This ribbon is to signify my support for our brothers and sisters who face grave persecution in many places of our world - from the Middle East and around the globe. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR THE MOST RECENT EPISODES AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE BELOW SO WE CAN STAY CONNECTED! November 14, 2013 by Cob Wick 7 Comments [Editor's Note: Thanks to new blogger Jacob Wick for this meditation on work. In Episode 83, Frithjof mentioned the large number of successful individuals that are unhappy with their work in the current job system.
Aspects often lacking in the current job system include creativity, variety, self-expression, and freedom of action. The job system also values established behaviors, and it doesn’t leave much room for self-expression.
I disagree with the premise that the current job system necessarily precludes variety in work. After slaving in the corrupted health care industry for 20 years I finally said enough… is refreshing to see a young fella step out of conformity and see our slave type working model for what it is. I find that I share many of the same sentiments expressed here when applied to our current educational system. Shareholders and Stakeholders (be it a public or private firm) have an overwhelming influence.
The Partially Examined Life is a philosophy podcast by some guys who were at one point set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it.
As a PEL Citizen, you’ll have access to a private social community of philosophers, thinkers, and other partial examiners where you can join or initiate discussion groups dedicated to particular readings, participate in lively forums, arrange online meet-ups for impromptu seminars, and more. A FORMER snooker champion believes his rheumatism from years of bending down over tables has been cured after his son introduced him to a wand which has been growing in popularity across America. Robert Quinn, originally of Stockton Heath but now retired and living in North Wales, suffered rheumatism pain for 30 years and shingles for three years but since using the Amega product says that he has not felt any sort of ache.
Robert, aged 77, said: “I will try anything so when my son said about giving it a go to see if it would help I thought ‘why not?’ “We had a successful snooker and billiards team but I’ve been in a lot of pain since then. NHS Wirral CCG is currently reviewing whether to continue funding homeopathic remedies, and Iscador remedies (a mistletoe-based therapy with no evidence of effectiveness). These events typically attract a lot of attention from homeopathy supporters, with a similar event in Liverpool last year seeing people driving from far and wide to claim that homeopathy can be used to treat cancer and that NHS Liverpool should spend their money on it. In order to offer balance to the views of pro-homeopathy voices and ensure an evidence based view is heard, we'll be attending the public meeting in the Wirral on the 10th May, and we'd like as many supporters of science and reason to be there as possible. Our speaker events have wheelchair access, via a portable ramp which can be installed on-demand.
Dr Suzi Gage is an Epidemiologist at the University of Bristol, investigating associations between substance use and mental health. He’s jailed for 10 years now but how did a British conman from Liverpool sell bogus bomb detectors to Iraq for $85 million? Meirion Jones was a BBC producer who is in the unusual position of winning the 2013 Scoop of the Year award for a programme which was never broadcast - his exposure of Jimmy Savile as a paedophile. Dr Kat Arney is a science writer and broadcaster whose work has featured on BBC Radio 4, the Naked Scientists and more.
In this episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast, I’m joined by Natalie Calkins Rountree of Sober Living Soulful Living. Natalie was verbally and physically abused by an ex-boyfriend and then had a miscarriage when she was four months pregnant at 20 years old.
The experience with her ex-boyfriend deflated her self-esteem, left her with no self-worth and caused her to be depressed. Natalie is a public speaker and writer on the topic of sobriety recovery, particularly for alcoholic mothers. Given what you know now, if you could go back to when you were going through the tough times and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

