooding into a blood vessel endothelial cell, will trigger off a signalling cascade that will lead to increased vascular tone (increased blood pressure)174. With low intakes or magnesium or insulin resistance or both, extracellular (blood) and intracellular levels of magnesium will be compromised (see below). Suboptimally low extracellular levels of magnesium will allow the calcium channels to stay open allowing an influx of calcium into cells. As mentioned above, suboptimal intakes of magnesium will result in unopposed influx of calcium leading to increasing intracellular calcium levels. High intracellular calcium levels result in numerous deleterious effects as shown in this following graphic175.
It is interesting to note that magnesium provides critical cell membrane stability to cellular and subcellular (organelle) structures. The mechanism of smooth muscle contraction around airways (bronchoconstriction) has a similar mechanism to what is shown above with regard to increasing intracellular calcium levels.
Many studies have shown strong correlations between low intracellular magnesium levels and bronchial reactivity181, 182. It is interesting to note how effective magnesium is in the treatment of both depression and migraine headaches.

Comparative head-to-head studies of intravenous or oral magnesium against tricyclic antidepressants that are known to be effective in the treatment of migraines, found an equivocal efficacy in the management of migraine headaches184, 185,186.
It is interesting to note once again that low magnesium levels decrease brain serotonin levels and that it is also a known fact that antidepressants have the effect of raising brain magnesium levels186.
Olive leaf extract is one of the most potent anti-pathogenic substances nature has to offer. One the best examples of this problem can be illustrated by examining the incredible magnesium deficiency that exists. Even when a medical doctor acknowledges a problem, the recommended corrective dose of 300 mg of Magnesium is not sufficient; a minimum of 600 mg of Magnesium is required to correct a deficiency. In this article, we are not going to focus on presenting all of the abundantly available scientific data that points to the fact that magnesium deficiency is a problem of epidemic proportions. We are also not going to focus on writing a treatise about how necessary magnesium is for both survival and vital health and well being.
Instead, we are going to focus on how natural magnesium can be used as a part of natural medicine to help correct wide variety of health problems, and how magnesium can be used to enhance individual well-being. Those people who regularly swim in the magnesium-rich oceans have no need to proceed further.
When faced with the possibility of a magnesium deficiency, most people would simply seek a prescription from a medical doctor, or perhaps simply go to the local vitamin and supplement store to get an internal magnesium supplement, maybe in the form of capsules, tablets, or perhaps even a powder. Using magnesium chloride transdermally results in the rapid cellular-uptake of magnesium through the skin. Magnesium Chloride is a simple salt that exists abundantly in both of the world's oceans and all of its salt water seas. Utilizing the principles of balneotherapy, enough magnesium chloride must be added to bath water to make a hypertonic solution. However, don't be fooled by marketeers; five to ten cups of sea minerals need to be added to a standard bath in order to achieve a truly therapeutic sea bath experience. See our outside references section below for links to potential suppliers of bulk materials.
Magnesium oil is made by rehydrating magnesium chloride crystals; just enough water is added to create a very light oil-like substance. A small amount of magnesium chloride may then be massaged or rubbed into any area an individual feels needs treatment (see below).
Other forms of magnesium, such as magnesium sulfate, are not easy to assimilate; they are quickly eliminated from the body. Due to its laxative effect, all oral magnesium supplements are difficult to use to overcome a magnesium deficiency. One minor difficultly in the use of transdermal magnesium chorlide is calculating proper doses. Having reversed a magesium deficiency, individuals should consider a common sense supplementation program of two to three times weekly if used topically, or once to twice weekly if used correctly in-bath.
The jury is still out on whether or not magnesium supplementation is an actual viable treatment option for all asthmatic patients. Supplementation with transdermal magnesium, either through detox baths or applied directly to the chest area, would probably be a very prudent personal experiment for those with asthmatic conditions. Medical Center in Los Angeles), patients with serious heart conditions who began taking magnesium supplements were able to excercise for longer periods of time.
