Our garnet mala beads are finished with our signature style 3 end beads & a snake knot. Green Aventurine is an all-round healer, it protects the heart, brings emotional calm & harmony, and dissolves negative thoughts and emotions. Our garnet mala beads are suitable for mantra recitation, mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, prayer & reflection.
The meditation mala is generally held in the left hand and used with gentleness and respect. One bead is counted for each recitation of the mantra, starting with the first bead next to the “guru” bead.
Hold the first mala bead between your thumb & forefinger and silently recite one mantra.

Move your thumb and forefinger along to the next bead of the strand to chant the next mantra; then repeat.
After completing a full circuit of the mala, flip the mala around 180 degrees (this takes some practice) and continue as before, in reverse order.
One avoids passing over the “guru” bead, as doing so is symbolically like stepping over one’s teacher.
Please don’t wash your mala or wear whilst bathing or sleeping as this can weaken the mala thread.
There are 108 green jade prayer beads on this buddhist Mala, along with partition beads, the guru bead and 6 prayer counting beads at the end. They are beautifully crafted in UK then blessed with the mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM.

In buddhist culture, 108 mala beads represent the number of sinful desires, one must overcome 108 evils to reach enlightenment.
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