If you’d like to leave a comment below about Natalie’s story, I would be happy to hear from you! A note about comments: Given the nature of this site, anyone being disrespectful to anyone else will have their comment removed. Hi, I'm Melissa Wilson, a bullying survivor who knows what it's like to experience the effects of bullying. Stay up to date with what's going on here and be among the first to know when a new post goes live. The feeling this work is creating was described as a "mild disease." This resonated so strongly with me that I recently quit my successful career in civil engineering.
The acquisition of money and power are the standard ones, and employees are rewarded for good service with raises, bonuses, and promotions.
Sanctuary can be found in places like entrepreneurship, the arts, or (when all the details get figured out) New Work. I’m fortunate in my career as a management consultant to learn about new industries every three months, and the problem solving tools we apply to cases varies. I spent the last two years of my nursing career looking over my shoulder waiting for the goon squad to show up and take me to the interrogation room to explain why I didn’t scan a medication on time or some other conforming task that was in the policy and procedure manual.
Each episode, we pick a text and chat about it with some balance between insight and flippancy. PEL Citizens also have free access to podcast transcripts, guided readings, episode guides, PEL music, and other citizen-exclusive material. They’re well known to be ineffable when it comes to such amazing healing modalities as homeopathy, chiropractic, reiki, transcendental meditation, ear candles, colonic irrigation and all that other good stuff.
As part of this review, they're holding an open event where members of the public can share their views on the spending of public funds on homeopathic remedies. Similarly, many of the attendees were professional homeopaths themseles, or employees of the private company who sells homeopathy to NHS Liverpool CCG and NHS Wirral CCG. He’s held Jabba the Hutt’s face, helped sculpt creatures for Bruce Willis to shoot at, and had a script accepted for Doctor Who in the 1980s.
He is one of the ‘Elves’ that research and write the popular BBC TV series QI and co-writes its sister show, The Museum of Curiosity, for BBC Radio 4. When not staring at spreadsheets full of ones and zeros she writes the Sifting the Evidence blog on the Guardian website, and has a small obsession with synthesizers. He also won the Daniel Pearl International Award for Investigative Journalism in 2010 for his reports on toxic waste dumping by Trafigura in Africa.
These are the 'recipes' that tell our cells how to make the building blocks of life, along with all the control switches ensuring they're turned on and off at the right time and in the right place. Natalie joins me to share her story of what led her to struggle with alcoholism for 15 years and how she was able to get through the pain to overcome that and get her life back. She also had difficulty being in relationships, and turned to alcohol to numb all of the pain. Also, getting sober, taking part in Alcoholics Anonymous, being around supportive people and cutting those out of her life who are not supportive have helped Natalie greatly.
There is no additional cost to you, and I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I've created this site to help you move on from that part of your past and experience the life you deserve to have right now.
A lack of fulfillment in many careers is failing to create happy workers (assuming the desire theory of well-being). An employee who is especially skilled at one task is more valuable than one who is passable at many tasks. What possible function does a necktie have when doing office work, and what detriment could be caused by wearing jeans or--God forbid--shorts? Perhaps I’m lucky to have a job that permits, even encourages, variety, but I just want to be careful in defining the array of options to only include art, entrepreneurship, and New Work.

My personal experience was that when I started working I spent balanced amounts of time in the field and in the office. I for one always like to take at face value testimony of a 77 year old man who admits he’ll try anything.
In this entertaining talk, you’ll hear about feuding gangs of scientists, film directors with less imagination than children, and the perils of concrete poo. He has given hundreds of talks across the UK and USA and is a regular at festivals and events such as Skeptics in the Pub, QEDCon, Cornbury, Hay, Cheltenham, Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe. Suzi takes us on a trip through the current scientific understanding of the harms, and also potential benefits of recreational drugs, both illegal and legal.
Meirion Jones tells, with the help of video clips and secret recordings, how Jim McCormick and his chums worked the scam around the world and how whistleblowers and a Newsnight team exposed the scandal. He has exposed everything from the fixing of the 2000 US election, to how Britain helped Israel get the atom bomb, from corrupt politicians to the affair of Mark Stone and the undercover cops, as well as homeopaths and healers. But rather than a static string of genetic code, this is a dynamic, writhing biological library. The push to be agreeable, serious, and conforming at work can be asphyxiating (at least for fellow loose cannons). I’d like to thank Frithjof for helping me decide to pursue a living outside the current job system, and I hope my hostility has made Mark happy.
As my skill with computers became more apparent I was allowed to spend less and less time out of the office. You’ll also come to realise that if we really are intelligently designed, we're an illogical and inefficient system.
This is about multi-million-dollar bribes in Baghdad, and UK PLC turning a blind eye to boost exports, but this is also about the lethal consequences of not basing policy on evidence. With the help of cats with thumbs, fish with hips and wobbly worms, Kat will unpack some of the mysteries in our DNA and explain the latest thinking about how our genes work. There are three things you can do that won’t take up much of your time but will go a long way. Why waste time designing a bridge from scratch by combining new and exciting techniques and materials?
This can quickly turn a talent into a curse, as workers are pigeonholed into repetitive jobs.
I get time off, but I need to ask permission well ahead of time so that it can be approved.
Meirion will demonstrate two real bogus bomb detectors as sold by the hoaxers for up to $40,000 each and show you how to make one that works every bit as well for less than a pound.
We're told that genes control the risk of cancer, heart disease, alcoholism or Alzheimer's. The cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted from billions of pounds to a few hundred, and gene-based advances in medicine hold huge promise. Raw, from scratch creativity isn’t even part of the picture, since it’s hard to sell something that nobody asked for. Healing the same sicknesses, or teaching the same lessons year after year can be more depressing than gratifying. I got to suggest how to build things using computers, which wasn’t quite what I was looking for. The current job system doesn’t just fail to deliver, but directly opposed other important desires.

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