A highly refined format of audio technology, scientifically proven to induce a deep meditation brainwave profile, accelerating all the benefits of traditional meditation. Get started now and dig deeper into this site as you begin to experience the value of meditation for yourself. The Koan has been described as a short story or sentence that initially seems paradoxical in nature, but can have any number of solutions when we start to think “out of the box.” It has been a fundamental part of the history and lore of Zen Buddhism, a branch of Mahayana Buddhism practiced in Japan for a long time. That particular Koan is attributed to Hakuin Ekaku (1686–1769), and like all Koans can be answered in many different ways.
The Koan is often used as a test of a Zen student’s ability, and for monks in training.
Koan literature typically derives from older texts and traditions, including texts that record the sayings and actions of sages, perhaps dating back to Bodhidharma (c. Shuzan held out his short staff and said, “If you call this a short staff, you oppose its reality. As the roof was leaking, a Zen Master told two monks to bring something to catch the water. You can also bring your children 10 years of age or older to a regular meditation if you like. Please ring for more information. Imagine: you are covered in soft blankets, lying down on a comfy thick mat with a nice cushion, listening to a guided meditation and sound therapy healing. A sign that the inner sound is out of tune is if a person is stressed, unhappy, is not satisfied with what is happening in their life or feels out of balance and unwell. Sound therapy assists in a very gentle and harmonising way to unblock the invisible obstacles, like stagnated energy in the different areas (energy centres, called chakras) of the body. All the instruments, especially the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, are very tuned in to each person and know what vibrations are needed to harmonise and balance the bodies’ energy fields.
Since aeon, the traditional way of chanting sacred mantras and prayers has been practiced and followed in our country during varios ceremonies and ritual functions.
There is a philosophical belief in Indian scriptures that God first produced sound and that the whole universe had ascended from it.
First of all you need to find for yourself a clean as well as calm place without any disturbances or noise.
After sometime you will definitely feel your mind got relaxed and free from all the worldly disturbances. Again take a long breath inside, and while exhaling this time, chant ‘oooooo…’ and similarly as before, feel the vibrations in your chest and neck. Inhale again, and while exhaling this time, chant ‘mmmmmmm…’ and feel the vibrations in your head and neck.
Now after you inhale and exhale again, say ‘Aaaaauuuuummm…’ About 80% of exhaling time should be for ‘Aaaauuuu’ and 20% should be for ‘mmm’. After your meditation is completed, you need to relax and concentrate on your normal breathing for atleast about 5 minutes. The holy vibration of Om meditation works in the subtle spinal centers of the astral body, and sends life force and consciousness into the physical body, which helps to manifest the wonderful astral sounds — each one characteristic of its particular center of activity.

We know very well that when our mind is tranquil and peaceful, we can make our best decisions. This chanting acts as a potent tonic and upgrades the efficiency of the individual which in turn leads to excellent mental and physical health.
So, better get started with Om meditation twice a day, for 15 minutes respectively, and notice the magic in your life! Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet. If you've wanted the guidance to begin meditation but are too busy for meditation retreats and have found it too hard to focus and learn on your own, you've come to the right place.
Read at your leisure the information presented here about the practice of meditation, and about how SoundMind so uniquely combines the best of modern brainwave technology with age-old meditation wisdom.
It can reflect the enlightened (Satori) or awakened state of a person, or can be used as a tool to “shock” a discursive mind into expansive thought and consciousness. But remember to supplement that study with meditation morning and evening, to foster better understanding and capture the aim of Koan practice, Satori (Enlightenment). You are letting go of stress, worries, fears and all the burdens; feeling in balance, calm and relaxed and full of good energy.
Since everything is vibrating in the universe (although it may not always be visible to the eye), sound has an effect on the human body and all living beings.
Mantra meditation is a major part that is also practiced till now, during these ritual programmes.
The people in the ancient times also believed that as the most sacred sound, Om is the root of the universe and everything that exists and it continues to hold everything together. The respective astral sounds are likened to melodic strains of the humming of a bee, the tone of a flute, a stringed instrument such as a harp, a bell-like or gong sound, the soothing roar of a distant sea, and a cosmic symphony of all vibratory sound.
When we can maintain peace and harmony in our own life, then only we can create a ripple effect which influences the feelings of other people.
It is reported to have positive impact for cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure and increasing efficiency of all the cells and organs in the body.
It is equally fit for all and there is no necessity of initiation from a master to procure endless benefits.
You can join a small group (up to 8 participants) for a combination of guided meditation and sound healing therapy. There are many forms of meditation and I will use a guided meditation to take you on a journey. Among different kinds of meditation being practiced, Om meditation is the type where a person recites ‘OM’ (?), a special mantra and mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin which is treated as very sacred in various Dharmic religions viz., Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is also proclaimed that God manifests everything in His creation – as the Cosmic Vibration, which expresses itself as Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Light.
When we encourage people with our sympathetic and nice words, they look at us and think weather we are perfect or not, hence, it will definitely be wonderful if we can put ourselves as examples in front of them. In addition, it relaxes the mind, calms the brain and develops more concentrating and sharp memory power.

While you meditate, you are sitting or lying in a very relaxed position and my voice gently brings you into a safe and beautiful space. When listening to music it often triggers an emotion, a feeling of wanting to dance, jump, laugh, sleep and even cry.
My tools are Crystal Singing Bowls made out of clear Quartz Crystals (the Master Healer of the crystal family), Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes and Gongs. What the Cosmic Sound or Om that is chanted as meditation, is found to be the synthesis of all the sounds of the highly vibrating life forces (lifetrons), electrons, protons, and atoms. It is reported that there are currently over six million people practicing Om Meditation or TM worldwide according to the “Transcendental Meditation Movement”. OM meditation is also said to cure many illnesses through the vibrations as it gives a sense of positivity to our life. Moreover, it is believed that chanting of Om creates spiritual light, which manifests around the practitioner like a halo and it also helps us reach higher states of consciousness. During this meditation, through the repeatation of Om for multiple times is believed to contain cosmic energy that helps relieve a person’s individual suffering. The combined vibration of Om chanting includes the three phases of Nature: creation, preservation, and dissolution — that is functioning in the physical, astral, and causal universes. It is also believed that this meditation takes us closer to God, thus, bringing in self-realization and a feeling of oneness with the Lord. The gongs take away the heaviness and make way for the lightness of the chimes and the singing bowls create harmony, joy and realign the energy and rebalance. Moreover, the word Om is said to have the divine aspect which helps one to connect himself with God. The syllable Om is composed of the three sounds — A-U-M the symbol’s threefold nature is central to its meaning. It also acts as a stress buster; studies have shown that meditation also helps in relieving the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. The doctors had reported practicing om meditation on soldiers effected in reducing stressful thoughts and memories. The soldiers who suffer from PTSD have shown marked improvements in coping with stress and anxiety, and appear to benefit from better sleep habits after engaging in mantra meditation.
Even if you fall asleep your subconscious will take you wherever you need to go to be safe and calm. The cells in the body always listen and every cell reacts to what eyes see, ears hear and what a person feels.

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