The two plans below show a small and large layout for a group meditation space within a house.
Back to TopMeditation Design for Large GroupsFor over 30 years I have designed meditation halls for Buddhist temple projects, beginning in architecture school.
Rural Retreat CenterA different project shown here is a Retreat Center located near to a large city.
URBAN MEDITATION CENTERSMeditation Center in a HousePresented below is a photo of the current (2009) Shambhala Center in Seattle. Kitchen ShrineIt is common for a small shrine to be located in a kitchen space in a Center. A growing body of research shows that integrative health care can complement conventional medicine to diminish the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles by preventing illness and reducing symptoms. Meditation - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Numerous preksha meditation centers came into existence around as in the ancient yogic practice of meditation. Meditation teachers & centers directory, Search the most complete meditation teachers & centers database. Transcendental meditation: benefits, technique, and more, Webmd explains transcendental meditation, including how it's taught and its purported health benefits.

Meditation - the different meditation exercises, Practicing meditation techniques together with the asanas and pranayamas can give the one who practices it a number of different benefits meditation this ancient.
Finding Meditation Teachers & Centers is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated Meditation Teachers & Centers. It can be as simple as a cushion placed in the corner of your bedroom, or as involved as a separate room devoted to your meditation practice. These projects range from effective ways of working with a rented space, up to large-scale new construction. This plan shows how a large space was designed to accommodate both a Meditation Hall and all the necessary auxiliary functions. SHRINESWithin the meditation center there may be a need for various shrines to be created and located. I created a simple design to allow for offerings and to fit into a limited space.Closed ShrineFinally, there may be closed shrines whose contents are only available to qualified practitioners.
They are also the beginning point for a comprehensive interior design to complement the space. You can see how it is sited on a hillside, with the road and parking following the natural slopes. The Center is clearly divided between the public gathering space and the quiet meditation hall.

I have examples of a variety of shrines that I have designed.Generosity ShrineThe Center needed a permanently mounted focus where visitors could donate, and also receive information about the Center. Yet it is a perfect practice space, with a side window and skylight creating a sense of openness.
The Meditation Hall is located in a space that was formerly the living room and dining room. This Shrine combines a Tibetan seed syllable for Generosity, with an offering plate and secure receptacle.
This Puja Cabin allows a small group of advanced practitioners to gather for special practices.

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