I came across these on the net and was instantly attracted to them, yes I love shiny sparkly things! You can also play around with what you add in, i.e course and fine glitter, glitter shapes, different colours, food colouring etc.
They are mesmerizing and very meditative.  My children and I made these and decorated the lids with sparkle stickers!  We then talked about how all the glitter chaotically whizzing around can be like our mind, so full of thoughts and our emotions when there are lots of feelings or really strong feelings that seem overwhelming. When feeling scattered, angry or overwhelmed we can shake the jar and watch as the glitter gradually and slowly settles, focus on abdominal breathing, maybe even adding a Mantra like Calm, Love, Peace, and feel the settling as we watch the settling!  It’s a great sensory tool, good for those temper tantrum moments, although I would use plastic bottles in that case!

There are other ways to apply the use of this jar, I’ll write about that in other blogs, however this is a wonderful way to start! The second and third are specific NLP Techniques (neuro-linguistic programming) exercises that I blogged about last week.
Try doing youtube searches for composers and artists like Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Kanno or Illaria Graziano. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the importance of living in a clutter free environment, and then build on nutrition and a few other things.

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