A timeless tale turned Broadway hit, "The Secret Garden," is set to make its highly anticipated return to the Waldo Theatre on July 26. Based on the famous novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, "The Secret Garden" is a beautiful coming of age story filled with wonderment and surprise for both adults and children. What ensues is a compelling mixture of love, suspense and rebirth in which the power of love leads the way to miracle and magic. Like the glorious garden in its storyline, hidden away by walls and time, it is an oft-overlooked piece overflowing with dark beauty and capable of warming and healing even the most wounded of hearts.
The Waldo Theatre has attracted a superb cast to take the audience on this journey of lost love and redemption. Accomplished actor and musician James Merrifield takes on the leading role of Archibald Craven, widower of the beautiful ghost of the piece, Lily. Laura Whitney brings years of local and college experience to the role of the ghostly Lily.
Whitney studied classical voice with Bruce Fithian at the University of Southern Maine (USM) and traveled with the USM Chamber Singers on two European tours. The multi-talented cast includes Bill Vaughn ( Dr Neville Craven), Emma Tolley (Mary Lennox), Andrew Lyndaker ( Colin Craven), Braedon Waddell (Dickon), Meredith Batley (Martha), Kit Hayden (Ben Weatherstaff), Todd Martin (Albert Lennox), Erin Chenard (Rose Lennox), Elizabeth Vega (Mrs.

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She finds herself in Yorkshire, England on the estate of her reclusive uncle, Archibald Craven. The stunning musical score and classic story combine to create one of the most powerful theatrical experiences of our time.
Rife with Gothic imagery, unresolved grief, and more than a touch of the supernatural, "The Secret Garden" remains one of Director Sue Ghoreyeb's favorite musicals.

Vocal prowess was a key component in casting for Ghoreyeb, who along with vocal coach Aaron Robinson, has assembled a cast combining fresh faces with local favorites.
He appeared in many productions over the years, including roles as Young Patrick in "Mame" at the age of nine, Prince Charming when he was 15 in "Cinderella," and most recently as Bobby in "Company" three years ago.
Directed by Sue Ghoreyeb with Aaron Robinson, and the full live orchestra conducted by Maestro Sean Fleming.
I identified with the little girl but I wanted Dickon's family and his easy way with animals. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. She has been a local favorite for her moving portrayals in "Our Town" as Emily, and her amazing soprano vocals in "Oklahoma!" as Laurie, both with the Lincoln County Community Theater. Shelley), Sarah Duggan (Claire Holmes), Katherine and Kayleigh Tolley (Jane), Aidan Gaisson (Nurse), and Wyatt Sykes as Master Holmes.

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