DURING SOME POINT OF THE JOURNEY, THEY HAD AN ARGUMENT; AND ONE FRIEND SLAPPED THE OTHER ONE IN THE FACE. Further below Shri Mataji is talking so honestly about Friendship, how is expressed in real lives as well how it is actually triggered by the friendship between 2 chakras (energy centers): Heart and Vishuddhi.
Friendship is such that you could share your secrets, you could share your problems, you do that with me and why not with each other – is a question of understanding that Sahaja Yogis are all friends to each other. This kind of a friendship we Sahaja Yogis should have, I mean with a friend you cannot be tense, cannot.
For example I learned so much from friends, you’ll be surprised, learnt a lot of things from French, the way they have their art, their ideas of art, their music, their culture, lots of things to be learnt. I hope you understand that Love means complete Freedom to yourself and to others, if you love someone then there is complete freedom and understanding, but this love has to be very, very pure, complete understanding, you have to feel that friendship and you will feel proud that you have so many friends and real friends, you have so many friends who are real friends, you will be so very, feeling a thing as if you are a great personality that you have so many friends in this world. We are not alone, imagine before this what we had so many saints, so many great souls were born and they were treated like singular people and tortured, killed, poisoned. If you have that kind of a relaxed beautiful alertness within you, you are going to enjoy life, you are going to enjoy Sahaja Yoga.. Now we are praying that our heart should open by Shiva (divine principle and power of our Heart Chakra that is nesting our Spirit) and once our heart is opened it would be expressed by the power of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna.

I always valued friendship as the highest form of a any relationship in life, and wanted to be a friend to everyone. We are so much blessed to have so many Friends – Sahaja brothers and sisters all over the world, not only best Friends but spiritual too. When I met my Sahaja yogi friend in a puja after not seeing him for many years I was so over joyed. THE ONE WHO HAD BEEN SLAPPED GOT STUCK IN THE MIRE AND STARTED DROWNING, BUT THE FRIEND SAVED HIM.
When you can pull each others leg sometimes, you could be joking with another person, making fun of another person, is alright, is friendship.
But in Sahaja Yoga, we are all friends, pure friendship, friendship of a very beautiful nature, that you enjoy the joy of another person, in vibrations you do, if you feel the vibrations of another Sahaja Yogi you really enjoy. He was such a big man, such a great man, very much respected, I mean he was the head of the heads and every day, I was very much surprised at this friendship! I mean I was older than her, but she thought she was older and she was trying to sleep and in the other compartment were two friends. You are all friends to each other and The Greatest Friend you have is the divine power which is looking after you and doing everything for you.

But this is the purest form of understanding our relationships with each other and a friend is the one who is always, for no rhyme and reason concerned about his friend.. Like some people especially women when they are over joyous they start weeping and crying.. I find that many of them are so young but it works to my advantage that their joie de vivre and fresh outlook rubs off on me and I feel so alive and happy, never for a moment feeling the difference. It is so amazingly Sahaj – last week Friday, my sister and I went to the puja store as I was looking for a gift for a very dear and special person in my life. I just wanted them to know how much they have influenced and changed my life and how appreciative I am to be blessed with their gift of friendship. There’s no formality and reliance so much so that you can talk to them about what you want, what is your need and what problems you have. I could not remember which Diety represented this but guess what, I ended up choosing Krishna and now I have my answer – it was the perfect choice and happened in such a Sahaj manner.

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