The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at BITS Pilani aims to create future leaders at BITS Pilani. Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership a€“ 2 awards (1 male, 1 female): For outstanding achievement in areas of leadership, with a particular focus on at least 1 outstanding achievement in a chosen category, and consistent demonstration of all-round leadership potential. Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award: For outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship demonstrated during the stay at BITS, either in writing business plan(s), starting social or commercial ventures, or creating commerializable innovations on campus.
Mantra Award for Social Leadership: For demonstrating a commitment to social leadership either through the creation of sustainable ventures or for contribution in not-for-profit events on campus. Mantra Innovator of the Year Award: For demonstrating an ability to invent or build innovative products or ideas in the labs. In order to ensure fairness, the identity of the student on the Panel shall be known only to the Panel members and the CEL Student President.
The faculty members for the next yeara€™s Panel will be decided by the Panel members, with advice from the CEL Faculty Coordinator and Student President. A· The Panel would call for nominations beforehand by electronic submission.Click here for the application form. Saurabh Maurya is the co-founder and Technical Lead of Bandhana, a start-up focused on providing technical and strategic support to NGOs to collect more relevant data about their programs.
Learning in the classroom just serves as a guide for me because the span of knowledge extends to every moment of onea€™s life.
A dream to change the world, to make it a better place for everyone, to bring better options closer to each person out there and as well appreciate the things that are already there, motivates me to work for the clubs that I am currently heading. Nitin, currently in the final year of his undergraduate studies, is pursuing his major in Electronics and Communication Engineering from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus.An interactive person, who loves to meet new people and learn about their culture, history and the challenges they face.
CEL not only seeks to create all-round leaders, but also focuses specifically on students who break new grounds in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and social ventures. I'm interested in Human-Computer Interaction with particular focus on assistive technology, inclusive design and usability. Ita€™s about grasping just the right elements, which one needs to laydown the foundation of his success. So, in my first year I started working for two of the most significant clubs in the campus, Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter and Social and Environment club. Nitin is a CEO of Entrepreneurial cell of BITS Dubai, and focuses to help young entrepreneurs in building a successful start-up in the Middle east region.
With my current venture Pixelscapes, I aim to form the largest community of photographers across the globe. In the past three years of his life, he has been involved in a spectrum of activities which have established his inclination towards leadership. In addition, CEL aims to empower and inspire BITSian women to play a significant leadership role.

I have been offered a full-time position as Business Analytics Associate at ZS Associates, Gurgaon which I look forward to joining come July.I am an enthusiastic person and have always looked for making best use of the resources available to me. Experimentation and Innovation has been my passion since childhood, starting from playing with batteries and DC motors to now having made 4 Race Cars, 2 out of which are the First of its kind from Middle East and also the first to represent internationally in SAE CDS World Championships from all the BITS campuses. In the span of four years, I have paved my way to be the president of two most efficient teams in both the clubs. Living by this motto, I breaks down all the walls that life may place in front of me and work hard only to make myself and the people around me more productive. He has successfully co-founded 2 companies of his own and is also working as a Business Strategy Advisor for a start-up.He has a fun side too where he loves to organize fun events and sports for Hostel students. Starting with post of the Hostel-Representative, he undertook activities to improve the facilities in his hostel.
And so, have endeavored into a lot of different activities (debating, poetry, Equity research, Olympiads etc) and held a good number of positions (Election Commission, Department of Sponsorship & Marketing for BOSM, Civil Engineering Association, Capitol, Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter) at all hierarchical levels provided to me at BITS.
I have been working on Project Mudra (an award-winning low cost Braille literacy device) since the beginning of my 2nd year, and I'm presently doing a remote internship on usability testing with GNOME (the Free and Open Source desktop environment) under the Outreach Program for Women.
My area of interest is financial economics and I was coordinator of the Wallstreet Club in my third year (2013-14). I am the co founder of Project Mudra which is an award winning Braille Literacy device and also the maker of Lumos which is a color perception device for the visually impaired developed at the MIT Media Lab Design Innovation workshop. Managing high scores and working 24x7 building these cars made me very strong and independent as a person.
Along with these teams, I got the opportunity to work for the Academic Counselling Board to lead a group of like minded juniors who wanted to help the academically weak students. I am currently in my third year, and things which I am very much interested is Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. Right from his first year, he actively engaged in leadership roles in various organizations and forums. Later, he was elected as the President of SSMS (Society for Student Mess Services, a registered society under the Rajasthan Societies Act), the Governing body which oversees the working of Seven Student Messes and a 200-strong employee force. In my second year though, I prioritized two out of them, Department of Quark Controls and Department of Sponsorship and Marketing. I have been a KVPY awardee, TEDx speaker as well as poster presenter at BITSAA Global Meet 2014 in Hyderabad, India and PyCon 2014 in Montreal, Canada.
The student run portfolio that we managed at the club recognized a return of 30% that year.
I have been a poster presenter at Pycon 2014 in Montreal, Canada and also a speaker on TEDx. Not only I managed to receive Master Diploma in many softwares in CAD Modeling, Creative Designing, Website and Software Designing, ERP Solutions, etc., I also implemented them rigorously in all the projects I completed till date.

I actively involve myself in anything and everything that he can, including several activities that range from being a DJ, an event manager, a debater, a world economics enthusiast. As President of the BITSMUN Society, he was instrumental in expanding its outreach not only to Indian schools and colleges but successfully pioneered the opening of a new chapter in Dubai as well. As the President of SSMS he has brought out various path breaking initiatives like Performance Appraisal Policy which streamlined the Mess System. Both of them gave me the experience and knowledge of how to work as a team and make incredible things happen. As one of the members of the Election Commission, he ensured the smooth conduct of three successive student union elections. He also ensured financial transparency in student mess bills, tendering processes, mess worker salaries, health and education allowances, among other things.
In my third year, I became the Chief Coordinator and Events Head of Quark, the Annual National Technical Festival of BITS Goa.Before joining BITS, I was a CBSE National level Swimming Gold Medallist and Record Holder. Our project Sahara, which provided product enhancement skills and a marketing platform (moving market) to handicraft products made by SHGs in Goa won the Walmart grant 2013. As a member, he has made substantial contributions to various clubs and organizations including Department of Theatre, AIESEC & Consulting Club.
He was signatory and manager for mess-related accounts ranging upwards of INR 12 Crores.With a natural inclination to serve the society, he has been actively involved with Nirmaan (An NGO based out of BITS, Pilani). I am currently working on my thesis on Gated Communities in DLF Gurgaon.What I feel differentiates me from others is my holistic approach towards analysing any situation. Due to the unavailability of a swimming pool on campus, I attempt at maintaining my physique by engaging in various other sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and jogging around the campus. He has also the distinction of being invited to prestigious international conferences such as Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations in Tokyo and World Business Dialogue in Germany. His diligence and sincerity led him to assume leadership roles in each of these organisations - that of a Project Leader in Nirmaan Organisation, Treasurer of the Renewable Energy Club.
As a pastime, I like to delve in activities which enhance my skills at music, such as playing the guitar, and keep my love for the same going.
Reading about free markets and lesser government intervention made me a follower of crypto currencies like Bitcoin. He was recently awarded the a€?Chitrath Dagar Memorial Awarda€? for being the Best Outgoing student in Mechanical Engineering for 2014-15.

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