A meditation group is a group of people who are interested in doing meditation together in order to leave higher levels of consciousness with each other’s help and support.
The first step is to prepare a list of all those people who you think might be interested in joining such a group.
Make sure that the time and day that you select for the first introductory meeting is suitable to most people and should be preferably a Sunday morning. To set up the group, choose a quite venue, one which has the least chance of any disturbance from neighbors, outside noise and other such factors. Once everyone has arrived on the venue, make sure you ask them to sit preferably on a mattress on the ground with comfortable cushions etc. Now the next step is to start with explaining the basic aim of forming the group and asking people to join in the group. Try to take feedback of the people regarding the group, its meeting timings, its meeting days and time durations.
To set up a successful meditation group, make sure that you either take on the duty of teaching meditation yourself or either appoint someone else who is more equipped with the skills.
It is a great idea to promote the activity in the best possible ways such as flyers, emails and newspaper ads etc.

You can also maintain a certain ambience of the venue in order to further enhance the experience for the group members. To be committed to the group is also one of the main points or tips which can help to run a successful meditation group. Setting up the cost of the meditation group is also your responsibility but this is one step where a lot of people go wrong. Mindfulness full days and half days are available to groups in Co Donegal and bordering counties. These days provide an opportunity for participants to learn and practice mindfulness meditation techniques for better physical and emotional self-regulation throughout the working day. There are periods of guided meditation whilst sitting and simple movement exercises.
Please join us whenever you wish, dropping in for meditations before work, or during your lunch break.
If you are outside the Bay Area, there may be meditation and spiritual resources close to you. Those interested in setting up a meditation group must keep certain things in mind in order to make it a success and ensure the fact that the group members can achieve what they signed up for.

Afterall, going on such a venture is a matter of great responsibility and accountability.The following are the main points to be kept in mind while setting up a meditation group. Include names of those who already practice meditation and also of those who might be inclined to the idea. For this, make sure no meetings are cancelled and the maximum number of people come to the meetings. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Send emails or hand written invitations out to these people inviting them to the group meeting at a pre decided venue, date and time.
Ananda meditations start as Yogananda did, with a prayer and chanting and end with a few moments of healing prayers. The meditation itself is silent, and once the meditation begins, people are encouraged not to enter and leave.

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