Just about all of our thoughts have to do with either 'forward' time ie: upcoming vacation, payday, what to have for dinner, pick up kids from school, schedules, appointments, deadlines etc. Or 'past' time, longing for happier times in your youth, trouble releasing hurts and pain that happened before. This has the effect of 'removing' us from the moment, and being stuck in forward or past times. This is something that we do from the moment we are awake to the moment we fall asleep, and sometimes right into our sleep as well.

When you can do this for 60 seconds, one whole minute, you will start to feel a very deep calm. One of the first steps necessary in order to meditate, is to calm the mind, to stop the 'noise' our minds create that cloud and block our inner mind from connecting to the spirit world. A trick I use, is to sit crossed legged on the floor, but with my back against a chair or sofa. This way I can have a straight up and down back without the strain on my muscles to stay in this position.

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