The website was downloaded directly from consciousness through the creative mind of Josh Blatter. The last time my travels had brought me to this beautiful city was nearly 15 years ago on a fly fishing trip with my father.
At the very core of our being how do we know if we are a happy person who gets sad when it is gray, or are we a sad person who gets happy when the weather is bright?
I had a nice night of sleep, an easy 2 hour flight, and I was ready to experience the city. In a place like Portland where the weather hits extremes, the abundance of yoga studios is so vital to mental health and well being.

What I do remember experiencing about Portland was a city with faint hints of San Francisco, a bit of downtown Denver, and the underpinnings of Seattle.
As we neared the Pearl District of downtown Portland, a feeling of familiarity washed over my skin. I remember the weather being overcast, slightly rainy at times and had this heaviness – like being wrapped in a wool blanket. It wasn’t that I was remembering the city – in fact it was all too unfamiliar, but I felt at home. It was reminiscent of all of the places I had lived in the past, like a strategically created collage.

When we are happy we act and behave a certain way and when we are tired we act and behave much differently.
My hope is that other cities across the country catch on because then the world will be a much better place to live.
The trees were green, the mountains were lush, the flowers in blossom and the running rivers sing.

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