Other experts believe that magnesium is a viable treatment for cardiovascular disease linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Large scale medical studies have also linked magnesium to high blood pressure, according to an artcile published by Denis Mann at Web MD.
A study conducted in South America demonstrated that supplementation with magesium reduced cholesterol levels. Many nutritional experts believe that there is a link between both cancer and heart disease with defiencies in magnesium, selenium and zinc. Magnesium chloride is a part of some natural and alternative skin cancer treatments as well. Individuals with kidney disease should not supplement with magnesium without the direct guidance of a medical doctor. Although much rarer than a magnesium deficiency, an excess of magnesium can cause muscle weakness, decreased reflexes and disordered cardiac rhythum.
My longevity doctor had given me a small bottle of Magnesium oil and that was the start of my road to living with my post-polio problem.
It is very difficult to find knowledgeable authorities who criticize the use of magnesium; especially transdermally. Magnesium chloride supplementation, transdermally, is a safe, affordable an effective way to supplement with magnesium. The most affordable way to acquire transdermal magnesium chloride is to purchase food grade magnesium chloride flakes. About the Misdiagnosis of Magnesium Deficiency - Abstract of the paper written by Dierck-Hartmut Liebscher, MD, Dr Sc Nat and Dierck-Ekkehard Liebscher, Dr Sc Nat, from the Self-Help Organisation on Mineral Imbalances, Task Force Magnesium-Deficiency Tetany, Berlin, GERMANY. Interested individuals should consider making magnesium chloride by using food grade Nigari. Marc Sircus on Mg and Cancer - Marc Sircus article on the role magnesium plays in cancer development. Attribution by linking (outside of the internet credit with url) to the according element page. It provides an in-depth look at recommended intake of magnesium, its effects on health health, foods high in magnesium and any potential health risks of consuming magnesium. Since magnesium plays an important role in carbohydrate and glucose metabolism, it is no wonder magnesium status has an effect on diabetes.
Adequate magnesium intake has been associated with a lower risk of atherosclerosis and hypertension.
Oz discussed how this product could be used for the possible treatment of Alzheimer's Disease but stated that scientists are still in the research process of a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. If you have any questions regarding our bodybuilding supplements, vitamins or sports nutrition, please feel free to call us, email us or chat with us online as we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We also have other fun ways for you to earn rewards so staying healthy and fit will save you money.
This will increase vascular tone if this happens in the blood vessels and thus increase blood pressure. Having an optimal level of magnesium, allows this mineral to act as a calcium channel blocker.
Silver and olive leaf make a great combination to help combat even the most dangerous infectious diseases.

There is also little doubt that this fact has greatly impacted the health of generations of both city dwellers and impoverished communities around the world. This widespread problem is underdiagnosed, difficult to correct with diet, and potentially related to an incredible number of illnesses. While supplementing with magnesium citrate may be an option, there are several points that need to be carefully considered.
One that is natural and has been used by humankind since before recorded history: Magnesmium chloride. By bypassing the digestive system all together, one does not need to focus on the many digestive problems that may hinder the biovailability of magnesium. In fact, we found bulk purchased Nigari flakes to be superior to some of the premade magnesium chloride oils sold on the market. Norman Shealy, for example, states that the quickest way to restore intracellular levels of magnesium is through with IV treatment. In the age of overly processed food and beverages, truly natural is often the safest way to go. However, those individuals who enjoy using Epsom Salt for bath can use both the Epsom Salt and Magnesium Sulfate if preferred. Magnesium chloride should be used regularly for two months to ensure proper remineralization, or during periods of illness or distress. In a study done with 40 individuals, 32 individuals experienced relief from pain within fifteen minutes of magnesium IV treatments. According to Marc Noppen, MD, PhD, FCCP, magnesium deficiency can lead to bronchospasm and respiratory failure, among other serious health issues. According to Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, 50% of heart disease could be prevented just with the correct use of magnesium. However, as we have stated, transdermal magnesium is more effective, quicker, and with fewer side effects. However, due to the conflicting research reports, it is far wiser to reverse a magesium deficiency in the early stages of heart disease; in some studies, magnesium supplementation led to an increase in heart attacks for individuals with a history of severe cardiac disease. Pierre Delbet began studying the use of magnesium chloride for the treatment of open wounds in 1915.
