September 23, 2011 By IntegrityAdmin Leave a Comment If you haven’t experienced the peace and tranquility that comes from meditation, consider starting a practice. I’m now going to provide two methods of doing concentration meditation, with the breath as the object, which I think will blow the whole thing wide open for many of you.
Set a timer for 35 minutes to give yourself 5 minutes to faff around getting comfortable etc. You will notice that there are definite points where an in-breath ends and becomes an out-breath.
This means that when the in-breath is about to turn and become an out-breath, you instead control it with your muscles and drag out the turning point as much as possible so the wave is almost flat.
In both these approaches you are very much getting involved and controlling the jhana process.
In the same way that, when you are hard at work typing on the computer, you are completely involved in the process of thinking and typing, in both these exercises you are completely involved in breathing.
Because in these exercises breathing is entirely a matter of interfacing with the body, relying on modulating the breath intentionally, there will be few if any verbal thoughts while you are attending to this breathing.
While attending to this process, neurotransmitter dumps are ensuring you feel ecstatic and amazing. You can then literally do this while outside the house to eliminate anxiety entirely by attending to the breath in one of these two ways.
The frontal lobes inject time (left brain) and distance (right brain) between you (the observer) and the situation (the observed). One of the strange benefits of using the frontal lobes is that they are inherently pleasurable.
Performing the breathing practices above injects time and space into your experience by suspending the immediacy of the survival habits of the organism.
Hey guys, I have been learning concentration meditation from Illuminatus over the past year or so, but I’ve only started to get jhana consistently in the past three days. I believe I actually reached a jhana state in May of 2014, back when you told me about the full breath meditation for releasing muscle tension in the abdomen to restore posture. Illumi, do you think it is a good idea to practice concentration meditation has much has possible? Also, still related to the tech, I find it more comfortable to practice standing up, do you think I can get the same benefit has doing it sitting or should I just train myself to practice sitting? As for your follow-up question, the quickest way to get into flow state, I’ll need more time to look into that.
If you are playing football, in the moment you are playing you don’t want to be thinking about the abstract goal of winning, but rather the processes involved in playing the game correctly. It’s just pure decision after decision with a sense of a higher power backing you up. What you are left with with verbal thoughts sidelined is a visuo-kinaesthetic impression of, say, catching the phone. 1- trying to lightly induce euphoria on the end of the out breath, but still no consistent powerful pleasure factor (neural pathways take time to build, expect this to be a temporary thing has neuroplastic adaptation does it’s magic). You could even just make your object the air sensations in the bridge of the nose if it helps the explanation. Sorry for insisting on this but could you please reply to my question above?Let’s say you are about to enter a competition, what method of meditation would you apply to get yourself into a strong flow state quickly ? I just re-read #2 above and what you’re describing is what I get literally all the time. I think that because of the concentration practice, I was able to not get excited by those sensory events that happen when one is falling asleep, and so was able to not interrupt the process (also not getting analytical about them was key I think).
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Meditation allows us to tap into an inner peace that comes from going inward and connecting with a higher source.
The main thing to do in meditation is to relax and clear the mind by sitting, focusing and breathing. If you’re just starting meditation and want to make it a habit, consider teaming up with a “buddy” who will keep you motivated in your practice. If you want more stability, peace, and harmony, a meditation practice can change you from the inside out. They should point upwards slightly (looking upwards during meditation makes you feel happy).
Your breathing is supposed to be synchronized with that wave, but things like education have desynchronized them. And on the opposite end of the sequence, there is a definite moment when the out-breath becomes an in-breath again. You slow down the turn to an out-breath consciously, intentionally, to the point where you don’t even notice it turn.
The frontal lobes are the huge swathes of extra grey and white matter that make up the throbbing, oversized human brain. By consciously attending to the breath in the ways instructed in this post, you are saying YES to time and distance and NO to the immediacy of the situation. It is a literal saying of NO to urgency, and YES to space and time — and thus options. Even though I had no idea what jhana was at the time, I think I was able to reach a jhana state because I was focusing so hard on making sure to take full breaths.
I was going to answer this but decided to spend a day figuring it out — then forgot to reply. Works like a mindfullness key trigger and I think you should insist on it for those who find it hard to meditate. Then behave as if that objective has been handed over to an old friend who is going to take care of everything for you, and forget about it completely.
I find that I can pretty much regulate the potency of the energy I can feel during the in breath, and that makes the energy levels manageable has it is easier to keep going for longer, has well has making it easier to trigger that still very weak pleasure feedback loop on the end of the out breath (think this is equanimity, its a much more stable and calm state of energy).
It would be nice to get the experience of being able to stay conscious while passing the sleep and dream barrier and arriving at the REM state fully lucid, I guess it will happen when it happens. The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided original price for the item and the seller's current discounted price. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. While nearly all of our transactions go perfectly, if there is ANY issue with your order, we will happily take care of anything to your complete satisfaction. There are many great benefits in having the power of two (or more) people engaged in the same goal. It might be the most intensive (and enjoyable) mental training in which you have ever participated.
Reality is literally infinite in this form of consciousness, giving a feeling of both timelessness and spaciousness.

For some reason, which I don’t understand scientifically, there are certainly neurotransmitter events which lead to great pleasure within the exploration of this time and space.
After messing around with the second method from your post yesterday, I used the same method I did on Friday.
The reason for this is that in the hard jhanas (which I just started to describe in my reply above) the outline of the body becomes blurred as consciousness spreads everywhere in the universe simultaneously. When starting the activity, some emotional acceptance is required else frustration kicks in and you start floundering. During the event, focus completely upon the processes of the event, using concentration meditation to make those processes flow.
I do not identify heavily with verbal thought though because I have trained concentration meditation for so many years that verbal thought is a side-event. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. International orders on average take 10 to 20 days, but sometimes up to 45 days if there is customs issue.
There are numerous techniques and the goal is not to be perfect, but to simply practice breathing and clearing your mind. You don’t need to meditate together; rather it’s helpful to support each other in an ongoing practice. In fact, the eyes should be loose and able to move as they wish, entering rapid eye movement (REM) as they wish, and so forth. Every time afterwards that I tried it, I expected to reach the same state, yet did not supply the effort I did the first time I tried it, and did not get anywhere near the same results.
If you want to negate the interfering effects of verbal thought you should just train concentration meditation on an object mercilessly every day. So, if when breathing in you imagine the stream of air entering your head and hitting the crown of your head, inside, then this will trigger a rushing, euphoric Arising & Passing Away.
So, I will perceive it as a kind of blob of light that I can keep pulsing in phase with the breath. With practice, you’re continuously clearing your mind of negativity and allowing a stronger connection to the Universe and all of its gifts. In my book, Just Give Your Head a Shake, I describe how to practice Buddhist Vipissana meditation.
It does mean however that you are not to make serious changes to your posture, or scratch your nose, or otherwise let yourself become distracted by thoughts and sensations which will go away on their own.
I have come to the realization that the key element to getting a jhana state is determination. I think that this intangible combination of determination and focus is the key element that was missing for me in my efforts to reach jhana states regularly. Alternatively, for Equanimity, smile like you understand the world and imagine air from the breathing filling a sphere in the back of the head, where the occipital lobe is.
Without it, my meditation practice had more in common with the basic breath meditation than with concentration meditation.
The whole of conscious experience seems to be plucking objects out of this infinite field and solidifying them via jhana (will; intention) into the object one wants to create.
In those deeper states the outline of your body will also be very indistinct — so you will feel merged with everything. At this point I am still fully conscious and will sit and do concentration meditation in the dream.

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