We want you to be completely satisfied with every item you purchase from us, which is why we offer a 30-day "No Questions Asked" money back guarantee on this product. These chairs are designed for meditation and of course are great for that and I have 2 that we use for that purpose (even though I like to sit on the edge with my back straight and not leaning back). Great.I use it everyday on the floor of my office, I have back issues that prevent me from sitting in a chair for any length of time. It was EASY to put together and I was very surprised at how it supports my body when I lean back.
My only regret is that I had not known about it before.My chiropractor recommended it to me. This chair has really enhanced my meditation practice as I can sit comfortably without falling backwards as I did on my meditation cushion.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The physiologically correct design of the Basho Zen Meditation Chairs with adjustable backrest activates the postural muscles that promote a healthy body posture. The tilted meditation seats are carefully designed in such a way that they support the natural S-curvature (lumbar lordosis and thoracal kyphosis) of the spine while seated.
Thus the meditation chair with the adjustable backrest helps preventing the wear and tear and degeneration of both intervertebral discs and the smaller joints of the spine.
The shape of the seat and distance to the ground prevents straining and twisting the knees, which can easily occur when sitting cross legged, thus avoiding unnecessary wear and tear and degeneration.

The Basho Zen Meditation Chairs for meditation have adjustable back rest and can easily be positioned according to individual needs. This chair is designed to provide a comfortable seat and back support while meditating (comes with an 8″ silk cushion, not shown). Made of Oregon Black Marbled Walnut, the top slab is live edged and shows slices of walnuts hidden and forgotten by squirrels as the tree grew in the orchard of a settler to the west coast.
Made from crotch Oregon black marbled walnut, this table shows the beautiful browns, golds, tans, greys and oranges which typify this walnut species.
The design is inspired by the rugged, but beautiful leather tooling often seen on the saddles of the Conquistadors.
This bench is design to accommodate up to 3 comfortably and will fit well with a standard table.
This end table reflects the ethic of the Winds of the Prairie series, designed to reflect the colors and natural environment of the prairies of the central United States.
Using a combination of pyrography and hand painted images this piece explores the vulnerability and endurance of the female spirit within the constraints of formal social structures.
With the Digital Zen alarm clock you will wake to the gentle sound of Tibetan bell-like chimes so you could start your day more renewed and refreshed. These wonderful Meditation Chairs are made of 100% cotton and fold down in size to be easily stored in any studio or gym space. Please see the Product-Specific Returns section of our Return Policy page for details about returning merchandise.

But we have more that we use in the living room for us to sit on the floor when we play games with the kids! The foot rest supports the ankels and carries the weight of the lower legs, causing your feet to rest at ease on the ground. Yet the despite the whimsy, the piece reflects the integration of old hidden values held deep within our genetic memory with the new realities and materials (glass) of our current lifestyles. Graceful and elegant this table can serve many purposes – hall table, sofa table, but most of all it needs to be shown off for its natural beauty.
No more of the awful electronic buzzing of most alarm clocks, because from now on you will wake to the wonderful, soft E tone of the ultimate Zen alarm clock, gradually taking you from a lighter sleep state to becoming fully awake.
It’s made from an eco-friendly rattan and can be used as a meditation chair as well as a beautiful, natural accessory for any room. Available in a variety of different colors, these chairs are the best way to keep your clients comfortable in a seated meditation.

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