Most people see clearing away the thoughts in your mind as an impossible task and so never bother trying meditation. Your focus should not be on removing all thought, but instead allowing the thought to pass through your mind without paying it any attention or deep analysis. Often you will find your mind will get caught in a thought and eventually you will recognize what you are doing and you can pull yourself out of it by again saying this sentence. A very simple way to remove the thoughts from your mind is to simply repeat a mantra or phrase over and over again.
Find your mantra, test it out to see if it helps to make you feel peaceful, alert, calm and relaxed.
The large bead represents wisdom and when you reach this after your mantra circle,begin again, this time moving in the other direction.
These meditation techniques for beginners are a great starting point for your path on the removal of thought from your mind to find the space of eternal peace and stillness.

I chose a mantra on my first day of sunrise yoga my senior year of university–peaceful, grounded and stress-free. Poor sleep and insomnia are frequently caused by a lack of balance in the chemicals of the brain.
When meditating hold your mala in your hand and move each bead between you fingers as you repeat your mantra. I don’t use a mala anymore, but it did help to stop my mind wandering onto other useless things, like it so often does!!
The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra promotes balance and returns us to our regular, healthy mental state. Instead you must understand that meditation is a work in progress and with practice it gets easier. Include colors, images, words and symbols that are meaningful to you and will help you on your path to self awareness.

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