While conclusive data is not available, many studies have been conducted that directly implicate magnesium deficiency in the development of at least some cancers.
Both carcinogenesis and magnesium deficiency increase the plasma membrane permeability and fluidity. However, is unlikely that the use of transdermal magnesium could cause a problem with an overdose (any more than swimming in the ocean daily would). 3 years ago I experienced reducing energy and increasing lethagy for a few weeks before applying transdermally magnesium chloride (and other sea mineral chlorides) to all of my body daily for about three weeks when my energies began improving and my lethagy began decreasing.
My blood pressure had to be controlled with 80 mg of lisinopril and after I started using Mg oil on my feet, underarms and some on the sore muscles, my blood pressure started dropping and for the last 8 months I have been completely off the blood pressure medicadtion. Authorities of course critically question magnesium's ability to treat and cure chronic illness and disease, but the same authorities would not dispute the need to ensure adequate cellular levels of magnesium.
However, there are definately quality concerns and there is a great deal of unsubstantiated hype associated with different brands. Elemental magnesium burns with a bright, white flame and a temperature of more than 3000 K. Magnesium deficiency, especially prevalent in older populations, is linked to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis. Dr Oz seemed hopeful that one is coming in the future but in the meantime, he recommended taking 300 mg Magnesium every day! However, when intracellular magnesium levels are low, there is an increase in cell membrane permeability putting all cells involved at jeopardy for damage183.
The addition of niacin to magnesium is definitely worth a try if a non-drug approach is what an individual is after or simply to test the effectiveness of this combination with very low potential for side-effects187. It has been estimated that 68% of the population is magnesium deficient, or will become magnesium deficient (based on a U.S.
Suffice it to say that magnesium is among the most necessary substances for human life, following very closely behind substances such as air and water. This is an excellent way to both deliver needed trace minerals directly into the body, and to help the body cleanse itself. According to Jack Samuels, president of the Truth in Labeling Campaign, many oral magnesium supplements are chelated with nuetrotoxic substances. Budwig, demonstrated that cancer is mainly the result of a faulty energy metabolism in the cells, the mitochondria. The only difference between products is the purity and the accompanying mineral combinations. This natural supplement has been studied and researched for many years and has been shown to positvely impact many of the body's functions and abilties. It is critical for proper metabolic function, on both macro and micro levels of human health.
1 or 2 grams of magnesium chloride are administered via IV over a 30 to 60 minute period of time, depending on the patient (see our references section for further information). While forms of oral magnesium supplementation such as magnesium citrate may be viable option, it is difficult to acertain teh integrity and quality of the production process. The study was conducted by Mauskop A, Altura BT, Cracco RQ, et al., and published in the publication entitled Headache, 1996 issue 36, pp.
Noppen also notes that magnesium has been shown to cause bronchial smooth-muscle relaxation by acting as a physiologic calcium antagonist.
The double-blind study was conducted with patients taking 365 mg of magnesium orally for six months. Some products may be of higher quality due to the trace mineral combination, but all magnesium chlorides contain the same chemical makeup. Sealy with volunteers have shown that after four weeks of foot soaking in magnesium chloride, 75% of the volunteers showed a signfiicant increase in intracellular magnesium levels. Maximum saturation will eventually be achieved, although it may take a few weeks for complete saturation.
Using a food grade Nigari works just as well for magnesium supplementation as any other product on the market. In particular, Delbet found magnesium chloride to be especially useful for the the treatment of cancer.

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